Emergency pressure cooker water distiller...


Crude art but maybe you can get the idea.  If your pressure cooker has a vent like mine on top, one can make an emergency distiller by attaching a length of copper tubing, bend it carefully into a loop with many windings that will fit into a chiller bucket of water to do the condensing.  The path of water vapor should always go downhill for uninhibited flow or there will be puddling in the line and burping.  You want it to just flow out.  If there is steam coming out the end, back off the heat or make a longer condenser coil. Old timers used to make a thick "flour paste" to seal the fittings of their stills and made for easy takedown and transport.  If you solder anything to be used for distilling, use lead free solder. 

A simple stock pot with lid could also be modified for this purpose.

Better yet, try and find a big stainless steel beer keg and fit it down to a length of 1/4" copper tubing.  Lots of distilling sites out there, I recommend Artisan Distiller Forum to get the workings of a fine distiller figured out for whatever might need distilling. ;D

Charlie yet another VERY good post. Thank You.


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You're welcome Susan! 

Oh I forgot. Probably the best way to coil copper tubing without kinking it is to fix a piece of some cylinder shape like a length of PVC pipe into a vise and have a little hold drilled to stick one end of the tubing to hold it and then wrap the tubing tightly, leaving enough straight for the space to the boiler and when you release it the coil will expand a little so it's easily removed and you can then stretch it a little to provide some spacing between the coils.

Roll copper tubing is usually annealed, meaning it is soft and bendable.  The more it is bent, it will become stiff.  If it becomes stiff in the working of it, you can put a propane torch to it till it's glowing hot and allow it to cool and it will be soft again.


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