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Is Comet Elenin a Decoy?


admin:, 15-May-2011
Marshall Masters

Without question, Comet C/2010 X1 (Elenin) is a very important object and one that deserves close attention. However, it long from being visible to the naked eye and in the interim, we are presently seeing is a lot of speculations, misinformation and carefully crafted disinformation.

Consequently, most are in a quandary as to what this object actually is, and what that means to us. Is Comet Elenin a clear and present danger as many believe? Alternatively, is it as astronomers now tell us, a relatively young and interesting comet but one that falls short of the criteria, needed to be dubbed a Great Comet.

Alternative theories abound, including those who believe it is:

a) Planet X
b) The Nemesis dark star astronomers debated in the 70's
c) The Star of Bethlehem to herald the second coming
d) An alien mother ship under intelligent control.
e) All of the above.

Nonetheless, what do we see right now? Images on the Internet and sources that are often difficult, if not impossible to verify with any sense of certainty. A process that leaves many feeling as though they're piecing together an immense tabletop picture puzzle, and the corner pieces are nowhere to be found.


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