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Do you ever think to yourself, "am I delusional?"

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Hey everyone I really wanted to get everyone's opinion on this. As I have stated in previous posts it was in October of 2007 when the notion that the 'end of the world as we know it could actually be happening' hit me. From then on I saw the world in an entirely different view. At first maybe I wanted to believe it because I thought it was a crazy thing and something very fascinating, but it wasn't long until things started to get bad, first the economy, then all these political movements, and social unrest. As soon as I started believing that the world as we know it could be ending that's when all these bad things seemed to start happening with more frequency and intensity. There are literally times when I think to myself, "have  I lost it?" "Am I delusional for thinking these things?" Or worse- "Is this all in my head and if it is then does that mean that these bad things going on in the world aren't really happening?" Am I like Alice in Wonderland and will wake up one day and realize it was all a dream, that the night when this revelation came upon me was the night I fell asleep and have not woken up since?"   I know this probably all sounds crazy to you guys but it is beginning to look unreal how things are changing, and it is also strange to me that about no sooner than I came upon the belief that the world was ending is when all these bad things seemed to start happening.

So my question to you guys is this- Do you guys ever ask yourselves "Am I delusional for believing these things, and are these things really happening?"

It's hard not to at time's, especially when people around you say you are. When you try and convince non-believers, at least when I do, the eye rolls pretty much sum it up. Any more I try and avoid the topic,especially with anyone who has not done any research on their own. I just go about preparring and planning.   Bill

I believe that since we are aware our senses are more heightened to what is truly occuring on this planet. We just see things more clearly than before. I do not feel we are "delusional", but my DH seems to think I am in all this, sometime soon he will be thanking me for having been able to see the realities of what is coming.

Ed Douglas:
Welcome to the Matrix;  there is so much that you all need to know. Look closely, at every little detail, in the events happening.   ed


A little less than 2 years ago, I was think of saving for a home, get a nice car and get myself a super computer with a nice big 30 in. monitor.  All that just went away once I heard of this idea. One of my first thought was that my 3 kids are still too young to have this come now. From that point on I have not been the same person I was.  I try a great deal of time get a reality check.  Check my mental self.  Asking people what they think of the current weather changes. Asking people what they think of the future without bring up the subject. I constantly check on news update and comparing it to what I know and read. I hold myself in high integrity with an analytical and logical mind.

So you tell me if I'm a nut case.

 I wish there was a way to assemble all of us on the forum to speak face to face.



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