Who Wants To Be a Portland Reenactor?

| August 29, 2020

ReenactorsGenerations of Americans have gone to war since the founding of the nation, and many have lost their lives on far-flung battlefields around the world, which is we commemorate these conflicts as reenactors.

With reenactors, there is a necessary balance between the presentation of those on the right and wrong of history.  Rather than dwell on polemics, men and women reenactors chose to recreate the significant battles of those conflicts with keen attention to detail.

Granted, most could not finish a 10-mile speed march, as they are typically much older than the combatants they represent.  Yet, the attention to detail is impressive, right down to the smoking pipes and belt buckles.

When you see the men in their uniforms, they look pretty much the same in person as in photos, but let’s not forget the ladies.  With the ladies, photos are not enough.  Attend a Civil War reenactment, and you will be impressed by the dresses of the period.  Stunning!

Reenactor ladies often sew costumes by hand using old patterns of the day (for them and hubby), and when you see them in person, a picture doesn’t capture the elegance and nuance of how women dressed during that conflict.

And this brings us to Portland.  How many Americans will want to become Portland Reenactors, because there is one big difference between the wars commemorated by Reenactors and Portland:  there is no field of honor.  Just shame.

For reenactors, Portland reenactments would be a bargain. Forget finding the right muskets and the right uniforms and all of the expenses and going to distant battlefields.

If you are an Antifa/BLM reenactor, all you need is a ski mask and a few baseball bats and bricks, but conversely, for Antifa/BLM victim reenactors, the cost is likewise inexpensive.

Find a red-tipped cane, and you can become a policeman blinded by a laser. Want the family to join in on the fun?  Smear catsup all over the youngest member of the family, and you’ve got a dead baby in a crib.

But for reenactors, the big bang for the buck is to be a Democrat leader or sports professional.  Now you have inexpensive cross-dressing because all you have to do is to take a knee to violent people, bent on creating division and mayhem.

Even kids can have fun being Antifa/BLM media reenactors.  With a bit of handwork using mom’s makeup kit, they can pretend to be news personalities who assure us that there is no mayhem, just peaceful protesters.

For added authenticity, the whole family can go out in the family SUV, looking for cars and businesses to burn. Then there are those special events that will be sure to pack the stands such as brick-throwing, Molotov cocktail preparation, and for adult-only reenactments, simulated murders, and rapes. Now that’s MSM entertainment at its best!  Or is it?

On a More Serious Note

Let us be frank; in the future, Americans are going to be about as interested in celebrating Portland and the mayhem of Antifa/BLM, as they are in reenacting the lynching of blacks in the South, during the 19th and 20th centuries in America.  Worse, yet, now the MSM has loaded its muskets with smear, aimed at the QANON movement.

After years of smear-and-hide hit articles, the Deep State media and Tech Giants have openly declared war on the QANON movement.  This is the side of the story you’ll never hear on CNN, MSNBC, and other seditious media outlets, because the message of Q is power.  A case in point is this Q post from August 26, 2020.

DNC Logo Resembles the Satanic Baphomet Pentagram
Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6, 26 Aug 2020 – 10:23:33 AM

DNC Satanic LogoOne party discusses God.
One party discusses Darkness.
One party promotes God.
One party eliminates God.
Symbolism will be their downfall.

The Great Deceiver(s).

When was the last time you witnessed a [D] party leader being Patriotic [exhibiting National Pride (love of Country)]?
When was the last time you witnessed a [D] party leader ‘speak out against’ the riots [violence in the streets]?
When was the last time you witnessed a [D] party leader support those who took an oath to protect and defend?
When was the last time you witnessed a [D] party leader support and call for UNITY across our Nation?


Have Faith in Humanity.
Have Faith in Yourself.




This Q post frames the entire conflict of the day in simple terms.  Hence, suburban housewives who voted in 2018 for Democrats who pledged to work with the President, they now have a difficult choice.

Do you vote for someone you hate, but who wants to help you?

Or, do you vote for someone who exhibits the behaviors you want to see and hear, and who will express their thanks for this support by burning local businesses and homes?

Like Holloween haunted houses, Portland reenactors could cordon off areas of a city for free rape, pillage, murder zones dedicated to ostensibly celebrating the sanctity of black lives.

So, how is that working out?

Look for the Signs

At present, I’m taking a brief vacation in Carson City, NV.  The August weather at this elevation is delightful, and there is a Costco, Trader Joes, and a Walmart within 1 mile of each other.  OMG, what’s not to like.

So, while taking mineral bath soaks and enjoying the grand sights of nearby Lake Tahoe, I’ve also been cruising about the area to look at available real estate.  After all, Carson City is the capital of the Blue state, and so here I am, deep in the heart of all things Blue.  Yet, what did I see during my excursions?

Case in point is a beautiful little town south of Carson City called Minden, and between the two cities are sub-divisions with ranch farms and a mix of small and large homes.  I found the listings for a few properties that caught my eye, and I decided to take a look at them.

As I drove through these neighborhoods, one of the first things I noticed was that there were for sale signs all over the place, more than you would expect to find here. I half expected this, but what I did not expect was what I saw with the political signs.

Here I am in a blue state, within a few minutes’ drive of the state capital, which is run by the Democrat party.  Yet, there were more Trump and Pence signs than for sale signs in these nearby suburbs.  However, then I noticed something odd.  There were no Biden and Harris signs.

At first, I figured it was a fluke, and so I expanded my search, so I returned to the scene of the signs, so to speak, after lunch.  No matter how many streets I drove up and down, all I would see were for sale signs from realtors and Trump and Pence political signs.

Nowhere, during my explorations, did I ever see one sign supporting the Democratic Party even these homes are within a few minutes of the Democrat-controlled state capitol.  In other words, nobody in these neighborhoods wanted to support the Biden-Harris ticket publicly.

It is one thing to pretend to be against Pres. Trump, when a stranger calls to poll you because the vast majority of Americans are now afraid to speak their minds. On the other hand, speaking to your neighbors on a more personal basis with a sign in your front yard sidesteps the machinations of spinmeisters.  It appears this is where the battle is being fought these days.

This kind of truth is too corrosive for the globalists and their media minions, and yet it is as undeniable as driving down a neighborhood street to see what people are posting in their front yards.  Here is where the battle for the soul of the nation is being fought, and not in the broadcasts of corrupt news media outlets.

It’s About the Future

The bottom line is that in the future, Americans will look back on these times to see who has been on the right side of history.

This is being decided at the grassroots level, and the choice is simple, even if you are a suburban housewife.

Can you vote for someone you do not like, but who likes you?

Or, do you vote for someone you like but who sides with political violence against innocent Americans, from all walks of life, because their first allegiance is to hate-America-first?

Ergo, we are now engaged in a quintessential war between good and evil and in America, and there is a lot of good here. Rather than throwing bricks and Molotov cocktails, the vast majority of Americans instinctively yearn to find common ground to end all this unnecessary divisiveness.

Unlike Democrats who speak through amplified hate, they are the silent majority, and they are rising in vast numbers to challenge the antics of communist indoctrination in our colleges and universities and the generations of snowflakes they’ve programmed.

Perhaps, in the decades to come, there will be a different type of Portland reenactment.

Instead of costumes and cannons and beautiful dresses, the freedom-loving Patriot reenactments will be as simple an old Trump and Pence sign in the front yard.  That is, assuming Antifa/BLM reenactors cannot burn down their homes in a celebration of “peaceful” protests.


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