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Giant Body Behind Saturn Entering Solar System — Dazzathecameraman Debunked

Why the Secureteam10 Youtube Channel Has Been Targeted for a Disinformation Takedown

Yowusa.com, 6-December-2014
Marshall Masters
J. P. Jones

Giant Body Behind Saturn Entering Solar System — Dazzathecameraman DebunkedWhen it comes to the topic of disinformation, people expect it as a given. This is a cavalier view, because, in reality, disinformation kills.

It not only kills the efforts of honest researchers, it will kill those of you who naïvely assume that you have no skin in the game, along with your loved ones.

This is why we are deeply concerned by what we are seeing now with the way Tyler Glockner, and the Secureteam10 YouTube channel are being targeted for takedown by a well-funded disinformation effort.

Why? Secureteam10 has stumbled upon a dark secret the elites want suppressed before it becomes public knowledge and you are going to learn that dark secret in this article.

This is not the first time we have seen takedown attacks, and with all attacks, there tends to be a point man. In this case that point man is David Greg (aka Dazzathecameraman dazzathecameraman@outlook.com) and we have seen the consequences of his work before.

Now Seen in the Western SkyOn February 2, 2014, we revealed his tactics and disinformation wolf pack associations in our article, Now Seen in the Western Sky.

Our only regret about that article is that we were unable to publish it in time to help The Skyview Team. An honorable and competent Planet X research group, David Greg, and his associates crushed with a well-funded and highly-organized disinformation takedown campaign.

Now we are seeing the same pattern all over again, and the target of this current disinformation takedown effort is the Secureteam10 YouTube channel.

Takedown Campaign Triggers

Takedown Campaign TriggersThese kinds of takedown campaigns are typically triggered by a disclosure event that reveals information contrary to the evil aims of well-funded and powerful elites.

The problem for those being targeted is that they often do not understand what they've done to trigger a takedown attack.

In this case, the trigger was a disclosure video posted on the Secureteam10 channel titled, 11/19/14 LEAKED! GIANT BODY BEHIND SATURN ENTERING SOLAR SYSTEM - COVERUP.

On the following day, 11/20/14, David Greg posted a video on his Dazzathecameraman Youtube Channel titled, SecureTeam GIANT BODY BEHIND SATURN - HOAX EXPOSED.

We reviewed both videos and immediately noticed that Mr. Greg employed a classic disinformation tactic in his debunking video. A strategic debunking omission designed to mislead the public.

We believe Mr. Greg's strategic omission was arguably an intentional effort to cover-up the takedown trigger with distractions. This is why we published our own analysis of this disclosure video by "Ken," an alleged government whistleblower to document that very same omission.

Yowusa.com, 20-November-2014
Planet X System Location According to Astronomer Disclosure Video
If Genuine, It Confirms the Location of Planet X System as Described in Being In It for the Species

Planet X System Location According to Astronomer Disclosure VideoA Planet X System disclosure video was posted by secureteam10 on November 19, 2014. They received it from an anonymous government astronomer who calls himself "Ken."

Working in conjunction with a colleague at the W. M. Keck Observatory, located near the summit of Mauna Kea in the U.S. state of Hawaii, "Ken,"used a cellphone to capture this video from a secure workstation.

Assuming this disclosure observation is current, this object was observed while Saturn is in conjunction. (Opposite Earth on the other side of the sun.)

It is important to note that this disclosure video is not corroborated or independently verifiable. However, it is newsworthy and needs to be discussed as the astronomer alleged astronomer making this report sounds credible and comments at length about surface perturbations of Saturn and Uranus.

It is of vital importance for the reader to note:

Nothing has happened since we published that article to change our opinion of this "Ken" disclosure video, in terms of it being corroborated or independently verified. It has not and had this whole affair ended with Mr. Greg's first hoax analysis video; this article would not be necessary.

However, what we are now seeing is classic disinformation follow-on attacks against Tyler Glockner, and the Secureteam10 YouTube channel researchers. Therefore, our purpose in publishing this exposé is to stand with Tyler Glockner and the Secureteam10 YouTube channel team.

Be forewarned, we're asking you to do a considerable amount of reading as we lay out the evidence. Given the short attention span people tend to have with the Internet today, why should you go to the effort? The reason why, is that what you are going to read now could very well have a direct impact on your own survivability as well as those you love and cherish.

Homeland Security MRAPWe have a government that is stockpiling unprecedented amounts of small arms ammunition, riot gear, armored vehicles, mass burial coffins and more. This is well-documented and reported on the Internet.

What is the meaning of all this? The day will come when the people know what our government has known and lied about for decades and there will be blood as a direct result of the very kinds of disinformation tactics discussed in this article.

For our readers, the goal of this article is that it should not be your blood. Let the intelligently blind who were too busy or cynical to become truly self informed today, run this future gauntlet without you.

Through an understanding of the disinformation methodologies that are being employed to foment this needless, future human catastrophe, you and your loved ones will be more capable of doing with the elites will do: Be somewhere else when the guacamole hits the fan.

To do that, we're going to show you a side of Mr. Greg and what he does that you as a reader, or YouTube fewer will typically not see. We are going to show you what we see, and then you can decide for yourself.

The Two Sides of Dazzathecameraman

Hello AmericaAnyone claiming themselves to be a Planet X debunker immediately walks onto the public stage with a significant advantage.

It is called the normalcy factor. We only believe things which we have seen come to pass in our own lifetimes. Anything else is subject to what is known as cognitive dissonance, or "I just can't believe it."

The result is that while we live in a country where everyone seems to accept the idiom that a one eyed man is king in a land of the blind, that's not how it really operates.

Rather, what we have is a situation where anyone who is running afoul of the normalcy factor can expect to encounter a horde of angry blind people shouting, "If you were smart, you would get a sharp stick and poke out your one good eye so that you could be intelligently blind like the rest of us." As silly as it sounds, this is really how it works.

Consequently, the credibility threshold for a self-anointed, debunker like David Greg is infinitely lower than for an honest research group like Secureteam10.

With that in mind, what we are attempting to do in this article is to present verifiable facts, in the form of an honest research analysis of the debunking methodologies Mr. Greg has used against us and Secureteam10. In this way you will see the other side of Dazzathecameraman.

Given that we know Mr. Greg and other debunkers walk across the stage with a significant advantage over those whom they take to task this analysis needs to begin with the very point at which Mr. Greg did, in fact, walk across the stage.

After all, the Beatles were a relatively unknown rock group in Liverpool, England until they came to New York and appeared in the Ed Sullivan show. The rest was history. With this in mind, let us examine the man who turned out to be Mr. Greg's very own Ed Sullivan.

Alfred Webre, Mr. Greg's Ed Sullivan

David Greg (aka Dazzathecameraman) lives, works and produces his channel in New Zealand and has no verifiable credentials as an amateur astronomer, other than those endowed upon him by Alfred Webre, an American UFOlogist.

Alfred Webre

Alfred WebreAlfred Lambremont Webre (b. 1942) is an American UFO believer, 9/11 truther and conspiracy crank. He claims to have been a co-architect of the Space Preservation Treaty and the Space Preservation Act.

He is, with Stephen Bassett, the co-drafter of the Citizen Hearing, a proposed public forum to create a fact finding process surrounding extraterrestrial phenomena and alleged government suppression of such facts from the public. He is also on the Board of Advisers at free energy nuts the New Energy Movement. He is the congressional coordinator for The Disclosure Project.

What Alfred Webre did for David Greg that was of paramount importance to this New Zealand unknown, was to anoint him with credibility before an American audience. Keep in mind that the term amateur astronomer carries weight with Americans. This is because they are important to the field of astronomy, and many of them have devoted many years and great sums of money to acquire professional-grade equipment.

However, the term amateur astronomer is very broad in nature. It can mean someone has gone to great expense to build an observatory next to their home. Likewise, it refers to someone whose only course of instruction in amateur astronomy, was to load their shopping cart with a consumer telescope costing a few hundred dollars at their local COSTCO.

Following this, their graduation ceremony consisted of queuing up in the shortest checkout line available. Given that COSTCO also sells elegant picture frames, graduates can use them to proudly hang their framed Costco telescope receipt on their wall so that they can proclaim themselves as bona fide amateur astronomers to people like Alfred Webre.

With this in mind, let's take a look at one of the other important associates of Mr. Webre, namely, Stephen Bassett, the man with whom he co-drafted the Citizen Hearing, a proposed public forum to create a fact-finding process surrounding extraterrestrial phenomena and alleged government suppression of such facts from the public.

Webre co-Drafter Stephen Bassett vs. Suzanne Taylor

According to his biography on the Paradigm Research Group web site, "Stephen Bassett is a leading advocate for ending the 65-year government-imposed truth embargo regarding an extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race."

Webre co-Drafter Stephen Bassett vs. Suzanne Taylor

While Mr. Bassett and Mr. Greg pursue completely different endeavors, what they arguably share in common are two things. Alfred Webre and the very manner in which they use the law, as evidenced by a lawsuit brought against Suzanne Taylor.

Suzanne is highly active in the UFO community and produces award-winning, crop circle documentaries. She has appeared on Cut to the Chase and is a sweet and kind woman with a passion for bringing vital knowledge to the public. It is why we were saddened to learn that a disagreement with Mr. Bassett over a home stay matter, he filed a lawsuit against her as described in the following excerpt from the UFO Digest website.

UFO Digest, December 2012
Petition urges Stephen Bassett to drop lawsuit against Suzanne Taylor

Crop Circle Connection

Suzanne Taylor, producer and director of “What On Earth? Inside the Crop Circle Mystery” wrote on April 17, 2012, to her email list (as well as posting online) with an immediate request for help concerning in what manner Paradigm Research Group executive director Stephen Bassett had filed a defamation lawsuit (typical of a SLAPP) against her for making a public complaint about his behavior after what she describes as “housing him, feeding him, giving him a car to drive, throwing parties for him, getting him gigs, and even donating money to his cause.”

As a consequence of Suzanne Taylor’s public outreach, 333 persons signed a petition urging Stephen Bassett to drop the lawsuit. The petition described by what means the activist and lobbyist had “offered to withdraw the suit if [Suzanne Taylor] writes a check for $26,000 and issues an apology that exonerates [Stephen Bassett] from any transgressions.”

The petition claims that while suing Suzanne Taylor for slander, “he is slandering her, telling people in person and in email that she is difficult and disturbed.”

Among the many voices who spoke out online in support of Suzanne Taylor was Pamela Leigh Richards, who (in a surprising disclosure of her own) posted to website TheConversation.org that her former husband David Icke had created for her “a nightmare using the legal system” as well.

On November 23, 2012, Suzanne Taylor wrote to her email list that she was awarded “a monetary judgment based on the [California] judge's evaluation that Steve had walked out on his agreement.” However, Stephen Bassett also reportedly sued in Maryland, where the case was dismissed but where there has also been an appeal.

After Bassett initiated his lawsuit against Suzanne, she sent us a copy of the Maryland court filing, and I used it to research Bassett's lawyer. What I found was a lawyer operating a collection practice out of a small two-bedroom home. Unlike other attorneys with significant cases, honors and awards and so forth, this man appears to have popped out of nowhere like a gopher out of a hole.

However, what I really found interesting about this attorney was the picture he used of himself on the Maryland Bar website. It was clearly taken back in the 1970s when he received his law degree, because his hair was all the way down to his collars, which were wide in the style of those days.

As a researcher with years of experience in dealing with retired spooks, I've learned that this use of outdated personal photos tends to be a classic retired spook tactic. This is because, while a 30 or 40-year-old picture of yourself is of no value for identifying you at present, it is nonetheless, a legal photo of yourself. Hence, retired spooks often drag out their old photos when they need to post a picture of themselves. This way, they cannot be easily identified.

After Bassett lost the case in Maryland, his attorney filed an appeal. This is doubling down on a very expensive process for both parties. Consequently, even though Suzanne Taylor has prevailed in two courts (Maryland and California) against Bassett, she was still faced a grinding legal process. Apparently the petition was eventully successful because Bassett recently dropped the appeal in Maryland.

The question now is, given that Mr. Bassett was zero for two in the courtroom, who was funding this expensive litigation and did they continue to fund it for so long?

For us as researchers, the more critical question is, is this how a genuine person who is honest, and in search of the truth treats others? No! This is because the only people we see resorting to litigation for intimidation and suppression, are not wealthy in their own right. With this in mind, we wish to call your attention to the fair-use statement posted by Mr. Greg of New Zealand in the description of his first "Ken" debunking video on 11/20/14.

Dazzathecameraman Fair Use Statement

Dazzathecameraman Fair Use StatementThis video may contain copyrighted material the use of which has not been specifically authorized by the copyright owner. This material is being made available within this transformative or derivative work for the purpose of education, commentary and criticism, is being distributed without profit, and is believed to be "fair use" in accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107.

For more information go to: http://www.law.cornell.edu/uscode/17/...

If you wish to use copyrighted material from this video for purposes of your own that go beyond 'fair use' you must obtain permission from the copyright owner.

Any attempt to misuse copyright to intimidate, harass or censor this video or its author will be vigorously defended.

NOTE: The author of this video uses http://www.counterdmca.com/ as an 'Agent of Service' to respond to DMCA takedown notices, and his personal information will not be divulged in the counter-notice.

Mr. Greg's verbiage begs an obvious question. How does a man with arguably no evidence of personal wealth and residing in New Zealand, arguably obtain free legal counsel in America to "vigourously" threaten any American who offends his sensibilities' vis-a-vis an arguable phalanx of expensive litigation?

This statement was arguably created by an American lawyer, and we know that Mr. Greg arguably used an American lawyer, after we filed a complaint against him with YouTube for the unauthorized use of our copyrighted material. YouTube received a letter, ostensibly from this lawyer, and without taking sides, they advised us that we needed to lawyer up, or they would have to restore the contested video.

Why? YouTube is not interested in who is right or wrong. Nor do they want to be dragged into a fight and who could blame them? Our only failing was that we did not have the tens of thousands of dollars it would taken to defend our intellectual property rights against this abuse. So despite his vicious public gloats, the only arguable right Mr. Greg possessed was might.

This brings us to the really relevant question. Since Mr. Greg is arguably pursuing a Bassett-like strategy of litigation intimidation, who is paying Mr. Greg's legal fees? This is a really relevant question because, Mr. Greg has arguably put Tyler Glockner and the Secureteam10 team in the same legal vise as Suzanne Taylor, and we all know the brand name of this vise, "keep your mouth shut if you know what's good for you."

And every literal sense, this man in New Zealand has the power slander an American living in his own country, while suppressing visibility to defend himself via the threat of potentially malicious litigation. With this in mind, we ask you the reader to ask yourself a question. Is it fair for Mr. Greg to deny Tyler Glockner a level playing field where people can have honest disputes without the threat of litigation?

However, once again, we come back to the same question. Who is funding these legal strategies? Why we sincerely doubt that will ever get a straight answer to that question, we can show you a recent example of someone who is supporting Mr. Greg's efforts against Secureteam10.

Who Was That Masked Man?

Disinformation OperativesOver the years, I have become quite adept at profiling e-mails sent to us by disinformation operatives. Like any other organization, they have a standard operating procedure, and if you have seen it time-and-again over the years, you quickly recognize the tactics. In 99% of the cases, these e-mails will originate from a Microsoft address.

This is because even dead people can get a Microsoft e-mail account, which is why disinformation operatives preferred this service. They create them on a wholesale basis, and drop them as fast as a dog scratching fleas.

After Mr., Greg posted his debunking video on 11/20/14, I began receiving a daily stream of these disinformation e-mails in support of the debunking. While I typically ignore them, one of these e-mails had a slightly different twist, and so I decided to test this sender with a taunt, as this tactic really gets them to reveal themselves. Here is the e-mail thread with someone who is using a Microsoft account in The Netherlands, and going by the name of "Rick.


from: Live <livemail@home.nl>
to: info@yowusa.com
date: Wed, Dec 3, 2014 at 11:04 AM
subject: vid secureteam


Just wanted to let you know it is a hoax, he altered his voice to sound genuine LOL.



from: info@yowusa.com
to: Live <livemail@home.nl>
date: Wed, Dec 3, 2014 at 1:08 PM
subject: Re: vid secureteam

Anything dazzathecameraman attacks, gets an immediate checkmark in the credible column.

from: Live <livemail@home.nl>
to: info@yowusa.com
date: Thu, Dec 4, 2014 at 6:13 AM
subject: vid secureteam

You have gotten a checkmark for being a smart salesman





from: info@yowusa.com
to: Live <livemail@home.nl>
date: Thu, Dec 4, 2014 at 8:43 AM
subject: Re: vid secureteam

Hi Rick:

In a previous email you said:

You have gotten a checkmark for being a smart salesman





Here is what I found:


Youtube Notice: This account has been suspended due to a violation of YouTube's policy prohibiting content designed to impersonate another person or user.

Both coldweather.org/ and Suspiciousobservers.org both point to unconfigured sites.

So masked man, just who are you?


Rick - livemail@home.nl

from: Live <livemail@home.nl>
to: info@yowusa.com
date: Thu, Dec 4, 2014 at 8:56 AM
subject: vid secureteam

Hi Marshall

I just happen own these sites next to several others.

Have not had the time to develop these 2.

So who am I ? I am a freelancer but not doing much these days (do not have to) as I had a full time job in accounting next to this for more than 12 years.

Another interesting website :


vids : google trunews john casey



Notice how Rick so elegantly sidesteps the entire issue of the YouTube channel; a classic disinformation maneuver. However, this disinformation operative is to be congratulated for what was truly an innovative and new approach.

On the downside, this operative clearly needs to do a little more research and the genre. The current Suspicious0bservers Channel on YouTube uses the number zero in place of the letter "O." Oh well better luck next time.


So at this point what we know is that Mr. Greg arguably enjoys the benefit of a Bassett-like legal phalanx to intimidate and suppress the honest opinions of those he takes to task. This brings us to the classic question of, is it a matter of birds of a feather flocking together. Interestingly enough, this brings us back to the UFO Digest article about Bassett's lawsuit against Taylor, because it also mentioned, Mr. Greg's Ed Sullivan so let's give up a big round of applause for Alfred Webre.

UFO Digest, December 2012
Petition urges Stephen Bassett to drop lawsuit against Suzanne Taylor

Co-Author Silenced?

Further controversy surrounding Stephen Bassett emerged when Citizen Hearing on Disclosure proposal co-author and former long-time member of the Hearing Board of Directors Alfred Lambremont Webre posted to Exopolitics.com on Nov. 14, 2012 how the activist [Stephen Bassett] and lobbyist had “broken himself against the law” by denying the former Stanford Research Institute futurist “even a reasonable request to testify before the proposed panel of former members of Congress on the proposed 1977 Carter White House Extraterrestrial Communication Study.”

Given that Basset arguably does not wish to flock with Webre, I think it is safe to say that Webre does not subscribe to the heavy-handed tactics of his associates.

On the other hand, it leaves us wondering why he chose to usher Mr. Greg, a New Zealander, onto to the public stage here in American. One possible answer to this question comes from another UFOlogigst, Richard Boylan, Ph.D.

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of the UFO Scene

With all the fiction and disinformation circulating in ufology, it seems useful to catalogue some of the good leaders in the field, and distinguish them from those who are not to be trusted.

What follows is a listing of “the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of UFOlogy”, found on the Internet, with which I find no disagreement.

  • - Richard Boylan, Ph.D.

BAD GUYS/WOMEN (Bad=harms UFO truth - a partial list)

Alfred Lambremont Webre, JD, advocate for UFO disclosure but frequently gullible in UFO matters and a de-facto stooge for Cabal disinformation operatives Michael Salla and Andrew Basiago

With this in mind, it's show time.

Alfred “Frequently Gullible” Webre and David Greg (aka DAZZATHECAMERAMAN)

Alfred Webre debuted David Greg on his radio program on September 1, 2013. The target of interest was none other than yours truly, and I was sent the standard gratuitous, please come to our ambush interview invitation, which I declined.

Alfred “Frequently Gullible” Webre and David Greg (aka DAZZATHECAMERAMAN)

However, for the benefit of this article, this will be the first of several analysis overviews offered by co-author, J. P. Jones. We invite you to listen to the interview as you read the analysis. Then you decide for yourself.

Sep 1, 2013 Interview: Alfred Webre (Host) and David Greg (Guest)

Yowusa.com Subscriber Download

  1. At 33:00 Mr. Greg refers to the solar halo as always being 22 degrees whereas the minimum radius is 22 degrees and the maximum is 50 degrees.

    1. A halo can be created by the sun or moon and is light refracting through frozen ice particles in Earths atmosphere.

    2. Mr. Greg applies this 22 degree assertion as a means of measure to determine whether the planetary conjunction of May 27, 2013 is accurate or not with respect to the image which contains the sun. This is a misleading measurement of distance when using an atmospheric phenomenon and comparing distance of objects beyond the sun.

    3. During this segment of the debunking Mr. Greg asserts that it would be impossible to capture a planet in a camera image with the Sun near to the planet. Yet how many times does someone post an image with the Sun and Venus in near proximity from ground level. At 37000 feet the atmospheric limits found at ground level are no longer valid.

  2. At the 42:19 mark Mr. Greg attempts to debunk the gamma test with a bit of deception.

    1. He referenced the leading edge of the plane’s wing which is reflecting light commenting that at that altitude it is quite cold. The use of the term “hot object” is not intended as a measure of temperature as Mr. Greg alludes with the wing edge remaining at 0 gamma.

  3. At 50:09 by simply citing lens reflections Mr. Greg off handedly dismisses the use of gamma to determine if an object is real or not. This is a deflection as Mr. Greg did not continue further with the test regarding foreground illumination as described earlier in the video. This amounts to only executing half an experiment and making a conclusion based on half the results in a word deflection.

  4. At 55:48 Mr. Greg begins a discussion of clarifying myths of Brown Dwarfs and frankly attempts to obfuscate his pretense that if it were within the solar system it would reflect light yet that is not possible because the closest one is 6.5 light years away.

  5. At 1:02:00 Mr. Webre asked Mr. Greg if he could comment on the Turrialba images. Although Mr. Greg said he hadn’t really studied them it is clear that they are lens flares. Mr. Greg then made a very erroneous critieque of where he was able to see (what he is calling the lens flare) on the volcano itself.

Given that Mr. Webre had been a guest on my Your Own World radio show three times, I found his behavior in this affair to be rather disappointing.

After this career launch, Mr. Greg set about the business of instituting another attack against me.

Michael Vara - "You are Right About the
Guy from NZ, He is a Troll"

It does not take rocket science to find where I have been giving interviews, and I have given several to Michael Vara and his cohost, Peter Kling. These interviews were always great fun because Peter Kling would bring such a great wealth of prophecy knowledge to the conversations. However that was not to last.

Michael Vara - "You are Right About the Guy from NZ, He is a Troll"

Last summer I received a vague interview request from Michael Vara last summer, inviting me to join him with an unnamed amateur astronomer to debate the existence of Planet X.

I have been giving interviews since 1999, and have learned to smell an ambush from a mile off. Especially one with an unnamed amateur astronomer and so I not so politely refused.

Sure enough, the unnamed amateur astronomer was Mr. Greg and the resulting fallout was not only between myself and Michael Vara, but between Michael Vara and his co-host Peter Kling, who was kind enough to write me and say:

"On and off the record, the views of LNM and Michael Vara, do not reflect my own. I'm not going to debate "IF" Nibiru or Planet X exists or not."-LNM co-host Peter Kling

Following this ambush dispute, Peter Kling walked away from the Late Night in the Midlands show, and has not returned to the show since.

Consequently, the attempted David Greg ambush of Marshall Masters, arguably came at a cost for Michael Vara. Was it worth it?

After lambasting me on his show for weeks on end, Vara sent me the following e-mail.

Michael Vara <latenightinthemidlands@yahoo.com> Mon, Jul 7, 2014 at 12:18 PM
Subject: I give credit where credit is due
Reply-To: Michael Vara <latenightinthemidlands@yahoo.com>

To: Your Own World USA <info@yowusa.com>

I know you do not care to hear from me just as I am upset the way you handled things with me but you are right about the guy from NZ, he is a troll but he did point out your pictures flaw and I still stand by that but I will remove any thing I have put out about this because I still think it is an honest mistake.

Thank you Marshall

Michael Vara

Oh my! What a charming apology letter — the troll is still right?

With this in mind, let's see if Michael Vara's borrowed ability to judge character is as sound as his ability to judge the science of the troll attack he sponsored, with the following analysis of his interview with David Greg by J. P. Jones.

Jun 17, 2014 Interview: Michael Vara (Host) and David Greg (Guest)

Yowusa.com Subscriber Download

  1. Mr. Greg introduces himself as an amateur astronomer with no formal background.

    1. He states he is a member of the Terrama Astronomical Society of which he is a committee member.

    2. Although the name was difficult to hear a search of the above name and phonetic combinations of same failed to produce any online reference of this society.

  2. At 3:00 Mr. Greg utilizes the mantra, lens flare everything is a lens flare. Mr. Greg then states how it would have been interesting to see the next few images in the series but conveniently it stops there.

  3. At 3:50 we see misdirection by attempting to state the sun in the images is actually much smaller and that the glare of the sun is relevant.

  4. At 4:45 Mr. Greg throws the impossibility card out in an attempt to debunk , however he uses obfuscation by omitting the fact that the source was readily available for research and it was stated that thousands of examples had been collected.

  5. At 6:35 Mr. Greg shows that he actually tried to research the Turrialba cam by showing images captured April 23, 2013. What the viewer may not notice is that his timestamp images are about one minute apart. Mr. Greg uses his series as a means of deception whereas a smaller interval would show a different result. Again Mr. Greg uses the mantra lens flare, lens flare, lens flare. Everything is a lens flare.

  6. At 11:00 Mr. Greg deceptively uses starry night in an attempt to misdirect and confuse the viewer with a polar view of the solar system conveniently ignoring that this system is on a highly tilted elliptical orbit as Robert Harrington calculated.

    1. The use of Starry Night as depicted in Mr. Greg’s debunking video deceives the viewer into thinking that it moves with the rest of the planets and is on the same plane as the other planets.

  7. At 26:20 Mr. Greg uses an elaborate line drawing exercise to illustrate his conclusion of a lens flare, however clearly this was a cherry picked image.

  8. At 29:20 Mr. Greg uses mockery in attempt to prove a point regarding what he calls a lens flare. Misdirection is used by explaining the finger test in taking images, clearly his debunking attempt is in regard to a web camera as this is irrelevant to the discussion.

  9. At 35:00 Mr. Greg attempts to debunk by referencing YOWUSA articles written in 2010 and then goes into a discussion of the ecliptic in an effort to prove a point. The problem is that most of what he is attempting is out of context.

At this point Dear Reader, we have presented an analysis of two interviews and this was very important for one simple reason. With three interviews you can establish a pattern and this now brings us to the critical matter of the "Ken" disclosure video that has triggered Mr. Greg's many vitriolic attacks against Tyler Glockner and his work.

David Greg's and Tyler Glockner's Omissions

Is "Ken's" video genuine. Without adequate collaboration or verification, who knows? All we can do is to wait and see what, if anything develops. In the meantime, the critical issue here is not whether this disclosure video is authentic. The critical issue is transparency by those who report it!

Tyler Glockner  (Secureteam10) and David Greg (Dazzathecameraman)

In this regard, both Greg and Glockner have exhibited questionable behavior in this affair. However, what each man has done about his own respective questionable behavior is of even more importance to you the reader. One came clean and one didn't.

November 19, 2014 "Ken" Disclosure Video and November 20, 2014 David Greg Debunking Video

Yowusa.com Subscriber Download



Yowusa.com Subscriber Download


My analysis of Mr. Greg's first debunking video published on 11/20/14 resulted in the following findings:

  1. A common tactic in politics to change peoples minds is to repeatedly use a phrase or slogan. In this case Mr. Greg repeatedly uses the phrase “serial hoaxing” by Secureteam10. This, however, appears to be the first time Mr. Greg has taken on Secureteam10.

  2. At 2:50 Mr. Greg shows a polar view of the solar system to emphasize that given “Ken” reportedly captured Saturn in early November 2014. The celestial alignment would make it impossible to do this. Mr. Greg chose 11/10 as a date to show.

    1. The problem here is that although correct Saturn is on the opposite side of earth from the Sun. The orbits are not on an even plane, Stellarium clearly shows that Saturn is left of the ecliptic throughout November.

  3. At 3:01 Mr. Greg does make a valid case that from an earth view Saturn is close to and follows the Sun. Therefore viewing would be difficult due to sunset's ambient light prohibiting viewing. Although there is always the possibility of a very small window of viewing time (minutes) before Saturn sets as well.

  4. At 3:17 Mr. Greg aspires to the assumption that the images of Saturn and Uranus shown in the video were taken at the same time. No evidence by “Ken” or the images shown in the original claim to be taken at the same time.

  5. At 5:05 Mr. Greg points out that the position and angle of Saturn and it's rings indicate that the images were taken earlier in the year. My position on this is that”

    1. “Ken” was very specific that he and a colleague made the observation of Uranus, when and from which location.

    2. Unlike with the Uranus image, “Ken” only states that the image of Saturn was "captured" in early November of this year with no other attribution.

    3. From 02:38 to 02:50 in the original 11/19/14 disclosure video, "Ken" states that the Rosetta mission is "geared" to studying this anomaly.

    4. Mr. Greg's 11/20/14 debunking video makes absolutely no mention of the Rosetta mission being used for imaging the anomaly, as though it had never been mentioned by "Ken."

    5. Conversely, this 12-second mention of the Rosetta mission by “Ken” was featured prominently in the 11/20/14 yowusa.com article by Marshall Masters titled, Planet X System Location According to Astronomer Disclosure Video, in which Marshall poses a salient question:

      "In the absence of observation specifics, could the observation images shown in this disclosure video represents a cellphone capture of the Rosetta mission feed obtained, imaged via a secure mission feed monitor installed at the W.M. Keck observatory?"

    6. Therefore, by omitting a critical piece of observation information, Mr. Greg appears to be intentionally misleading viewers with strategic factual omission in support of his debunking strategy. Why the Rosetta mission cover-up?

  6. Voice analysis by Mr. Greg is compelling but not conclusive as there are significant issues with the letter “S” in Tyler's voice whereas not so much in “Ken's” voice. However, the Facebook post by Tyler is was more revealing.

  7. Apparently Tyler from Secureteam10 admitted in comments on Mr. Greg's YouTube page that he re recorded the narration for the video because the original was not clear enough for his video.

  8. Tyler further added a post on his channel, then edited it to include an admission of recreating the audio due to distortions in the original. I ask why not disclose that up front as part of the video? On the other hand, while Tyler erred in this regard, he did evidence integrity by admitting his omission on the YouTube page of his critic.

  9. Mr. Greg implicates a financial motive for a hoax video by Tyler with a “bringing home the bacon” Facebook post. This is a specious claim by Mr. Greg as Adsense advertising rates for this YouTube genre is a few cents per click, as opposed to a dollar or more per click for premium genres such as luxury cars.

Conclusion: By intentionally omitting critical hard evidence, Mr. Greg slanted his debunking. Furthermore, he repeatedly accuses Tyler of Securetem10 of being a serial hoaxer while intentionally omitting critical hard evidence from his own debunking video. He then goes on to present a specious profit motive for the 11/19/14 disclosure video by “Ken.” Taken altogether, it appears the intention of Mr. Greg was to maliciously discredit Tyler, his associates and all their work in what could be seen as a classic disinformation-style “kill-the-messenger" attack.

So What Is the Meaning of All This?

J. P. Jones is quite clear in his analysis which you the reader should fully vet for yourself, before agreeing or disagreeing with him.

That being said, where Mr. Greg not only omitted critical scientific facts about the Rosetta mission role in observing Planet X according to "Ken" from his debunking, he arguably used this very same omission to help paint Mr. Glockner as a serial hoaxer.

Without delving into the realms of plausible excuses and relative behaviors, let us frame this with a simple understanding that this information kills.

Keeping this in mind Dear Reader, I am giving you a question with only two possible answers. That question is: If you must trust your life and the lives of those, you hold dearest to one of these two men, who would you choose? Mr. Greg or Mr. Glockner?

If this is a difficult question for you, before you answer it know this.

The one thing the elites cannot prevent with all of their money, power and machinations, is awareness. Awareness is a very personal thing where the universe reaches out one day to touch you on the shoulder. When that happens, you automatically begin connecting the dots. There is no way for you to see it coming and the same can be said for the elites.

However, what elites can successfully do is to use their money, power and minions to prevent consensus, thereby keeping those who are in some state of awareness from coming to common agreement with like-minded others about a single issue.

In this regard, as the old saying goes, you must give the devil his due. This is because no matter what your point of view hapens to be about this disclosure video by "Ken," the one and only thing that everyone from every side of the issue can agree upon is that there is no consensus.