Religous Temperance

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Alfred Williams:
OK, this is where I would like to urge members with sharply contrasting views to come together in a single thread area for the purpose of getting personal beliefs out with the understanding that it is a reflection of your soul and this thread is not to Support any one above another . You must understand That is not to give you the floor to telling us what you believe as just stating it will suffice. I am Methodist. Enough said. Discussion is unnecessary and we have much important work ahead and do not need to get side tracked. By now we have begun to prove the correlation of the old text and now we must plan for survival{:>)


--- Quote from: Alfred Williams on March 08, 2011, 03:04:32 PM ---Exactly!. I feel that religion evolved and solidified into the few main religions and knowledge is encrypted through everyone of them. Often with a great synchronicity that we are about to work through. For me I have had significant relationship with the number 13. On the one hand it is neat numerically when it happens on the other hand I have had profound life directing events surrounding that number. I am totally not superstitious but very spiritually driven and hope everyone can find their path home. I feel my path is clearer now than just a couple of years ago. So it is all good, it is all God{{:>)

--- End quote ---

13 used to be/is still considered a Holy number in many circles... Jesus and his Disciples and no doubt
found in other older religions...
13 considered the Aries number...

The number thirteen is lucky in Chinese because it sounds close to "definitely living."
- Wikipedia

Yes, and 13 has unlucky associations as well.  No13th floors in Pittsburgh, Friday the 13th, etc.

Alfred Williams:
13 is special to my family. I prefer to look at the better side of any numerical signifance around me.

Original message modified.
Trying to get a handle on separating biblical prophecy from topic discussions not
religion oriented. Extremely hard for me to not tie in the world around us without
having that connection. :)
  So this link about Baal seems to hang in mid air but it is interesting that Baal
was also known as 'Marduk' in ancient writings and even further back in history
Marduk was known as Nibiru................


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