Why Political Parties of Any Kind are Death Traps

| September 11, 2022

Why Political Parties of Any Kind are Death TrapsIn the coming months, we will bear witness to dramatic events.  The outcome for the common person will be binary.  On one hand, death and slavery.

On the other, the unthinkable horror of becoming a critical thinker.  Let’s see how that works along political lines:

  • Liberal = Psst. Is anyone looking?
  • RINO = You may sell your mother into bondage provided you get a good price for her.
  • MAGA = The God-loving folks who just keep on coming. AKA, cannon fodder.
  • Independent = Screw you and whatever animal you rode in on.

Well, that pretty much covers it for now.  Needless to say, there is a lot of who shot John going on about this and that, but in the end, the greatest truths are, by and of necessity – simple.

The simple truth about today’s politics is that deceptive narratives and clever propagandists will find it increasingly difficult to close people’s minds to the truth.  No doubt they anticipated this and have a strategy.

However, evil’s flaw is that it always overreaches, and now we have a new dynamic that will drown out all their propagandists along with the narrative.

We’ll know them as graveside conservations, and they will do what no amount of reasoning can do because the fastest way to open a closed mind is with an open casket.

With that in mind, let’s open our minds to the possibilities this creates.

Friendly Fire

The population is the driving number for politics.  The more who are aligned with the agenda of a political party, the more likely it becomes a reality.  In the Holocaust of World War II, people resisted and yet, were slaughtered in the millions by a political party.

With the 21st century holocaust, billions submit, willingly or unwillingly, to the nanny-state political party agenda.

It is striking how the psychopaths of both centuries employed a political party agenda as the governing mechanism.  However, these modern-century psychopaths took it to a new level.  They found a less messy way to do it that will kill billions.

However, a pressing political problem for the Cabal is that they mostly destroy the useful idiots who promote their insanity.  Namely, they are metropolitan consumers who believe in the nanny state.  So how will this play out?

Vaccine Demographics

An interesting example are college-educated women living in the suburbs.  They happen to be the most vaccinated demographic in the country.  The second most are Asians.  The least are blacks and the second least vaccinated are whites.  The rest are mostly somewhere in the middle.

Regrettably, estimates for vaccine deaths vary widely, as the topic is in motion and will be for years.

Still, the Democrat party will lose approximately 10 million voters, by even by the most modest estimates.

Biden’s Infamous Red Hitler speech

Worse yet, after Biden’s infamous Red Hitler speech on September 2, 2022, pollsters say that 30% of Democrats would now support impeachment today.

Make you wonder about the other 70% of Democrats, doesn’t it?

When the Watergate scandal broke, folks on both sides of the aisle were made, and Nixon resigned.  Yet, Biden actually did what Nixon was alleged to do.  What will it be with them?  Do as I say, not as I do?  Time will tell.

However, what is certain is that Biden won by approximately 5 million votes with an incredibly dynamic basement campaign.  Those were the gravy days.

In two years, the Democrats will lose twice their margin of fraud as followers fall to the vaccine plague which is steadily growing in severity and scope.

In other words, 10 million registered Democrats, which accounts to a third more than the Republicans, will lose.  Worse yet for them, half more than independents.

Even with flooding the country with illegals who they intend to give the vote, the Cabal has lost the ability to quietly rig and steal elections as before.  The jig is up, and that is what we see playing out before us, are their dangerous death throws.

Given all this, can we afford to be even a bit Pollyannaish?  Nope, this is a crap sandwich without the bread, and the worst is yet to come.

After that, there will be peace as those left standing clean up the mess and get on with life.   When that time comes, those who survive the 21st-century holocaust will declare a holiday of mourning and as those of past holocausts have done, recite the vow, “Never Again!”

This is when all eyes will turn to the Constitution.

A Star Trek Constitution

I find it humorous that were now starting to hear pundits and talking heads raising the alarm.  They say they hear extremists on the left and extremists on the right talking about rewriting the Constitution.

To these people, I say, I’m not an extremist.  I am an Independent, so screw you and whatever animal you rode in on.

And by the way, do you know what an actual American looks like?   For example, can you spot the ones who wear dresses to school, with or without a five o’clock shadow?

Now, where were we?  Ah yes.

When it comes to rewriting the Constitution, for me, it’s a Star Trek future or bust, which of course, must begin with small steps.

Here we come to what is the definition of a conservative.  That being, you go with what works.

A good example is our media, which has become treasonous due to consolidation.  Is there a proven solution to could untie this corrupt knot?

Yes, re-enact and update the FCC anti-consolidation rules and laws that worked so brilliantly for us in the past.  FYI, the very ones the Republicans removed to the benefit of the Democrats.  Bloody Incestuous are these uniparty folk.

Another issue is divided loyalties.  This is often discussed by legal scholars.  They argue that the Attorney General (AG) must serve with divided loyalties.   Perhaps that’s why we see AGs these days who are more interested in their royalties than their loyalties.  That idea is worth discussing at length.

Another is something I wish to advocate for: A way to end the scourge of political parties with a new constitution that only recognizes citizens.  To make my case for abolishing political parties, I ask you now to look back to the past to see the genius of a fantastic man.

americanmajority.org 24-Oct-2021
Why Was George Washington Opposed to Political Parties?

In the vast and storied history of this country, there has only ever been one president who did not represent a political party – George Washington.  Every man since who has occupied that prestigious position has been elected to represent not only the people, but the platform and policies of a political party.

George Washington

When President George Washington left public office, he cautioned the nation not to divide themselves into political parties.

In his farewell address, he stated that the spirit of the party, “serves always to distract the public councils and enfeeble the public administration.  It agitates the community with ill-founded jealousies and false alarms, kindles the animosity of one part against another, foments occasionally riot and insurrection.”

Was he able to see into the future and the division his beloved nation would face in the years to come?

Perhaps not, but he certainly saw with clarity the dangers of partisanship in this American experiment.

In his administration, he attempted to form a government that was above partisan ties and petty squabbles – but that was not to be.

All I’m saying is that if we get lucky and can write a Star Trek Constitution, we enshrine the wisdom of George Washington into it and finish what he started.

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