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Strange spiral light seen in Norway by thousands!

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A MYSTERIOUS giant spiral of light that dominated the sky over Norway this morning has stunned experts

I cant believe no one commented on this, we should be all over this.  Has there been any word regarding this after besides the military denying this?  I'll keep checking youtube.

You should be able to locate the update on YouTube.  Norway is saying that it was a failed missile launch by Russia.  Watching all the video's I find that hard to believe.  You should have been able to see the missiles tail fire making the spiral but I couldn't see it.

The meteor theory is out because they come down with a trail of plasma trailing them.  If it was some ramjet type of propulsion it would only be the size of the engine and or slightly wider and would move with the vehicle.  Of course this is only my opinion.

Here is a little food for thought.  Remember the eye witnesses to happenings in the Bermuda Triangle with the spiral?

I'm sorry I posted it also on my Stars falling from the sly post.  Sorry guys.  Didn't see it till after posting.

Lori :o

One person on youtube posted a video of the spiral thingie being related to a solar flare that took place on like December 5th.
I seems plausible, much more believable than a military group who first denied it and now are trying to cover up by informing the public that it was a dud missile.


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