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Author Topic: Book: Shelters, Shacks, and Shanties  (Read 8442 times)


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Book: Shelters, Shacks, and Shanties
« on: November 28, 2010, 05:47:22 PM »
Shelters, Shacks, and Shanties
Daniel Carter Beard

243 pages of old time shack building, written almost 100 years ago...
Dan Beard, the author, was a great writer and has several books to his credit. He started the Sons of Daniel Boone, which was changed to the Boy Pioneers of America, and lastly merged with the Boy Scouts of America. A great man of his time. and this book was a great work of his. - ICON


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Re: Book: Shelters, Shacks, and Shanties
« Reply #1 on: December 14, 2010, 07:05:05 PM »
the best on i have found is the $50 dollar and up underground house book,
Written by the same author as the hippies survival guide to y2k.

Very easy to to follow directions. Solar flares are expected to push the jet stream down to ground level, my bet is to be bunkered in well for the 200+ mph winds!


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Re: Book: Shelters, Shacks, and Shanties
« Reply #2 on: December 14, 2010, 07:09:38 PM »
the best on i have found is the $50 dollar and up underground house book,
Written by the same author as the hippies survival guide to y2k.

Very easy to to follow directions. Solar flares are expected to push the jet stream down to ground level, my bet is to be bunkered in well for the 200+ mph winds!
Link not worling for me.


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Re: Book: Shelters, Shacks, and Shanties
« Reply #3 on: December 14, 2010, 08:07:44 PM »
Weird the link worked for me just a moment ago, then stopped. Any how cut and paste is into google and it comes up as the first hit!!
Sorry, don't let my lack of computer savey take away from the info.


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Re: Book: Shelters, Shacks, and Shanties
« Reply #4 on: December 15, 2010, 08:30:04 AM »
Weird the link worked for me just a moment ago, then stopped. Any how cut and paste is into google and it comes up as the first hit!!
Sorry, don't let my lack of computer savey take away from the info.

( Is this it?)   

On Amazon  (?)
The Fifty Dollar and Up Underground House Book
by Mike Oehler and Chris Royer (Dec 1, 1981)

- Yowbarb


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Re: Major Community/Government Shelters
« Reply #5 on: April 16, 2011, 08:01:17 PM »


The Site internet information and services are only available for now to the following countries, Australia, United Kingdom, and America.


The aim of the FWG here is to show the availabilities of Scientific Engineering constructions of maximum survivability construction designed shelters almost anywhere that can be built cheaply, and effectively, for almost any natural catastrophe, being rated at 99% effective for survivability from all known possibly natural disasters.

There is one diaster that no shelter above or below ground can survive, a worst case is a direct hit from a meteor, or comet, or nuclear.

The public have been conditioned into believing only fools build shelters, then Governments are fools along with the Military, and Noah in the bible was a fool, and the flood of the world did not happen contrary to the archaeological evidence.

Who is the fool, the one who’s not prepared or the one who is ? either people wake up, their life, their family, their friends are as good as dead.

If catastrophe doesn’t come, we know the world economy will collapse, and war will become the viable option for world depopulation. Governments agree on this point as to take resources as to what is left to survive by invasion and killing by stronger nations in the name of their people.

The information below is factual information from Government Security Advisors to their respective national governments for up to 2012 and beyond:

America government is ready for martial law upon their citizens follow the total collapse of their system, The government knows that there is no way to avoid it, its only a matter of when.

Russia knows this, and building its military ready to back Iran against Israel once America is hit by financial collapse and hopping natural disaster that will cripple the US.

The EU will rise to defend its boarders while Israel defends its self with a small backing of what is left of American forces.

Israel at that point in time will need a miracle to survive.

If Russia, Iran, and their allies are destroyed and Israel is saved then the EU will become a world government, and then we know the rest what is come.

Nations that have built Disaster Shelters are as followed:

America: For Government and Military only:

Russia: For Government and Military only:

China: For Government and Military only:

Japan: For Government and Military only:

Australia: For Government only:

Norway: For Government, Military, and Public:

Netherlands: For Government, Military, and Public:

Israel: For Government, Military, and selected Public:

If your name is on a list, then your in the hands of your Government as a needed person and on the protection survival list, if not? Maximum warning will three hours to as little as 30 minuets.

Known public information:

Russian company Vivos is developing underground shelters for year 2012.

Governments underground bunkers for 2012 - leaked info

The Norwegian government is building more and more underground bases and bunkers. When asked, they simply say that it is for the protection of the people of Norway. When I enquire when they are due to be finished, they reply “before 2011”.

Israel is also doing the same and many other countries too.

More Information to concider what can face mankind therefore prepration must concider all possiblities, and construct acord.
The Information, and data collected shows a need for disaster shelters, to be built for public safety, but nearly most all National Governments have little reason, or incentive to provide  if any, and leaves it to rich individuals, or groups to provide their own provision of shelter therefore the design of the shelter has been designed to be used as in a multifunctional  of ways to be allowed to be lived in a normal way yet has the fully emergency functions of a national government shelter that operates as a small self contained city. As stated individual small shelters provide only short term, and are in no way provides survivability as national and military shelters have been created for a non survivability of the public in any major catastrophe view point. The one major disadvantage for any deep underground base is access to the surface afterwards, most will be crushed, entrances blocked, and will just become tombs for the occupants, little or no thought has been placed in the design of any.

WARNING: Another important fact is this absolutely no one can tell the exact details of and time of day any disaster will be, and can only give a warning to prepare, and this is the whole point. If you wish to ignore the warning then its your own fault, your life and others that rely on your judgment, its like having a house without some sort of fire equipment to put out a fire, with all the tell tail disasters, and the conclusive evidence of past happenings, the governments preparing already the signs are tell us all that it is leading up to a great disaster that is preparing to happen.

Information presented by Michael Phillip Kivinen Scientific on Research of the FWG for Survival of the coming major world Catastrophe, for the intelligent lay people to survive by properly informed educated groups, survival is no longer a individual endeavour, but is achieved by like minded people, helping each other, in cooperation, and contributing towards a common goal, and this means surviving in a single 25 to 40 group shelter, designed for long term survival, anything less is doomed to fail by some short coming in planing. Now by mainly knowing all the facts to what you are facing will allow you to understand what is required.

Warning: Can you handle the real truth of the matter. The Single Survivalist mentality this time on their own will not survive. A backpack with three day of food, hunting tools, and no shelter is not enough this time. Running will not help. When life all around you is dead in time so will you be. This is no joke.

After careful analyst of testing of the designs strengths and weakness, a selected type of shelter for a minimum and the maximum size of shelter that is required, for any length of time deemed necessary for maximum survivability. Small one Family size shelters, were realised, to become coffins for any survivor or survivors, and only afforded a short survival time of a few weeks at best, but the estimated time for earths recovery can be at least 12 months after any world major catastrophic event, before any sustaining life can begin afterwards. Any super size tsunami due to massive tectonic plate movement will strip the land scape bare of top soil, upright standing buildings, trees, plants, unless the shelter is shaped to lift water up and over, and withstand the crushing weight of a 35000 foot tsunami wave moving at 1000 klmph possible generated by a pole shift, and any person out side is instantly crushed to death, and not drowned. In other words the shelter has to mimic the operations of beyond the crush depth of any military submarine with water tight compartments at a depth of 35000 feet into the ocean and any shape above ground level must be like a pyramid shape, domes do not afford maximised safety, and must include basement levels of 5 or more below for weight anchoring stability. Shelters are required to be constructed for any possible type of known catastrophe, and perhaps even unthought of. If people decide to take steps to be prepared, place time and money, then it should be an investment in the most possible way of survival. There is no such thing as it cant be done, its only when your ready to take it seriously.

Look at  New Orleans Florida America mega hurricane. Christchurch New Zealand earthquake. Massive Cyclone of 300+ klm winds, floods in and an inland tsunami wipe-ping out an entire town ship which was unforseen seen in Queensland Australia, Japan earthquake and a massive tsunami. We now look at future events that are known and will come, and knowing at any time Los Angles California America will get hit by its overdue earthquake, and wipe ping that city out completely. Mount St Helens yellow stone park America is waiting also when its volcano explodes into one of the largest ever. If a land mass rises in the Pacific Ocean all nations within the pacific rim costal cities will be utterly destroyed, between 2 to 3 billion lives lost, the pacific islands completely wiped cleaned, its only the time of when, not if. This is how urgent it has become for people to think and decide what to do, where to go, and if they can get to safety in time. Governments have, but you haven’t, or have you?

As major cycles of major catastrophe has happened at regular intervals of exactly 3657 years, by the evidence of archeologically records plus the passing though the centre of our galaxy at every 25,600 years combining into a near extinction level disaster, with massive earth movements, magnet forces, unlike the passed 3657 years time cycles, and combined with other related history facts shows that volcanos are also known to erupt thereby choking the atmosphere with volcanic gasses, ash, and acid rain fall killing all plant life, that can last up to months, again recycling air purify systems are needed, with the necessary means to extract by electrolysis fresh oxygen from the large quantity of stored water supply is required, for any shelter. The sun also is known to emit high intense microwave bursts, at that time also due to a possible red dwarf system known to enter our solar system every 3657 years,  and pass by earths obit effecting and flipping our magnetic poles, effecting the rotation of earth, severer movements of the tectonic plates that all nations are upon, and with the known holes in the ozone layers, precautions in shelter construction must be observed by a thick skin layer of alluvium shielding, with this information a large shelter construction is in order, and not just a hole in the ground type shelter, or exposure on the surface will not suffice. Running to where does not, and will not ensure maximum survival either. Warnings can be given, but its up to the people to save themselves and love ones, your on your own. Remember you will be fighting to get to safety against all others, all roads out will be jammed, for everyone will be trying to get to high ground, and what would normally take an hour, but when everyone is trying then it means you may never reach it in time. With a predicted height of tsunami possible, high ground may not be enough either. Shelter is the only choice, and the right one being chosen, decides if you survive or not.

People worry about power within a shelter, well Nuclear power generation in submarines for any shelter is prohibited as it simply can not be used, due to the prohibited public usage of it, and the danger of damage occurring to it during an earthquake.

Power for the shelter, has to comprise of a number of combined systems, that allows for 24/7 usage and production, solar will only be feasible when long after the catastrophe is over, of the scope that is coming, wind power generators are dependant on air flow, so an analysis of the area must be taken first, and third hydrogen powered generation is by use of the hydrogen collected after separation of oxygen from water for the air system supplementation, and the hydrogen is used as fuel for heating, heavier power generation, and vehicles, and battery storage power is what you will be using first and these battery cell banks, have to be charged later on, and so the use of L.E.D. lighting throughout is a must, which will extended the power as long as possible well after the disaster is over, and the other system brought on line at a later date.

Complied by the FWG Security Scientific Construction Advisory Unit.

16 MINIMUM DISASTER RATINGS FOR A DISASTER SHELTERS TO BE EFFECTIVE. ( Any thing less does not ensure maximum survival protection ):

Rated for 10 and above magnitude earthquakes, and continental shelf movements.

Rated for direct exposure to gamma radiation. microwave sun flairs.

Rated for up to multiple 3000 Celsius sun heat blasts.

Rated for water pressure of 35000 foot tsunami, travelling at 1000 klmph as possible in a pole shift.

Rated for zero oxygen intake from outside, for perhaps up to 12 months.

Rated for up to 12 months supply storage of food.

Rated for water storage and recycling of minumum12 months.

Rated for air recycling of minumum12 months.

Rated for power generation of minumum12 months, and beyond.

 Rated for storage of repair tools, and spare parts, information data.

 Rated for hydroponic food production.

 Rated for land and sea transport storage equipment.

 Rated for Medical equipment and drug storage.

 Rated for defence against armed attacks, and all security measures.

 Rated for geological location.

 Rated for selected personnel within minimum specialist fields requirement for shelter operations. ( Medical, Engineering, Electrical/ Electronics, Agriculture, Security Tactical / Military. )

The facts as related to National Government briefings to oncoming destructions, as Governments are well aware of the facts the next step is to unofficially inform the public that wishes to survive, and what you need to know. The ignorant masses are simply seen as not viable to save, due to limited resources, and the overpopulation problem being natural solved, by catastrophe, and the intelligence sector of the population taking care of them self for preparedness : National Governments have been advised to look at this as saving a few for the benefit of mankind, at the sacrifice of all, that gives them the right not to inform the public, and have a clear conscience. This is self preservation, of who know the truth, and the ones kept ignorant. People are treated as sheepeople, make no mistake of this well known fact in all government circles. When the chips are down you are expendable. The population breeds like rabbits, no self control, Military are for one purpose, protect the government, the infrastructure, the assets, then the citizens if deemed necessary. Leadership has a motto, for the good of few,( including themselves ) the many must be sacrificed, and fools think otherwise. We give facts, not fiction.

Organisation and preparedness is everything, ignorance, and anything less will lead to death.

Now; as very few individuals can afford such a required shelter with all necessary equipment, family groups must be formed, to fund the required shelter construction, and devote time to be trained, in the various fields, required of services, and maintenance.

We take the worst case situation, and prepare, anything worst will be total extinction of all life.

90 percent of the world population is in fact under prepared, ignorant, and will have no warning, one third will die on the very day, and the other one third from, starvation, disease, lack of shelter, and by other people.
Look at the picture of a devastated world from known disasters of the world from the past, and what can be very soon.

99% of all nations on earth will be effected, most all infra structure destroyed, no power, no water, no food for perhaps up to 12 months.  Atmosphere almost unbreathable, from volcanic ash in the air, for up to 12 months, no growing of crops for up to 12 months, no fish in the oceans for up to 2 years, no live stock, sheep, cattle, for up to 2 years,  few if any birds, most of all 90 % of all animals extinct. Plant life 99% wiped out until new growth occurs. Bees almost wiped out for pollination of some plant species, the list goes on.

Individuals thinking to survive off the land will be in for a rude shock. Individuals with a packed car, home, or a backpack will be dead within a month, if not killed outright by the disaster, living off the land will not work, and will lead them either to kill or be killed for their supplies, others will come to the conclusion that death is better, and a way out. Underground bases have the same risk, a direct hit or sinking in to the ocean, or being covered or crushed within the bedrock or covered over by the ocean, and will total destroy them also including the people within, but have a far better chance of survival of 99% chance than anyone on the surface, during and long after.

Survival by primitive means is for the very few for the survivalists who are living it day in day out, to which even they will become extinct if they don’t adopt the attitude of kill or be killed in time to come or become cannibals just for the sake of surviving, this is known to happen, as a friend becomes the needed next meal for surviving. ( its terrible to think this, but one must know the truth ) Hope is just not good enough, when preparedness, in intelligent thinking must be used, you can never be over prepared.

Regardless who predicts, as to, what, how, when, where is not at all reliable, the only credence has to be placed on the following:

Ant chant archeologically records.
Geological evidence of passed earth cycles.
Passed recorded disasters both ant chant  to present day.
The present movement of direction of the tectonic plate zones.
The Earthquake records.
Location of extinct, dormant, and active volcanos.
Location of the faults lines.
Mountain positions.

The Good news:

Technologies and information has come to prepare us for the future to come what may.

Man has amassed knowledge that allows survival from a mother of all natural catastrophe barring total planet destruction, but still arrogance of ignorance still plagues this world from the masses that live for now generation, saying they know everything, acting like Gods in their sphere of the world, and upon their surroundings, and infecting others, to their way of thinking.

National Governments have been briefed on the failing social system, financial system, and the resource of oil with no means of replacement, and knowing that there is no way to change the system other than nature presents a solution, or failing that then all out world war, would be required to ultimately cull the population of the world. Nature is far cheaper way than war, therefore no official warnings, will be given to the public, this does not bar the use of unofficial warnings given in leaked circumstances as the intelligent few are given a chance to prepare. So consider this a Official Warning by the FWG to the people of the world.

Virtual Reality R-D Scientist, IT R-D Engineer, Security Advisor both IT, and Foreign Affairs Security of Counter Terrorism, Sectary Director to the GN-FWG-GG
 MPK Michael Phillip Kivinen 2011.

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