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I sent this e-mail to my brother today and it opened his eyes. I got home around 130 this morning from talking with him but it seems like he may get a move on now.  :)

He made a point after surfing the web and finding out everyone was out of MH #10 cans but they had #10 cans from other companies which seemed to mean that MH sold their inventory to someone.
FEMA asked Mountain house about the food then STOPPED order a week later on 1/27/11They said it was only a RFI(request for information)
NOW it is April and Mountain House has no FOOD??? and says see distributor's??
The first two distributor's are out of stock??

This supply house can not find Mountain House in its database?
This distributor does not have Mountain House and is out of stock on its own brand and has disabled the on-line shopping feature??

Well at least I can talk to him now and there will be two of us working on things.  8)

Nitro-pak is the biggest Mountain House seller by far and this is on their site.
PLEASE NOTE Order processing time as of 04/28/11:
All Mountain HouseĀ® #10 can food's and units may take up to 160 days to ship. Most other orders will ship in approx 2-5 business days. \

Mountain House Inventory Update
All Mountain House & Nitro-Pak food storage #10 cans are in EXTREMELY HIGH DEMAND (highest since Y2K in 1999) due to national & world current economic uncertainty and inflation fears. With this increase in demand, our food order processing times have greatly increased also. As Mountain House's leading distributor, we are receiving HUGE shipments WEEKLY to fill our customer orders, but demand exceeds the available supply. Most Mountain House dealers have been been cut off & receive no food, period. Supplies are VERY SCARCE. Like Disneyland, the line is long but still slowly moving. Please be patient. This is a line you do not want to get out of!

IMPORTANT: Because Mountain House #10 Cans are out of stock nationwide, the only way to order Mountain House through Nitro-Pak is with one of our long term storage food units. We want you to clearly understand that your unit WILL come in multiple shipments and NOT ALL AT ONE TIME. You will receive first the Nitro-Pak portion of your unit then the Mountain House portions as they become available. We are eating ALL the extra cost of these multiple shipments. You will not be charged any extra!

You can also browse our Nitro-Pak Nitro-Pak Freeze Dried Foods as well as our Dehydrated Foods, which are ready to order today!

Rest assured, your credit card will not be charged until we are ready to process your order for each portion shipment. That's only fair. Food prices are on the rise. Place your order and LOCK-IN today's low prices NOW! All canned food orders and units may take up to 160 days to ship. Thank you for your business!

Harry R. Weyandt
President, Nitro-Pak Preparedness Center, Inc.

FYI, TWO months ago I placed an order for some addt'l dehydrated fruit, just got confirmation TODAY of shipment The Ready Store

Ed Douglas:
I looked at Costco website. It appears they still have supplies available.   ed


--- Quote from: Ed Douglas on April 28, 2011, 08:50:57 PM ---I looked at Costco website. It appears they still have supplies available.   ed

--- End quote ---
Thanks good to know


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