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Author Topic: Legitimate sighting/tracking of Nibiru using Stellarium or a hoax?  (Read 40405 times)


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Re: Legitimate sighting/tracking of Nibiru using Stellarium or a hoax?
« Reply #75 on: June 04, 2011, 11:58:57 PM »
One clarification please, Wormwood.  You said "Nibiru is not where the script claims it to be.", and Aseekertoo said "Elenin is not in that location."  Now, since some people are equating Nibiru and Elenin, my question is: are you thinking that Nibiru and Elenin are the same object?

--- Jim

I don't have an opinion on whether Nibiru and Elenin are the same.  To clarify my previous post,  the object that the script claims to exist at that location does not exist at that location.  I just called it Nibiru because the original post on youtube where I found the script, named it Nibiru.  But whether it is Nibiru or Elenin doesn't matter because "it" isn't there anyway.


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