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Human migration

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Ed Douglas:
I would hope it doesn't come to this point, but, it won't matter who owns high ground if water starts rising. People will migrate to high ground for survival. Ownership could become moot. We all know, that there will be many, that won't migrate from their present home. Do not be one of these people. Become a nomad, as we all might have to, to survive. Survival is the main thing, nothing matters more.  You should preplan a migration path, if this becomes the case. Always be prepared to improvise.  ed

Very wise Ed, same as one would plan for a tornado, earthquake etc...... ALWAYS have a plan in mind and be sure your family is aware of it.

I think people will leave cities like crazy.  Cities will be horrible places to live during these upcoming troubled times. 

Ed Douglas:
Augie, they will probably be slaughter houses. Survival of the fittest.  ed

I've been seriously thinking of getting deep in the woods.  Are you allowed to build a cabin in a national forest?  I thought in the aftertime, if things got too rough here, I'd head to the woods.


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