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Some people just don't get it.

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I talk with people, watch U-tube videos on food storage for SHTF, and items needed to make survival work,,, and sometimes I just have to shake my head and wonder,,,,
It's not that they don't think something will happen, they do, but there's where the problem comes in.
A lot of the total breakdown, SHTF, world ending disasters videos I watch, show the posters showing off their food storage (and telling us how to prepare) which may last 30 days max. And most of that is canned food, no beans, rice or long term storage items.
And water,, their water supply will last about 2 weeks.
I have yet to see a video which says you need several years worth of food, water, and a way to cook it.
And for after the food runs out, seeds for veggies, ways for saving the crops, either canning, drying or other storage means.
If someone has a link to a video that goes into this, please link it here,, I would be interested in seeing someone who knows more than most.

Most such people are off the grid and definitely do not publicize what they have or what they are doing else they become a target and they definitely don't look to public or mainstream media for directions or answers. 

I do know the LDS (Mormons) have increased their emergency storage recommendations from 3 months to 1 year, which was several years ago.

Here is a link to their recommeded food storage.Also has many good links

I have about 3 years stocked up, but my well kinda bites, so gonna have to do something about that. I found a 5000 gallon tank I can bury, but don't want to bury, or start using it till I need to, cause empty or semi empty tanks tend to rise to the surface.
I'm thinking about more compact foods like Datrix survival food bars or food tabs, as they last for years take up very little space.
I have about 6 months worth now, but want to buy more, and then substitute them for one meal, which will stretch my storage out to 4 years.
For what we may face, I think 5 yeas should be minimum, and then have a way to grow a garden afterwards.
It all goes back to the old saying,,,
If I'm wrong, I can eat my mistake. If your wrong, what will you eat?

Icon, how safe will the well be in aftertimes ? Can the radiation affect it if you wait?


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