Tar erupts in India


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There is a district in the State of Andhra Pradesh, India, called Anantpur where residents of that district observed the earth developing deep cracks, almos like the scene in the movie, "Tremors." From those cracks, smoke is emanating with lava like material oozing out. In other places, (in the same district) upon digging the earth, people found hardened, black stone or earth crust charred to a cinder but firm to the touch. There is no volcano in and around the area so it is pretty strange that lava like substance can be found. A few days later as on Feb/6/2011, in Krishna district, also in Andhra Pradesh, a man was getting a bore well dug up and found to his surprise hot water like a geyser, bubbling on the surface. Geologists dismiss this in their usual brusque manner as something that happens when there is an earthquake and that the place experienced some tremors some time ago, which is not true.
the plate tongue holding Indonesia is being squeezed, so that it folds like an accordion and pushes down under the curve of the Indo-Australian Plate, ...  the rock strata beneath India is feeling the squeeze, and in such cases the weak point breaks. Up comes something long buried. Oil comes in many forms - gaseous, liquid, or tar. In this case, a tar bed has been breached, and is bubbling to the surface during the squeeze
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