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The Jenner Files: Irrefutable Planet X (Nibiru) Evidence

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Yowusa.com, August 10, 2008
Greg Jenner

The Jenner Files: Irrefutable Planet X (Nibiru) EvidenceThe notion of our Sun coexisting with a binary companion in the form of a Brown Dwarf is quite evident in the compilation of files presented here. The ‘Jenner Files’ are broken down into four main categories:

These include an assortment of articles, pictures, icons, esoteric symbols and prophesy references to support this argument.

Do all these images and text files relate to a returning celestial object? The answer is a resounding yes!"

About Greg Jenner and Planet X and The Kolbrin Bible Connection

Planet X and the Kolbrin BibleGreg Jenner is the author of Planet X and The Kolbrin Bible Connection and one of the top Planet X historians alive today — if not the best! He believes that the ancients were extremely clear in their warnings to us about Planet X and 2012. In this groundbreaking work, he details numerous correlations between the 2012 prophecies of the Maya and those of other cultures with chilling clarity.

Jenner believes The Kolbrin Bible to be the modern day Rosetta Stone of Planet X, because it clearly describes the destruction of Atlantis, Noah's Flood and Exodus. According to the Egyptian and Celtic authors of this ancient secular wisdom text, these cataclysms were triggered during previous flybys of Planet X.

Were it not for The Kolbrin Bible, much of this ancient knowledge would be lost to us. This is an urgent fact, because many of its harbinger signs have already come to pass and with one inescapable conclusion. The next catastrophic flyby of Planet X is imminent!

Table of Contents

  • Foreword by Marshall Masters
  • Jeremiah's Warning
  • Planet X Investigation
  • The Kolbrin Bible
  • The Space Monster's ‘Incoming Mail'
  • Our Horned Dark Sister
  • The Hour of ‘The Destroyer' Is At Hand
  • Destroyer's Doomshape
  • Sinking Of Atlantis
  • Noah's Flood
  • The Floodtale of Celtic Tradition
  • Exodus — Triggered By The Destroyer
  • Paying Homage To The Destroyer
  • The ‘Shape' of Things to Come
  • Prophet Elidor's Warning
  • The Countdown to 2012
  • Alphabetical Index

Excerpt from Chapter 1

Jeremiah, a prophet from the Old Testament, felt compelled to warn us of something he called the Destroyer. He obviously knew the significance of its wrath and that every place on Earth would be affected.

  • Jeremiah 25:32 & 48:8 "Disasters will soon spread from nation to nation. They will come like a powerful storm to all the faraway places on earth…The DESTROYER will come against every town, not one town will escape…The Lord said this will happen." Jeremiah 25:32 & 48:8 (From the Holy Bible: New Century version)

  • Within his sobering vision, there are few specific details about the Destroyer. Thankfully, a more detailed description that corroborates Jeremiah is provided in The Kolbrin Bible, a secular anthology, parts of which were written in the same time period.

  • Manuscripts 3:3 "When ages pass, certain laws operate upon the stars in the Heavens. Their ways change; there is movement and restlessness, they are no longer constant and a great light appears redly in the skies." (The Kolbrin Bible: 21st Century Master Edition)