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Author Topic: Announcement of Year of Jubilee  (Read 3488 times)


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Announcement of Year of Jubilee
« on: October 02, 2010, 09:52:32 AM »
Praises to our Creator. The Holy Father.

Today is the tenth day of the seventh month.
It is the Day of 12/ Toj.

It is the day of Atonement.

It is the Sabbath.
It is a Sunday. (commonly known as Saturday)
It is the decan of Scales.

It is the 13 day week of Tijax.
It is the month of Libra, the seventh month. The seventh month begins at the passing of the Fall Equinox.
It is the 49th year in the count of Jubilee's.

It is the year of the announcement of Jubilee.

So, let this serve as the announcement. 2011 is the fiftieth year in the count.
That as of the Vernal Equinox of "2011" begins the Year of Jubilee.


Leviticus chapter 25

Further, let it be clarified....

That the days of the week number 7 and they are named after the planets.

Monday is Moon. Day 1 is initiation.
Tuesday is Mars. Day 2 is reaction.
Wednesday is Mercury. Day 3 is communication.
Thursday is Jupiter. Day 4 is stability.
Friday is Venus. Day 5 is empowerment or value.
Saturday is Saturn. Day is 6 is flow or law.
Sunday is the Sun and is the Sabbath and the seventh day. Day 7 is a day of rest. Truth or revelation.

That currently the days are being used in an incorrect order. The day we call Saturday is actually Sunday and so forth. How many times has a person stated, "wow, I always feel like I am a day behind."  or "Man, doesn't today seem like a Sunday instead of Saturday."

Currently, we are in the Age of Aquarius. We have moved into the final third of this age as of March 20, 2010. It is an age of Stable Air. This accounts for the increase in communication between worlds that began in the 1800's. There is no bird that flies higher than a Vulture.

All things are symbolic. The prophecy of the Eagle and the Condor.
The Eagle is of the North. The energy of the North is that which streams outward from the earth.
The Condor is of the South. The energy of the South is that which streams inward to the earth.
They will unite in this age.

Astrology (as we know it) is flawed but useful. A greater case can be made for the time of change to be on the winter solstice of 2010 rather than 2012. Astrologically speaking.

This is because of Mercy from the Creator. The changes are subtle.

Astrology and astronomy were at one time partners. The task of the astronomer is to maintain data and location of the planets and stars. The task of the astrologer is to translate what this means and how best to apply it, in a spiritual manner. Even though JP Morgan was once quoted as saying," Millionaires do not use astrology, billionaires do." This does not mean that the stars are to be used for the purpose of physical things. When astrology is properly used, it is for spiritual purposes only.

Just as a person goes to bed when the sun sets, so too are the movements of the planets and stars indicative of physical responses on this earth. Each one has unique flavor that swirls and spins as it goes. There are no sudden changes more sudden than the sun and moon effects.


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Re: Announcement of Year of Jubilee
« Reply #1 on: October 02, 2010, 01:10:49 PM »
hello and welcome scales

you are very like minded to me so thank you for the text -please could you link to the translation

and to those who are interested

And if he be not redeemed by any of these means, then he shall go out in the year of jubilee, he, and his children with him. 

please read the hebrew book of jubilees




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Re: Announcement of Year of Jubilee
« Reply #2 on: October 02, 2010, 03:23:54 PM »
I would liken the mind to a spoon.

One could have a fabulously crafted spoon of the finest silver, but if the food that is on it is rotten then it is of no use.

Also, what is the origin and intention of the hand that guides that spoon ?

It does not take a shiny matching set of spoons to eat.

But one should always chew well before attempting to swallow.


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