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Sad, but true.


I'm out this weekend looking for a rifle for my wife. 
I have a few requirements that I am trying to fill to get her on that will be both useful and practical.
As I am looking at a few different ones the sales man is trying to get me to look at their bolt actions.  Now I personally think that bolt action is the way to go for a high powered rifle.  But, for her I am looking for take-down power, weight, and a decent magazine.

Now my wife does think I am a little off for my belief that something is coming, but she's been patient and knows we have a bug-out bag, survival supplies, and weapons.  She's even learned how to shoot, and some survival experience.

Keeping in mind that the person I love most, and loves me most, thinks I'm a little nuts, I try to move the salesman away from the bolt actions.  He keeps pushing, so finally I say, "But, when the zombie apocalypse starts, she needs to pull her weight!"  This was all he needed and from then on all I was shown were rifles with magazines with a minimum of 10 or more rounds.

Why is saying, "The Earth is going through major changes, that have been prophesied about throughout the world's history, and are now showing up like clockwork." , you are seen as a total nut-job that is wearing a aluminum foil hat.  Yet, when you say, "I need rifles with a thousand rounds of ammo each for the zombie apocalypse,"  they will help you fill out the paperwork and carry it to the car.

So True.   ;D

Did you ever get your rifle?  I would look for a AR-15 light weight but enough stopping power at the same time.  We currently have a shot gun, .40 cal glock, and a .22 scoped rifle. 


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