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Decan Dharma
« on: December 25, 2009, 02:47:31 AM »
Found this....

This is Dharma.

The second decan of Taurus is Goat.
May 1 - May 10

It is a four-footed decan ruled by Mercury.

It has one description as follows....

A man experienced in working the land and livestock knows the 64 arts.
He is showing one shoulder in a bull-like posture and is tortured by hunger.
He has extreme heat in the body and is gluttonous.
He has a ram-like face and is wearing dirty clothes.



Let's take one line and break it down.

A man experienced in working the land and livestock knows the 64 arts.

"Working the land and livestock" is very hard work. What has been noticed about this is, Goat is the decan for which Taurus gets its name for hard workers. I have met many Taurus people who are not hard workers, in fact they are flat out lazy. The 3rd decan "Elephant" are not known for their work ethic. The first decan, "Fire" are not known to be lazy (quite the opposite) but will seldom receive recognition for their efforts due to the "fiery" nature of the personality. No service with a smile there. But the Goats just put their heads down and plow. Tremendous workers. Being in the construction trade, many opportunities have presented themselves over the past few years to observe this first-hand. This decan will out-work any other decan. With knowledge of farming to-boot, this is a valuable member of any community.

"knows the 64 arts"...This is where it gets interesting.

Working with divine information has it's perks. One of them is an ability to assist people in ways one would not previously imagine. Such is the case with knowledge of the decan of Goat. I have discovered an anomaly regarding the 64 arts in relationship to this decan.
There are 3 decans which have the knowledge of the 64 arts.
They are, in order....3rd decan Aries (Driver), 2nd decan Taurus (Goat), and 2nd decan Capricorn (Lotus).

These gifts are divine in nature and people born during these 3 decans are prone to having extra-sensory perception, among other things. In the past, these are the ones who would be trained by birth to provide communication with the spiritual world to the highest ranking members of the worlds elite. So you see, this information can be very powerful in the wrong hands and the combination of factors that ultimately led to their selection will never be published for the masses. Be sure however, that the prophets of the past were either one of these 3 decans themselves or had consult with someone who was.

In Driver, we have a ruthless personality and one that lends itself to sorting out matters of spirit with a stern hand. This is very necessary. Just because we are mere mortals does not mean we have no say. When the wrong ones approach,(which is almost a gaurantee) Driver people have the Cardinal Sign of Fire (Aries) to back them up.

In Lotus, we have a beautiful spirit that also is very strong and grounded by the aspect of being Cardinal Earth. Weeding out the undesireables is a task that should be fairly simple with the gifts they have but sometimes the feminine part of them has a little too much sympathy. Still, potential is well in hand if the knowledge is not tainted by a hunger for power. If there is a hunger for power, Lotus people can be very useful to the wrong kind of spirit.

And then there is Goat. The energy that is unleashed by the connection can be overwhelming. The studies have shown a majority of people born during this time have amazing ability to go right into astro. Often this occurrs when they are but young children and can be frightening to the point of a complete loss of ability by virtue of a "slamming of the door". These experiences are often remembered but the abilities are shut down. When reminded, they become very afraid and many will not speak about it. This is very unfortunate. Had these children known of the potential of this happening, they would be easily taught how to handle this by capable teachers in a community that had medicine and spirituality properly incorporated. Children born during this time should be carefully watched. If they are frightened out of their sleep, they should be comforted and informed in a soft way as to what has occurred.

Taurus is the Bull of Fixed Earth. This period is one of great importance to the survival of man. Long have they been the farmers and in the case of "Fire" decan, cooks as well. Food is critical and you see how being extra-sensory could help a farmer. That is one of the Divine intentions  of this gift in this sign. Also it is to provide communication to the starving masses who will always crave information from those they trust. When the world has gone crazy and the governments can no longer be trusted, farmers turn out to be some pretty smart cookies.

But, like everything else in the universe, a gift in one hand is lack in the other. That's why there are 2 hands on one side and 3 on the other. Nobody gets everything. The soft heart of the Goat is such that it enables them to appeal to the poor and to the needy. Rightly so. This is where we want the heart when the food supply is at stake. But, the lack of a strong defense leaves vulnerability for fear and this is where the real work begins for this decan.

To the people everywhere born during this time (May 1 - May 10) let this be said; Cut the connection if you must, but the gift you have is a powerful thing. If you cannot control it, this is normal. Seek the counsel of someone who is solidly in contact with spirit and living of humble means. Be sure they are not power-hungry themsleves as they will wish to enthrall you with their own abilities or worse yet, take advantage of yours. Power is an intoxicating thing to man. He cannot resist it. Only those who have trained with masters should wield it. In spirit, it is said that prophecy is but warning. The future is never revealed in ways that the masses can understand. What would be the point ?

If you are a Goat and have had experiences in bed at night that left you terrified and sweating, this is normal. If you have seen the vortex sucking you into the astro world, know that you are not alone. There is a simple practice that one should employ. First, close your eyes and hold out your arms with the palms up. Ask the Creator for the white light. Visualize this column of white light streaming down and entering your body through the head. Let it fill your body until it is streaming from your fingers and toes. feel it warm you as it flows through your body. If it is done properly, you will actually feel the warmth in your solar-plexes. Once your body is filled with the white light, move your arms in a circle to form a barrier around your body with the white light. Now you are ready for meditation or sleep or whatever it is you need to do to relax. This should be done always before meditating or sleep. Once you have done this for a few days, you may begin to question the presence of different objects in your home or people in your life. Remove them from your property and be selective as to what or who you keep in your sacred spaces. Give a blessing to all objects kept or tossed. Avoid all symbols. The heart does not need objects. A scoop of scared earth by your bed would be ok. Take it from beneath a tree. All trees are white light.

After white light, trust yourself. Be strong and grounded.

It has been a long wait for this message to be delivered. It is a blessing in itself and it is a blessing to deliver it. It is a precious pearl of the rarest order.

It is the first of it's kind, but there is much more to come.

If you cry while reading this due to your experiences, Let it Flow. It is the healing that is needed. You are loved more than you can imagine.

Be at peace.

This is Dharma.

Today is December 25. It is the day of... 4/ Qanil. Stability of the Sacred Seed. 13 day Week of Kan. 10 day Decan of Rope. 20 day Uinal of Empowerment.
 Moon waxing.
Good day for planting.

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