Magnetic Polar Shifts Causing Massive Global Superstorms

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Amy Evans:
People are noticing the Growing Seasons are off ... here in California the Citrus crops are almost a month late, and are still on the trees ... Bird migrations are also off ... what have aqny of you noticed near where you live? ... the days here in San Francisco seem to be getting darker faster now? ...

Sun is Rising later and much brighter, setting earlier also with more vibrant colors, my garden is still producing veggies, also we barely had a summer at all here, nights are much cooler than norm too, if lucky a week of good warm weather.

Amy Evans:
I am hoping that others will chime in with what they have noticed


--- Quote from: Amy Evans on November 26, 2010, 02:34:09 PM ---I am hoping that others will chime in with what they have noticed

--- End quote ---
I'll second that also........

I'm here in Michigan, and we have had unusally hot weather all summer and a pretty mild fall. Our growing season was not as good as usual this year due to intense heat. But that does happen every so often. But I do think our seasons are a tad off, the cold comes a little later and stays longer into the spring, but other than that nothing unusual here.

I have to say the sink holes showing up around the globe disturb me, and I thing they could be signs of shifting.



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