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--- Quote from: Bill on March 30, 2011, 10:06:58 AM ---8hertz, I believe we can not change our Destiny however our fate  which I believe is how we all arrive at our Destiny is changed by the absolute smallest of things. Every second of every day we make decisions or change what we do by the smallest amount and it changes the outcome of the day or moment.

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Bill, thanks for your thoughts.
I tend to believe a lot of what you said, too.
Although other people's actions and or natural events can have an effect on us all, ultimately we are all creating our futures.  All the time.

I do not happen to believe that a major cataclysm such as PX could be brought about by our thoughts or avoided by thought alone - I mean yes, possible and I would not want to invalidate someone's belief in that - but not generally that's not the way we earthlings work. Not in this universe.

I do believe that the small actions do add up to whether we will be safe or not - or whether we help others to be safe or not...
Many believe the spirit is immortal -  physical survival is important to me too - and the survival of humanity, healthy children; technology, cultures, education, domestic animals, pets, plants, seeds... supplies...books, music etc.
I want all this to be carried forward in time. (I suppose I am repeating myself here.)

Just a belief the déjà vu, dreams etc. can be little clues to stop and take a look at what is happening around us.  Which fork in the road do we take at that moment? Which person or group do we befriend and which do we avoid like the plague...
What mistake did we make in some long forgotton past or time that we do not need to make again? (This could be applied to current lifetime too.) Normally in my day to day life I don't put too much attention on this - but something will grab my attention or
I have a feeling of being given a clue a little bit... whether it comes from my own mind, ultimately from spirit or from some outside guidance...

All The Best,



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