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Author Topic: Saturn Is Important Witness In This ELEnin Case  (Read 6297 times)


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Saturn Is Important Witness In This ELEnin Case
« on: May 06, 2011, 03:31:03 PM »
Hi guys:

Jason (88galaga on youtube) has an interesting video explaining the 2009 anomaly in Saturn's rings. 

CNN Tech Story
Scientists Discover Massive Ring Around Saturn

October 07, 2009

Scientists at NASA have discovered a nearly invisible ring around Saturn -- one so large that it would take 1 billion Earths to fill it.

The ring's orbit is tilted 27 degrees from the planet's main ring plane. The bulk of it starts about 3.7 million miles (6 million km) away from the planet and extends outward another 7.4 million miles (12 million km).

Its diameter is equivalent to 300 Saturns lined up side to side. And its entire volume can hold one billion Earths, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory said late Tuesday. [More]

Giant Ring Around Saturn 2009 Explained << Jason's Video

After watching Jason's video, I decided to send along my explanation for what caused Saturn to show us this 'ring' sign with links to this Board and to our Paltalk ELE discussion group where everyone is invited to join.

Members of our ELEnin Research Team just watched your 'Giant Ring Around Saturn Explained' video and we would like to invite you to join our discussions on Paltalk Messenger ( = it's free)

Planet X Brown Dwarf Research:

To identify the reason for what perturbed Saturn's rings, we must back the ELEnin JPL date to right around August 24, 2007 to locate the Sun/Saturn/ELE alignment, which marks the time that Saturn passed through the gravity trough and magnetic portals that connect the Sun and Saturn together. The Earth had a similar experience on 2/27/2010 with the Chile Quake that shifted Earth aquifers and Earth axis 3 inches like on 3/11/2011 with the Japan Quake that shifted Earth aquifers again and Earth axis 4 inches.

Above is a link to my ELEnin/Dwarf Star Timeline that includes a Saturn event on 7/7/2011, when we have a Sun/ELE/Saturn alignment. ELE will pass through the gravity trough connecting the Sun and Saturn together and break the magnetic portals, which marks the time that ELE will have temporary position to wrestle Saturn polarity control from the Sun that should give us another sign from the ringed planet.

Above is a link to instructions on how to install ELE coordinate pins in Google Sky to help track the ELEnin object.

Above is a recent Marshall Masters radio show where members of our Planet X Town Hall Research Team discuss this ELEnin topic that you might find interesting.

Above is a list of links provided to listeners of the ELEnin show, so they could follow the discussion and understand more about this ELEnin topic. The link that you should find most interesting is the NASA article on the magnetic portals that connect the Sun and all the orbitals in our solar system.

Sun/Earth Magnetic portals:

Envylife904 is the owner of the paltalk chat room and he found your video. You are welcome to join us anytime with your views, comments and questions on what is going on with this ELE object. Thanks for pointing out the 'ring' result of the ELE/Saturn encounter and for making this video.

ELE will pass between the Sun and Saturn on 7/7/2011 (my USMB Post) where we should see a sign, but hopefully the ringed planet will show us something sooner rather than later. We shall see.

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Re: Saturn Is Important Witness In This ELEnin Case
« Reply #1 on: May 07, 2011, 08:16:27 AM »
Am still digesting this about Saturn. While reading some material I searched about the
Giant Ring Around Saturn [ GRAS ] I came across a particular statement that mentioned
a moon within the GRAS had a dust covering of RED dust. The quote is below.
"That may bolster previous suggestions that material from Phoebe is responsible for Iapetus's dark side,
although it may require some more work to account for colour differences between the two objects. The
dark material on Iapetus is reddish in visible light, while Phoebe's surface appears gray."
This is the article.

What I am wondering now is that the assertion seems to be that once upon a time Planet X formed this
GRAS. As to prophecy concerning the passage of Planet X is the prophecy that our Rivers will turn to Blood
and that our rain will be RED.................. If Planet X emits any kind of red planetary material and if the GRAS
was caused by Planet X; then is the unexplainable RED dust found on that moon be one point of evidence ?
That brings us to the RED Planet in a way. Scientist say it is because of iron oxidizing......... Is it ?

Are there any other planetary objects with the telltale sign of Red in the Visible light spectrum ?
It may be something to think about but it is a wild aass guess in explaining the Red dust on Iapetus;
which is METERS thick by the way.  :)


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