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Will Rising Food Prices Start World War 3?


Instead of joy over the prospects of a beginning year, this New Year rang in with the rallying cries for regime change across the Middle East and North Africa.

The long-standing governments of countries in this region began to crash down in a heart-stopping explosion of riots of people clamoring to bring down the established governments of their respective countries.

First, the government of Tunisia fell to rioters in Tunis, the capital city. Cairo, Egypt closely followed on the heels of the Tunis riots, and Bahrain and Yemen seem to be coming up next.

As one who lives in a 3rd world country thiese situations are worrisome, I know should things escalate we will be at the bottom of the chain for needed supplies, I do have a good bit on hand but always worry it is not enough. If one is in another country be sure to keep in mind these things and have extras on hand.

Ed Douglas:
There is nothing more dangerous than someone with an empty stomach, or with nothing to lose. We, in the USA are fortunate to have lots of foodstuffs at this time. But, there are many people on this planet, and only so much food to go around. It can make for hard times.  ed


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