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Re: Zetas
« Reply #30 on: May 11, 2011, 04:35:43 AM »
I'm pretty much where JKB is in relation to their last post concerning faith.  I've probably made a post or two that did not set well with some and those are probably a result of my personal experiences within the modern day traditionalistic church. I don't mean to sound like I'm attacking any particular person but religion has left a bad impression on me.  I'm not sure what I think of the Zeta's and their talk but then again I'm not sure of alot of things.

I was ordained as a minister some years ago, preached and taught the Gospel of Jesus Christ for 15 years in many different denominations of churches.  My home church was originally Cumberland Presbyterian but had during my time there left the denomination and took on the title of "non denominational".

The more I read the Bible and became closer to God, it seems the more I was convinced there was something amiss in the church as a whole.  I'm basically talking about the power of God or rather lack thereof among those who call themselves by His Name.  Where is God in the church and in the people? I mean really? If somebody falls out due to high blood pressure or some child bangs their head on a pew we call an ambulance or rush them out to the doctor to keep from interrupting the service.  If a drunk happens to wander in we call the cops and have them removed.  If the music isn't to our liking we gripe and complain and have sensless arguments over paving the parking lots or the color of paint on the walls or shingles on the roof.  I could go on and on.  I dare say there is more real love and power of God among those in the world than among those in the churches.

Personally I believe something Jesus said about in the parable of the mustard seed, which He did not explain the meaning of to His disciples. Ya'll can read and research it if you like, focus on the "birds of the air".  These are the same birds which swoop down and devour the seeds in the parable of the sower. The evil ones.  The mustard seed was the Word which was sown by Christ,  grew into the large tree which is the Church and now the birds of the air lodge in its branches.  The church is full of evil in my opinion and I won't have any more to do with it.  The evidence is there and there is more evidence of God working through folks out in the world than in church. 

I do not believe all of what is written in the Bible as being from God.  I believe much of God's word as He meant for it to be was taken out or edited by the evil King James and the whole dang thing from then up to now is the big deception.  I believe alot of folks are going to be shocked and surprised when the poop hits the fan and we stand before God and the sheep are separated from the goats.

Having said all that I just recently got word that God is doing a great work in and among the missionaries and people in Belize, Central America and there is real evidence of faith such as real healings, dead people being raised and people being bitten by poisonous snakes and not even getting sick.  I'm getting my passport and going soon, likely to stay.

Is/are aliens our diety? I really don't care.  I definitely know there are other beings.  We sure have made a mess of things so I hope we get some help from somewhere. Zeta's seem to be looking out for our good.  More than I can say for traditionalistic religion, in my opinion.   


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Re: Zetas
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I am totally with Charlie's remarks with regards to " I dare say there is more real love and power of God among those in the world than among those in the churches." For me personally i believe in Universal Energy as a posed to God energy but the principal is the same, i personally believe Jesus was a messenger but his teachings got hijacked by the then crumbling Roman Empire and instead of brute force and conquering of peoples and lands they added 'Holy' on to their title and ruled by religion instead with the all to frequent return to brute force.

The history of Western Europe shows such things as the churches oppression of the Cathars which was a very bloody and ruthless 'crusade' against alleged heresy, while they were basically Gnostic's.  There have been and still are great works that the Church does but i personally think it is based on a lie that only Jesus was son of god, whereas everyone is son of god, (or the Universe in my opinion). I have personally come up against criticism as well and ones who say they are the 'Christians' do certainly not act like it and i don't believe that Jesus would not of wished to have places so full of gold and material things in order to pray or hear his teachings.

I am also with Charlie on his adjective of King James I.

As noted on another of my posts i believe that us earthlings or some of us anyway had to go through monotheism for a reason in history and now we are 'breaking on through to the other side' as more and more people become aware that it is not whether you sit in a church/synagogue/mosque/temple that makes you a good person it is what is inside i.e. Love and the Love Energy to me is the most important thing. Treat others (including animals, the earth in general as well) as you wished to be treated. This should probably be in another topic but i was just commenting on Charlie's last post.  As regards the greys, i am still not convinced that they are benevolent to Earth and us Earthlings but that opinion and the opinions of this post is just my opinions and i don't mean to offend anybody and sorry if i do.


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Re: Zetas
« Reply #32 on: July 07, 2011, 12:24:21 PM »
' Zeta Movie 2'.
This is long but covers a wide range of information concerning the coming
Earth Changes. Zetatalk is included in here as well as Prophecy.
A little over 2 hours long !
Do a 'Search' on YouTube for     ZETA MOVIE 2 and find it. There is some humor
in there as well and some curse words........................
CTRL +  will magnify the screen for a larger video experience.  CTRL -   will
put the screen back to normal at 100 %.
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