Poison for Profit: Mothers – How Much Do You Love Your Children?

| March 4, 2015
Poison for ProfitThe question today for American Mothers is: Are our children dying from poison for profit plagues because our government is hopelessly corrupt? If your children are in the shrinking demographic of the healthy, food has never been cheaper. If you’re not so lucky, who will care that your child is autistic and that your marriage has an 80% chance of failure?  More to the point, what will your suffering be worth in the eyes of self-serving government officials and the greedy corporations that own them? A brave and brilliantly produced movie titled Bought, The Truth Behind Vaccines, Big Pharma and Your Food tackles growing immunization and GMO threats with a science-based approach. It offers expert views from lawyers, physicians, scientists and the real-life experiences of mothers whose lives, and the lives of their children have been torn asunder by Washington’s poison for profit mentality. The free viewing time for this video ends March 15, 2015, and I urge everyone to take advantage of this opportunity to view this program now at www.boughtmovie.net. However, even if you miss the free viewing, see it anyway. Likewise, visit the momsacrossamerica.com web site to learn about where this poison for profit culture of government and big business is vulnerable.

This Is Also a Vital Planning and Preparation Issue

For those in planning and preparation, this is vital because when you are living on a diet of canned and packaged processed GMO foods, you’ll be trading days of life for every mouthful.
Yowusa.com, July 26, 2014 Are You Stockpiling Death Food? Many preppers use a simple “bang for the buck” equation for stocking their survival caches, where portion cost drives the process. Consequently, inexpensive processed foods tend to be the value leader choice. Yet what I’ve learned as a result of my own 30-day personal stockpile test, is that many of us are stockpiling self-sabotaging, death food. 
Without fresh foods to offset the harm of these foods, your immune system will be compromised and your chances of dying from disease will increase dramatically. When I began watching Bought, the quality of the message was so compelling I had to see it all the way through. This is a wake up call like no other. Do not procrastinate. Watch it now at at www.boughtmovie.net.

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