Why We Fight No. 2 – Prepare for Critical Mass

| August 21, 2021

Why We Fight No. 2 - Critical MassIn the first article in this series, I said, “We are in The Great Awakening, and everyone comes to awareness through contemplation or pain.  There are no other options.”

For those who come to awareness through pain, this is undoubtedly the case.

On the other hand, those who come to awareness through contemplation may wish to consider what I call “The three stages of awareness through contemplation.”

  1. STUDY: Contemplation typically beings with passive information gathering and observation. Observers can fall into a rut, through any number of means.
  2. TIPPING POINT: Something connects with the observer on an existential level, and things get personal.
  3. ACTION: The study phase continues as part of a sustained effort to share the information despite personal costs.

With that, in mind, this article will focus on the critical mass needed to trigger an unprecedented and unstoppable human event.   Let’s get to it.

The Problem with Awareness

The problem with the first stage of awareness is that this constructive study process can land you in a seclusionary rut and this is the very weakness propaganda spinmeisters seek to exploit.

They know they cannot prevent awareness, so they focus on keeping you in a rut so that inevitably, the same result is achieved.  You self-cancel.

The problem with the second stage of awareness is that tipping points are uniquely personal and therefore completely unpredictable. Elites despise this which is why they inflict personal pain as a deterrent.

The problem with the third stage is personal sacrifice.  After all, doing the right thing can mean spending the rest of your life slinging hash and living in a weekly motel – alone – if you are lucky that is.

In other words, do you hide in the rut, or do you jump up and charge this evil as a fully committed opinion holder?  More on that later, but for now, this highlights an existential question: Is stage three worth all that pain?

Consider this:

“When enough people (a critical mass) think about and truly consider the plausibility of a concept, it becomes reality.”—Joseph Duda

This is why it’s all personal now and it needs to stay that way.  We choose not to be CCP Borg because in the grand scheme of things, each of us is a drop of water and together we can become an unstoppable tsunami of freedom’s waters.  This is critical mass and this is what we want.

Critical Mass

When a nuclear bomb reaches critical mass, it is beyond the point of no return, and things change dramatically.

Is an event such as Biden’s Afghanistan debacle sufficient on its own, to create a critical mass event where people rise and take back control?  More likely it is as cigarette smokers say, “Another nail in the coffin.”

Of course, that begs a question freedom-loving folks often ask about critical mass.  How many people are required to achieve it?  You’d be surprised.

Farnam Street, July 2017
Critical Mass and Tipping Points: How To Identify Inflection Points Before They Happen

Malcolm Gladwell on Tipping Points – The 10% Rule

One big question is: what percentage of a population is necessary to create a critical mass?

According to researchers at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, the answer is a mere 10%. Computational analysis was used to establish where the shift from minority to majority lies. According to director of research Boleslaw Szymanski:

When the number of committed opinion holders is below 10 percent, there is no visible progress in the spread of ideas. It would literally take the amount of time comparable to the age of the universe for this size group to reach the majority. Once that number grows above 10 percent, the idea spreads like flame.

The research has shown that the 10% can comprise literally anyone in a given society. What matters is that those people are set in their beliefs and do not respond to pressure to change them. Instead, they pass their ideas on to others.

We know the Globalists have their hands on the levers of power and their thumbs are in every rice bowl.

Therefore, in order to prevail against the evil masters of the planet, must we be dependent on brilliant masterminds?

Masterminds and Grand Plans

Having brilliant masterminds on your side is a nice advantage, but time will tell.

Are we weak without brilliant masterminds?  No, and in the meantime, we work with what we see and play the hand dealt us.

Imagine humanity as cattle in a stockyard and a few have figured out what goes on in the slaughterhouse.  Are years of complex planning and a computer necessary?   Helpful, but not really.

When you’ve got the numbers, it gets simple.  How do you say stampede in cow?

That’s all the critical mass we need to get things off to a good start.  We stampede and our motto is an old Roman axiom.  “If you are not for me, you are against me.”  It’s crude but effective.

Simply stated Dear Reader, it’s not about words and grand plans.

It’s about feeling and numbers, and the fact is, there are vastly more stouthearted, freedom-loving people than those who oppress them.

For this reason, elites use their technologies and minions to exact a terrible price for control.  However, they will fail just as the Nazis did after invading Russia, as explained by a German Colonel in the field.

“The German Army in fighting Russia is like an elephant attacking a host of ants. The elephant will kill thousands, perhaps even millions, of ants, but in the end their numbers will overcome him, and he will be eaten to the bone.” -German Colonel Bernd Von Kleist

Von Kleist was right.  The German Wehrmacht ceased to be a war-winning army after the battle of Kursk.  That was their awareness and to put this in perspective, let’s return to the beginning of this article:

“We are in The Great Awakening, and everyone comes to awareness through contemplation or pain.  There are no other options.”–Marshall Masters

Those who come to awareness through contemplation and achieve the third stage and join with an ever-growing and energized force of committed opinion holders.

For those of you who ask how many as in, the percentage of the total population, the answer is wonderfully stunning.

According to Gladwell, the threshold is not 51 percent.  It is 10 percent!

Regrettably, things were not as brilliant in the beginning.

The days following the election and January 6 were depressing as a few early Patriot voices took to the air.  Those were the dark days for us, the disenfranchised, and we seemed confused and disorganized.

Consequently, as Trump smartly unpacked the stress of this saga upon him, we licked our wounds and the reason for all that, was numbers.

In those days, the number of committed opinion holders was far short of the 10% threshold, but that has changed.   Today, we are close, if not well above that threshold, and perhaps just in time.

God Bless Them, They Just Said No

There is a desperate effort underway to force the vaccine on the people by the Globalists.

They have become so reckless and abusive; they are generating tipping point events among healthcare workers and vaccine-hesitant citizens at a brisk pace.

Ergo, this Globalist overreach is creating the very thing they seek to destroy: Freedom and the right to decide what goes into our bodies.

What is critical is that healthcare workers are being forced over the tipping point en masse, due to vaccine mandates and in Texas no less.

FEE.org, August 18, 2021
Massive Nurse Shortage Hits Houston—Weeks After 150 Unvaccinated Nurses and Hospital Workers Fired

Houston hospitals have “reached a breaking point” amid a COVID-19 outbreak, which struck weeks after 150 hospital workers were fired by Houston Methodist hospital, one of several hospitals struggling.

150 Nurses and Healthcare Workers Fired

Public officials are scrambling to address the shortage, which has created a massive patient backlog throughout the Houston area. More than a week ago, Tex Gov. Greg Abbott requested out of state assistance for the statewide crisis, including 2,500 out of state nurses. LBJ Hospital officials said those nurses have not yet arrived.

This mandate shortage of healthcare workers in Texas was about choice.  The nurses and hospital workers defied the insanity.  Let’s talk about these 150 for a moment.

All of the 150 were solidly in the first stage of awareness regarding the vaccine.  However, the evil threat of losing livelihoods and careers forced most to submit or become stuck in an elitist-managed rut.

Instead of submitting to the will of their punishers, these 150 remained defiant to the last and were fired for it.

For the Globalists, what are the consequences?  For starters, they’ve lost their grip on these 150, and for a reason most eloquently stated by Solzhenitsyn.

“You only have power over people so long as you don’t take everything away from them. But when you’ve robbed a man of everything, he’s no longer in your power – he’s free again.” –Aleksandr Isayevich Solzhenitsyn

This hospital firing in Houston resulted in collateral damage for the Globalists because now, they must expend resources to counter what will no doubt be a powerful class-action suite.  Go Texas, and there is more.

While a phalanx of Globalist lawyers throws paper, Globalists propagandists must now counter troubling public sentiments and this is a serious problem.

For example, why does a hospital force a mandate through firings, when the CEO of Pfizer, is not vaccinated and refuses to mandate that his employees jab the Kool-Aid.

Whatever nonsense they spin, the useful idiots will lap it up like hungry animals but can they sell this anti-worker narrative to workers?  Ask any worker about that.

Lawsuits and spin are manageable for the Globalists, but in the end, their greatest weakness will eventually make havoc on their carefully laid plans.  It is overreach.

Globalist Overreach

Since the first lockdown, Globalists have methodically destroyed small businesses all across the country with little consequence to themselves.  This is because when workers see a business owner fail due to government overreach, it is a sad and unfortunate thing, but life goes on.  There are mouths to feed.  Find another job.

However, when workers see other workers losing their jobs and livelihoods for a choice they themselves would make, that’s when it gets personal, as in “there for the grace of God, go I.” Am I next is a powerful question?

Folks, let’s give thanks to the healthcare professionals and workers who are in action and taking the flak, and likewise, let’s pray for the 150 and others who have drawn the line with mandates.

Thanks to the Globalist weakness of overreach, our freedom movement now has 150 more opinion-shaping voices, and they are part of a new critical mass shaping this Great War to End All Slavery.

I’ve also spoken with physicians who are treating COVID patients with generic therapeutics with tremendous success.  Their frustration with their profession is disheartening because they see colleagues playing into what they view as needless insanity and a growing number are ready to give up the practice of medicine before they jab the Kool-Aid.

The bottom line is that the threat of losing their careers and livelihoods has forced healthcare workers in a rut of awareness to break free and take action and more are standing up and taking action each day.

This is What I’m Talking About

Earlier this week, I came across a video that is the perfect example of this.  It is a healthcare tipping event, and the account told by this nurse is a tragic COVID vaccine injury story

The story came via Sydney Powell’s email list at DefendingTheRepublic.org. I heartily recommend you subscribe and support this Patriot heroine.

Sydney’s email featured a link to a powerful interview with an ICU nurse and I watch it all the way through.  No question about it, she had hit her stage two tipping point weeks before the 150 nurses and healthcare workers were fired in Houston.

AMERICA First with Sebastian Gorka, August 12, 2021
ICU NURSE: “You’re being lied to about COVID.”

This courageous nurse is a crisp and golden young voice in a rising chorus of voices in the medical community.  She now joins with those dedicated to helping others, who will not and cannot be a part of what future generations will remember as the Second Holocaust.

She and the 150 in Houston have all come face-to-face with their awareness and they all just said no, and this is much bigger than Houston.  It is as big as the world, and all the freedom-loving people living upon it.

Global hopes for freedom began as a feeble trickle of awareness and here and there, we see deep and ever-widening streams of courage popping up.  No matter where they are or how they flow, they are all are fed by the eternal wellspring of God’s love.

If you’re sitting on the fence in a first stage rut, trust me, your second stage tipping point will likely blindside you.  Leastwise, that’s how it happened for me, but that’s for another day.

In the meantime, prepare for critical mass.


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