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Torah Code 2012 and Planet X


We've long known about Biblical textual references to Planet X, but is there more? Yes. Much more, thanks to dedicated Torah Code researchers in New York and Jerusalem.

The early results from this new body of work are stunning in their implications as they portend a catastrophic nuclear war and Planet X flyby.

Torah Code research is a 21st century Bible Code game changer, because it employs technology far more powerful than what was available to 20th century Bible Code researchers.

Simply put, the technological difference between Bible Code research technology and Torah Code research is as dramatic as two cans and a string vs. an Applie iPhone 3G. It's big!

Consequently, these new Torah Codes are calling out to us with urgent warnings. The year 2012 is when we'll know it's time to shut up, lock our tray tables in the upright position and assume the crash position. GO


I had not heard of this Marshall!  Thanks a million for bringing it to our attention.  I can't wait to see it.  Do you have any idea when it may air???

Hard to say with large projects such as this.  Most likely it will release in the 4th quarter of 2010. 
Thanks, Marshall

This is amazing research, indeed.

I have a first edition of Drosnin's Bible Code (italian version Codice Genesi, '97 as well as G


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