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Ball of fire - paranormal,, dream or real?

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Boonie Stomper:
One of my most vivid recollections that by and large have been dismissed by anyone it was disclosed to is the event at the age of around 5 - 6 while in "my room" at my grandmother's farmhouse (which is atop a small mountain, away from any other development at the time).  It was quiet time; I was lying in bed but not sleeping, when I heard a boom and saw a flash that drove me to look out the window.   What I saw seemed to be a huge, green-tinged (around the edges) ball of fire, coming right at the house from the sky.  It scared me to dive to the floor and hide a moment.  Then, when I looked again shortly (not sure if more than half a minute) it was gone and nothing had apparently happened.

This was in 1960's in Fauquier County Va.  -any insight?

I had a similar type of experience in the early 60's. It could not have been a dream though. My family and I were at the drive-in when a burning ball of fire flew across the sky above us. It was close enough for us to hear the hissing of the fire as it burned. It flew very fast in a horizontal flightpath from Phoenix to past Tucson. It burned blue and green with an orange tail. Hundreds of people saw it and there was a small article in the paper the next day about people reporting something strange in the sky. No explanation as to what it was or further articles ever appeared. Has anyone ever seen anything like this or have any idea as to what it was?

Boonie Stomper:
I have seen such a thing,, but it travelled horizontally along my path and overtook us almost taking off hte road trying to watch it.  One cannot ever forget these things!!!  :O


--- Quote from: errrv on May 20, 2011, 01:13:44 PM ---Had the spiral dream last night. One of those waking dreams... Looked out the window and saw a spiral almost due south at about 60•el. Bluish yellow. Appeared at first as a large blurry spot in the sky, like a cloud of light. Looked like it was coming at the house, but remained suspended till it finally fizzled out. First dream I've had like this so far. When I saw it, I knew the prep time was almost gone.
Asked Marshall if he thought this may be instruction for visualization of the earthsave48 event???? (the spirals)

--- End quote ---

Errrv that's pretty vivid imagery...can you tell us more about the earthsave visualization. I should know what that is but do not. I can imagine it is about protection.
Thanks, Yowbarb


--- Quote from: errrv on May 20, 2011, 04:35:44 PM ---Yea, Marshall describes the earthsave48 event ( thus the website) that through consciousness the human population pushes one of planet xs moons causing a deviation in the flight path. This averts or lessens the cataclysm. In marshall's description, the energy wave sounds exactly like the Norway spiral looks. Maybe these spirals which always prelude the passing are merely a " tool" for us to use the human conscious mind to divert danger. I don't believe anyone has connected the dots yet; the native Americans used them as a harbinger, as most folks are doing with the crop circles. I think they are all tools given to us; a test of sorts to see if we can put two and two together and build a saving mechanism. Up to this point, no one has passed the test. Most of the circles are in circular geodesic formations divisible by 3. So is the spiral. Gotta be connected. If we can't perform the test, we don't move on as a species. OR we move on slowly again.... Only problem is, next crossing will be catastrophic and this is our last chance to use the crossing as an evolutionary Process.

--- End quote ---
I wonder then if my non-stop ear ringing/echoing is somehow a part of this theory then????


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