Protecting Your Family From Nuclear Radiation Accidents —Radio Host, Scott Owen

| June 16, 2012

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Marshall Masters

Protecting Your Family From Nuclear Radiation Accidents —Radio Host, Scott OwenWe’ve heard about using iodine to help mitigate the health risks of exposure to radioactive fallout from Fukushima Daiichi in Japan, but what is the lamestreet media failing to tell us?

Complete core meltdowns have occurred in the GE Mark 1 reactors 1, 2, and 3.

The General Electric Mark 1 reactor was grandfathered in by the American government as an inherently defective design and number 3, was filled with the newest generation of plutonium-laced Aveda MOX fuel rods. You just don’t want to think about it. It’s that bad.

But so is the Reactor 4 spent fuel pool. Suspended about 100 feet above ground, the pool is structurally damaged and in danger of collapsing if another earthquake is 7.0 or greater.

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Japanese scientists now report there is a 90% change of such a quake happening within the next 2 years, because the micro swarms that preceded the 3-11, 9.0 event are happening again. And if that pool collapses in another quake, the resulting firestorm will unleash 85 times the Cesium-137 radiation of Chernobyl upon the Earth.

No wonder, UN General Secretary. Murata asserted “It is no exaggeration to say that the fate of Japan and the whole world depends on No. 4 reactor.”

Yet, America’s mainstream media is sucking up to corrupt corporate interests and telling us that Bluefin Tuna with ten times the acceptable level of Cesium are still safe to eat. Safe for whom? Are they feeding this irradiated tuna to their children? Not likely.

So if you’re feeling totally helpless with all this bad news, is there anything you can do to protect your family in any small measure from nuclear radiation accidents? Well, that’s what Scott Owen of the the Believers Underground is here to share. It’s helpful, simple and affordable. Learn how now.

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