What's normal?


For earthquakes?  I was telling my wife about all the earthquakes you folks are listing and she wants to know what's normal.

Others will weigh in with more technical info, however, I WILL say where I am these are NOT normal. The ring of fire is WAY too active to suit me. Then again I am between 2 fault lines also.

Dang good question Charlie. I think even a seasoned seismologist would be hard pressed to say what is 'normal'. Speaking for
myself only, I think that the Number of quakes as a Total Figure is normal; but the Number of Intense Quakes are stronger. That is
to say that in my own mind we are having more intense quakes. When I use Google Earth and turn on the earthquake feature I
sometimes go to the section where it says 'Earthquakes since 1970'. I can then see where all the quakes bigger than +3 magnitude
show up on the screen. Most of the quakes are in the Plate Techtonic Zone areas of the world but some show up in areas that
are generally 'out of the norm' Located on fault lines. Most of these quakes are recent; within the last 10 years or so. As a layman
my take is they may not have increased in number but have increased in intensity and some smaller ones are  showing up where they
do not usually show up.
  Being where i am though I do not lose any sleep over earthquakes. :)
  Man, thanks for sharing that. Sounds like you came full circle on the Great Search. :) I think many people have some kind of 'wow'
factor when growing up. That is because we are still children and have certain 'abilities' that we have not yet grown out of by
being in the world. The abilities get shut off as we mature for whatever reason............... That is why it is said 'here and there' that
it behooves us to think as a child. [ of course I leave much unsaid here ] Keep fighting the good fight.

Must see video of a simulation of ALL near earth objects circling the earth. I guess the collection of such objects
circling around us has been going on for a verrrrry loooong time.


--- Quote from: Charlie on February 13, 2011, 06:48:38 PM ---For earthquakes?  I was telling my wife about all the earthquakes you folks are listing and she wants to know what's normal.

--- End quote ---

Charlie will try to post exact info on this soon.
At one point I had started a Topic on the statistics of earthquakes, volcanoes etc. in an attempt to have more facts.
So far I must admit this is pretty subjective. I believe I also have read (it might have been a year ago) that the number has not changed it is the magnitude.
Back soon,


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