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Yowusa.com - Our New Mission

Yowusa.com, November 8, 2014
Marshall Masters, Founder

Yowusa.com - Our New MissionIn my most recent book,Being In It for the Species, the Guides map out what is to happen to us during the coming tribulation and my most recent video, Yowusa.com Planet X System Update No. 1, closes with this statement:

We at Yowusa.com now view the Planet X system as a clear and present danger, therefore, the conversation about this has changed from “Will it come in our lifetime” - to “how will we survive it?”

I will now devote myself to survival wellness advocacy and join with like-minded others in the peaceful pursuit of a noble destiny where the meek, truly do inherit the Earth. [Note: The word “meek” originally referred to people who were gentle and kind.] If you feel the same noble calling to be in it for your species, then you are my brother. You are my sister. Let us move forward together.

Now I wish to explain this new mission in greater detail to those of you for whom I care the most. For the most part, you are between the ages of forty-five to sixty-five, of modest or moderate means and you have followed me through the years. During the many times when this work weighted heavily upon me, your support and kind words renewed my sense of purpose.

A Clear and Present Danger

Now, I am seeing a new situation with Planet X research. It has moved from a threshold risk assessment as I have presented it over the years to a clear and present danger. Consequently, the time for contemplation and weighing of facts has passed. A final window of time to prepare is all we have - a time in which each of us must decide how we are going to survive and to what end. I have made that decision and so my mission has changed. Not in service to everyone, but in service to those in awareness who support and appreciate my work.

For two years, I've tried to balance Planet X research and publishing with survival wellness. It's been like trying to paddle upstream with my feet in two canoes and the time has come to chose one or the other. I've chosen wellness because over the years, I have seen the price of awareness you pay.

The Price of Awareness

It's odd that we live in a society that believes a one-eyed man is king in the land of the blind, yet that logic does not extend to those of us in awareness. Rather, as illogical as it seems - that means we're surrounded by blind people, angry at us because we steadfastly refuse to poke out our one good eye a stick,with as illogical as that may seem.

The result is that you are often mocked and ridiculed by friends, family and co-workers. For all too many of you, your marriages flounder and fail as did mine. This brings us to a simple question. Is awareness an affliction?

What I have come to understand through the kind words and thoughts many of you have shared with me over the years is that awareness is not an affliction. Rather, it is a calling. It explains why there is no going back for us even though we wonder if there is a light at the end of the tunnel ahead, and if so, what is the meaning of all this?

Knowing that we're facing a decade-long tribulation, is it not easier to say I have lived the better part of my life and I'll just wait to die? Not so for us, because awareness is a calling, whereas throwing in the towel is the fanciful wishing of those who insist we need to poke out our one good eye.

For this reason, what each of us who comes into awareness really wants and needs, is to understand what that light at the end of the tunnel really means. Is there a purpose to this calling of awareness that justifies all we've suffered for it?

I believe there is such a purpose - and that is the driving reason for this change of mission for Yowusa.com to survival wellness advocacy.

There are many noble ways of answering the call and my plan for survival wellness advocacy, is just one. It is why this plan is principally designed for those of you between forty-five and sixty-five, who've followed my work for years and who have sent me the many heartwarming letters of support that have helped me endure the sacrifices of this work.

Let's Talk About You For a Moment

I know that for many of you, building inexpensive bunkers and stockpiling them with all kinds of things is economically out of reach. Nor are you able to speed hike 10 miles a day and hit a bull's-eye at 400 yards with a good rifle. Rather, most of you are like me. In it for the species and long on experience, but physically no match for folks in their twenties and thirties. And yet, this will be the predominant survival demographic.

Likewise, the notion of sitting in a small 10 x 12 underground concrete bunker day after day, week after week and month after month clinging to an added measure of meaningless life has no appeal for you. Nor are you a bunker bunny, willing to live in mortal fear of the sound of picks and shovels overhead.

And yet what are you to do? What a predicament to be in! On one hand you have this calling of awareness that is a burden in your life and on the other hand, deep in your soul, you crave to make a difference. To do something that will make all you have sacrificed for and endured, worthy of your awareness. What to do?

What To Do?

This was on my mind, when I first began shaping my survival wellness plan back in 2012. That I knew so many of you are wrestling with this dilemma and worthy of a noble solution. Not only for yourselves, but for the betterment of our species.

Likewise I knew that if there was going to be a solution, it would have to be something well within your means that could offer you a purpose-driven light at the end of the tunnel.

As the old saying goes, “no man is an island” and in the coming tribulation, survivors will naturally congregate and form communities. There will be no slackers or welfare. Everyone must come with a viable and useful skill that helps the community to thrive and endure.

There are the time-honored skills such as farming, medicine, gunsmithing and so forth. If you possess one of these skill sets, your value is secured. However, what if you do not have these obvious skills - as is the case for many of you?

Likewise, while you may have an obvious skill, your spouse does not. What happens then, when someone else with your same skill set shows up with a spouse who possesses a different, but equally useful skill set? The point here, is if you are in awareness but do not have an obviously useful skill set to offer a community, you need to get one. That's my plan and it's called survival wellness advocacy.

Survival Wellness Advocacy

To explain this, let's assume you're all on your own and you want to join a survival community of younger people. If you walk into their midst with nothing more than a walking cane and an empty belly, they may feed you a few beans but then they'll likely send you down the road, hat in hand.

Now imagine a completely different scenario. Instead of a bunker full of guns and food and whatnot, you got a couple of large suitcases filled with survival wellness resources stashed away, and you know how to make the best of them.

Thus empowered you walk into this camp of mostly younger survivors without a cane. Rather, you show up with a spring in your step, rosy cheeks, bright eyes and announce to them “I am a survival wellness advocate and I have resources.”

“And what the heck is that?” they'll probably ask.

You answer. “I'm not a doctor, because the job of a doctor is to get sick people well. My skill as a survival wellness advocate is to keep healthy survivors healthy with simple exercises, potable water, personal hygiene and readily available natural remedies. This is because my first and most important goal is immune system support so we can keep the viruses and bacteria that are killing others from killing you and your loved ones. But more than that, I have the tools and the knowing of how to help you with the common aches and complaints of life such as low back pain, menstrual cramps and migraines. When you cannot sleep due to hunger and stress, I can help you with that as well. This is because I have spent a good deal of time in planning and preparation for this purpose.”

The end result of all of this preparation is the ability to promote, teach and help others in the community to stay well. This will be an obvious benefit to all - especially to leaders, for they will well understand the devastating effect of ill health and communicable diseases on a community's ability to function.

Yet, there may be one lingering doubt. Concerned but yet intrigued by your offer, a young intern who is now the physician of this community steps forward and asks, “If this is so, how would you work with me?”

To this doubting young man you say, “as a survival wellness advocate, I not only work in support of the community, I especially work in support of your efforts to help the community. The fewer people in crisis you need to deal with, the better care you can give to those in your care. That is why one my principal goals in keeping healthy people healthy is to make sure you are not overwhelmed and overworked. If I am doing my job correctly, you'll not only have more quality time for those in crisis, you will also have more time to create alternative medicines, make instruments and teach others your skills.”

The point here is, survival wellness advocacy is not a calling in and of itself. Rather, it is just one of many noble and loving ways in which you can answer the calling of awareness in service to the meek. A nondiscriminatory way to be in service to all who appreciate your help and who are worthy of it. What makes them worthy? They'll understand that love is essential for optimal health. To love and be loved by others in a sense of community and cohesion is vital and is expressed in many different ways.

As a survival wellness advocate, your definition of love is “what we do for others.” It is the key to your survival wellness program and it is not an easy role. Days will come that will tax the soul, but keeping faith with love honors the intention of the Creator. To do otherwise is selfish and doubtful. Stay the course and your benefits will be measured in terms of love, health and longevity.

Where Does Yowusa.com Go From Here?

In the weeks ahead, you see begin to see changes to Yowusa.com. All of the material in the videos that I have published will remain as is, and the Planet X Town Hall will likewise remain as this. However, what you will see different, is a new front end for Yowusa.com.

It will be a new blog, devoted solely to survival wellness advocacy topics. It will be optimized for PC, tablets and laptops. Likewise, I will continue doing my podcast, Cut to the Chase, with this singular focus on survival wellness advocacy.

Obviously, there are great many more details to this plan to share with you. So something new you will see in the coming weeks will be free webinars to explain this program in greater depth, and to invite all those who are interested, to join me in an exclusive community devoted solely to this purpose.

These webinars will be free and in the spirit of service to others, those of you who would rather follow your own course are welcome to attend and to apply any of the ideas presented to a plan of your own making. The goal here is simple. The Meek must inherit the Earth.

Yours in service, Marshall