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I have been studying Stitchin for some time and am a firm believer in Nibiru and its return.  The unfortunate thing, however, is that much you see on sites like Youtube are amateur photographers giving their attempt at show the planet in the sky.  I am a professional photographer/ videographer and it upsets me to see so many false claims to such an important subject as Nibiru and its return.  For the most part I do not believe that all individuals who post images or vids of the planet are intentionally wanting to put an image that is not truly reflective of the event.  However, most people with a camera do not understand what they see in a viewfinder.

I fell that the creator of this site really does want legitimate sources of information regarding this subject.  Is there anyone in the forum that has a legitimate, bona-fide views of Nibiru.  They say it is in the upper left corner at sunrise and the to the right of the sun at sunset.  I would love to hear from you.  I sold my telescope a few years ago but am planning on purchasing another one...wish I would've kept it. :'(

Welcome to the board Cineruss! I'd like to clarify something you posted. When you stated "They say it is in the upper left corner at sunrise and the to the right of the sun at sunset" are you referring to a statement made by Gordon James Gianninoto on the Coast To Coast AM Show on November 18th Or did you get that statement from another source? Thanks!  :D

hello and welcome cineruss

if you have an interest in astronomy and you are a professional photographer you
may enjoy this site

and to answer your question nibiru is not visible ( at the moment anyway )



_cj_ and VillageIdiot,

First of all, yes, I did get that from Coast to Coast.  I am not one for just believing what everyone says but like to research this myself.  I find the vids posted hard to believe since most are due to camera interference and artifacts.  I have read Sitchin and have heard both sides of the topic but lean toward believing Nibiru probably exists.  Marshall's videos helped to bring some credibility to the possibility.

In response to _cj_ I will check out your site suggestion.  What is the general consensus of those on this forum as to where Nibiru is?


I tell folks don't "see to believe" think of how many worship a faceless non presenting/ replying god! and if you've read Stitchen then you know NIbiru is god... well where the tail started... being a "black" object in the sky makes it hard to see with out an infrared telly, so don't scrimp when you get one if it's got a battery back up like good portable ones do it will be very useful after chaos as an item of certain rarity.

though there was a very good vid recently posted here of one of the "blue crosses" which are reported to herald the winged planets return, as well as sharing other myths in christian philosophy/ lore.

The blacked out regions of space on ALL Major sky programs I think is the pic that your looking for and TPTB have it covered so it doesn't show up on CNN or other like MSM, as if it could be seen or true pics were leaked they would have to admit we're not crazy and 90% of the world is FUCT!


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