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More weird number sequences

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My husband and I only carry one credit card (under protest, but one can hardly function without a credit or debit card)  and pay it off every month. I recently realized that it expires on 11-1-11! Is that a message?

WOW, creepy is the word...   :o

Montanabarb, interesting Topic.
Members please post here your personal experiences with numbers -whether they repeat
frequently. Do some numbers seem to be connected with events in some sort of synchronicity?
- Yowbarb

I don't know but I am seemingly plagued by the number 11 for several months now, maybe even longer since I got to thinking about it.  One of the worst times of my life began on 11/11 five years ago, three days after my 25th wedding anniversary but I got through it.  I seem to look at the clock at least four or five times a day and it will be 11 minutes after the hour.  I'm not calling a disaster but my birthday is this month on the 19th.  I would not be surprised if something happens at 2:36am.  That's the time I was born so add up the digits and it would be my luck.  Nothing surprises me any more.

Well HAPPY BIRTHDAY Charlie !!!!!!!


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