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Author Topic: Impending sequence of tectonic events  (Read 2855 times)


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Impending sequence of tectonic events
« on: November 23, 2010, 05:55:27 PM »
The Zetas have been saying that the "7 out of 10" events, with 10 being the pole shift, will occur before the end of 2010.  They have now specified what that those events will be.  See .

Here is the final list:
[start quote]
 The sequence of events is, thus:
    * a tipping Indo-Australia Plate with Indonesia sinking,
    * a folding Pacific allowing S America to roll,
    * a tearing of the south Atlantic Rift allowing Africa to roll and the floor of the Mediterranean to drop,
    * great quakes in Japan followed by the New Madrid adjustment,
    * which is followed almost instantly by the tearing of the north Atlantic Rift with consequent European tsunami.
[end quote]


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