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The Winter of Ash Cometh

The Harbinger for a Future EU and US Cataclysm

Yowusa.com, September 22, 2014
Marshall Masters

The Winter of Ash ComethMy newest book, Being In It for the Species: The Universe Speaks, is a prophetic work authored by the Guides. It precisely describes each of the cataclysms that will happen in the coming 10-year tribulation, along with their harbinger events. The first of which will be remembered as the “Winter of Ash.”

The Winter of Ash is a harbinger event that will occur in the Western Pacific region. The loss of life will be moderate, but it will cause a global economic and political crisis. As a harbinger, it precedes a natural cataclysm that results in a horrific loss of life in both Europe and the United States. The dead will pile up like driftwood, as will the fortunes of nations.

In this article, I'm going to give you the actual prediction of the guides for the Winter of Ash harbinger event, and then compare that prediction against current events as reported by mainstream science. Then you, dear reader, can decide if the Winter of Ash cometh - or not. With this in mind let me first give you a brief introduction to the book, which is certainly a first of a kind.

Being In It for the Species Summary

Although I am listed as the author of the book, I really served the role of interviewer/author, given that I only contributed a small portion of the text to the overall work. The rest is the Guides in their own words and most of them were 20th century men of science in their previous incarnations.

What I love most about this book, is that it is written in service to those who subscribe to the axiom “prepare for the worst and hope for the best.” The book comes in three parts and in the first part, The Monsters in the Closet, the Guides describe the worst that will happen with clear, scientific precision.

In terms of timing, they only offer us seasons and celestial alignments as harbinger signs. They do not give us dates, as dates only encourage procrastination at the expense of mindfulness. Ergo, we're only told the Winter of Ash, will happen sometime during a winter. That could be this year, next year or some year thereafter, but we will know it when it happens.

In section two of the book, We Are Gods in Training, the Guides help us to hope for the best as nations and as peoples. It tells us who we are and holds out a promise of effective change brought about by world leaders seeking redemption.

Section three of the book, Being In It for the Species, is my personal favorite, because this part of the book is about what we used to call “power to the people.”

Given that the vast majority of Americans no longer believe in the American dream and that one in four Americans would like to see their state secede from the union, I have no intention of holding my breath, in the hope our leaders will seek to redeem themselves. But that's just me.

Overall, what I so love and appreciate about this book and what made it possible for me to go through the great difficulty of producing it with the help of a very motivated and talented team of contributors, is that it is much less about tribulation, and much more about empowerment.

Over the years, I have seen more e-mails and letters than I care to remember, dripping with fear and dread. Likewise I've seen self-centered letters saying, “just tell me what to do for me and mine and the rest can fend for themselves.”

All I can say to these “me and mine” people is, good luck when your 10-year-old falls asleep on guard duty, but more to the point, I am sick of all of this fear because as Frank Herbert so eloquently stated it in his classic novel Dune, “Fear is the mind-killer.”

Yes, Being In It for the Species is going to reveal predictions of the future to you that will be unsettling and they will cause you sleepless nights, just as they did for my team, but that is simply the preparing for the worst part of the book.

The second and third sections of the book, will move you from a paradigm of fear towards a more enduring and survivable paradigm of love. It will not make the pain go away, but it will make it understandable, purposeful and survivable.

Channeling Methods

In developing this book, three types of channeling methods were used. The initial work is what we call technical readings and this is a method of channeling I developed when researching and publishing my book, 2012 Wisdom of the Elohim with Rebecca Jernigan, published in 2009. At that time, Rebecca introduced me her Guide, Rowena of the Elohim, a highly ascended, unincarnated Guide.

In the course of my channeling research since 2007, I have encountered three kinds of Guides. Incarnated (having previously been in human form), unincarnated (never having been in human form) and extraterrestrial. In terms of this channeling research work, I only work with incarnated and unincarnated Guides.

In the process of authoring 2012 Wisdom of the Elohim with Rebecca Jernigan, I bonded with Rowena, who organized the authoring of Being In It for the Species.

In the first chapter of the book, Introduction, Rowena explains how this book was written from the point of view of the Guides and it was the last chapter of the book to be authored.

Aside from that, Rowena's principal function was to coordinate my efforts with other Guides. Specifically those with strong science backgrounds in their previous incarnations. This is because we began the authoring of this book with a methodology I developed, which I call technical channeling.

The process of technical channeling is one where a psychic is used as a medium connection between myself and the Guide. We do these sessions through Skype, so that I can have other researchers listening in and contributing questions through the Skype instant messaging feature.

We come at this with a healthy sense of skepticism, so confirming and cross-referencing questions are frequently used. It's a respectful, no-nonsense straight talk approach that works for us and the Guides like it too.

To eliminate the possibility of psychic filtering by the medium, questions are prepared in advance, but often asked out of order. This way the questioning jumps back and forth so frequently, even we cannot remember what we asked until after the reading, when we review the audio recordings and our notes.

In section one of Being In It for the Species, the readings with Carlos (an astronomer in his previous incarnation), are what I call “authored channeling.” Carlos is a very passionate Guide with a deep and abiding love for humanity and he first helped us to create the chapter outlines for this section. Then, I gave him an open mic to say what was ever on his mind, as long as it addressed whatever topic was declared by the chapter title.

Of all the channeling efforts in the writing of this book, this was the most difficult for me as it required a great deal of prana, the Sanskrit word for “life force.” This is because I was working with a single Guide and because the material itself was very dark and troubling.

However sections two and three were much easier for me, as I was working through a group of guides. In these sections I was able to pose questions to Aaron, with whom I had a profound shared death experience. Aaron helped me to hone the questions to make them simple and workable. Then a group of guides led by Rowena compiled the answers using the Akashic Records.

One thing you will notice when you read the book, is that the only full name you will ever see is my own. I did this to protect the dedicated members of my research and authoring team and the living families of the incarnated, who helped co-author this book.

This is necessary because the information in this book is heavily opposed by dark forces. Those who seek to feed off your fears also have their minions at work as well. This concern is born from years of personal experience. Over the years, I have been continuously and maliciously attacked by disinformationalists and even the Vatican ordered our books in Italy to be destroyed a few years back.

However, the worst attack came after I revealed that in 1988, NASA admitted to the existence of Planet X and that we live in a binary star system. This appears in my 2013 documentary, Planet X 101: Who, What, When, Where, Why and How.

Immediately following that, my three principal book titles were embargoed on Amazon.com. The result of all this is that my publishing business has been eviscerated, which contributed to the demise of my marriage of 19 years.

The result is that as a childless, 61-year-old man there's not much more harm they can do to me so why put anyone else at risk?

I'm not complaining though, because this is the life I chose before I incarnated and as Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn so aptly put it, “Rob a man of everything and that man will no longer be in your power.” I am free!

All I have left at this point is an old cat, an old car and the mission. While people come and people go, the mission always continues, and brings me to the point of this article. The Winter of Ash prediction in chapter three of Being In It for the Species:

Being In It for the Species
Harbinger Events, Page 30
Authored Channeling with Carlo

Being In It for the Species: The Universe SpeaksThe onset of the tribulation began decades ago, so the onset of human awareness is a more accurate measure of the events that have long been unfolding and building dramatically in recent years. What remains to be seen for humanity are signs of momentous change. Occurrences so dire and unusual they command the focus of even the most reluctant souls.

This event shall be volcanic eruption in the Western Pacific ocean region of the planet. It will send great plumes of ash into the atmosphere that will disrupt the weather and the comings and goings of humankind in profound and noticeable ways. Commerce and trade, along with air travel and security will be impacted as a consequence.

For an eyes wide open look at this harbinger prediction, let's begin with the Winter of Ash backstory as a contextual foundation for comparing current science data with this disturbing prediction.

Winter of Ash Backstory

The important thing to keep in mind about the Winter of Ash as a harbinger event, is that it foretells of a natural cataclysm that will devastate vast areas of Europe and America. Furthermore, it also will signify that we've crossed a threshold into a decade-long tribulation, which will eventually claim three fourths of humanity.

We did 11 technical readings, over the period June 18, 2014 to August 4, 2014, each lasting three hours on average. We first learned of the Winter of Ash harbinger event beginning during the 10th reading on July 30, 2014 by Adriana's Guides. They told us that there would numerous wintertime volcanic eruptions in the Western Pacific. This was an important revelation as this will be the earliest harbinger of the tribulation.

With this in mind, I decided to try a blind test. I asked Adriana to consult with her guides to name one of the volcanoes in this series of eruptions and I then consulted with Rowena. We then independently emailed are answers to William, the lead analyst for the project effort.

After getting our blind answers, William told us that I had received Krakatoa and that Adriana had received Mt. Fuji. So Adriana's Guides gave her a different answer to the question than my own Guide, Rowena. However, this did raise the question of a regional event.

One important thing I learned during the authoring of 2012 Wisdom of the Elohim, is that the guides are very strong when it comes to atmospheric predictions. However, it is very difficult for them to foresee geological events with any precision.

Still the same, I've found atmospheric predictions to be excellent benchmarks. For example, one technique I have used since 2008 has been starting the first channeling session with new Guides with a request for a long-range weather event prediction. Preferably six months or more out.

Here, the Guides can be amazing! I've had them tell me about hurricane seasons months in advance and with perfect accuracy.

In one case, I was told of a typhoon that in seven months a typhoon would travel East towards Baja Mexico, then suddenly change course towards San Diego. After that it would either dissipate at sea or make landfall as an exhausted storm. The typhoon happened exactly when the Guide said and it dissipated at sea just short of landfall.

In other words, it is very difficult for the Guides to see into the Earth with clarity, but the atmosphere is something they see and track very easily. Ergo, instead of focusing on which volcano was going to erupt first, I decided that we would focus on the observable atmospheric aspect of this harbinger event. Namely, the ash plumes.

And with that, it's time to put the prediction to the test.

Winter of Ash Prediction vs. Current Data

Prior to the 11th and final technical reading on August 5, 2014, William and I prepared a detailed list of questions to pursue this atmospheric line of inquiry. The effort proved to be highly successful as the Guides conveyed a tremendous amount of detailed information about this coming wintertime harbinger event. For example:

Being In It for the Species
Harbinger Events, Page 74
Authored Channeling with Carlos (August 2014)

  • Being In It for the Species: The Universe SpeaksMultiple volcanic eruptions occur in the west Pacific area. Many volcanoes will percolate to eruption.

  • These eruptions will occur above and below the equator.

  • Mt. Fuji and Krakatoa are included in these multiple volcanic eruptions.

During the 11th technical reading, we presented the guides with a world map and were able to identify the principal affected area with the help of the Guides as shown in the illustration below.

Winter of Ash Affected Region

Winter of Ash Affected Region
Being In It for the Specieses

This illustration appears in Chapter 3 of the book and it is interesting to compare it with a current view of active volcanoes as of September 19, 2014:

Activity for the week of 10 September-16 September 2014

Smithsonian Institution / USGS Weekly Volcanic Activity Report
Activity for the week of 10 September-16 September 2014

Two active volcanoes not mentioned in this Smithsonian Institution / USGS Weekly Volcanic Activity Report are Krakatoa in Sumatra and Mount Paektu in North Korea.

By adding these two volcanoes and expanding the date activity range to August 27, 2014 through to September 16, 2014, a disturbing pattern emerges in the principal affected area as described by the Guides.






Central Java








Sulawesi Island

Mount Lokon















Ryukyu Islands




Ryukyu Islands




Volcano Islands



North Korea

Ryanggang Province

Mount Paektu


Papua N. G.





New Britian








Central Kamchatka




Central Kamchatka




Eastern Kamchatka




Eastern Kamchatka




Kuril Islands




Anak Krakatau



Winter of Ash Volcanic Region

New Activity



Ongoing Activity



Total Active Volcanoes



What we see with this list is that new activity is outpacing ongoing activity, such as at Krakatau. However, what really stands out is the number of active volcanoes in Japan. It jumped from one to six in just a few weeks and one of those new volcanoes Mt Kusatsu-Shirane, is on Honshu Island, just 205 miles (331 km) from Mt. Fuji.

Some may chalk it up to coincidence, but given that 10 out of 19 active volcanoes now listed as newly active in the affected area identified by the Guides, this poignant fact must give one pause.

However, there is one danger lurking in this area that has largely escaped scrutiny though it presents a tremendous threat because it happens to be situated in the most paranoid nation on the face of the Earth.

Mount Paektu in North Korea

North Korea is one of the most politically enigmatic and militarily dangerous countries in the world. Nonetheless, it appears North Korea's greatest threat may be a newly active volcano located on the border between North Korea and China.

Mount Paektu Volcano – North Korea

Mount Paektu Volcano – North Korea

Mount Paektu awakened early this year and began bulging, much like we've recently seen with the Yellowstone Caldera in Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming. Had it not been for the Chinese monitoring this bulging, North Korea could have likely remained quiet.

However, the North Koreans were motivated to overcome their own technical inadequacies and paranoia and they reached out to British vulcanologists James Hammond and Clive Oppenheimer. They asked them to study the mountain for recent volcanic activity and in April of this year, they visited the volcano as reported by The Guardian.

The Guardian, April 23, 2014
Journey to North Korea's volcano: British scientists visit Mount Paektu

A thousand years ago, it was responsible for one of the largest volcanic eruptions in human history. It left a four-kilometre-wide hole in the east-Asian landscape and a thick blanket of ash over the Korean peninsula and beyond. Until a couple of decades ago, only a handful of people knew it even existed.

Chinese scientists on the other side of the border had been monitoring the volcano with GPS, and had seen it begin to bulge upwards and outwards. Both sides had also been recording ever more earthquakes at the site, hinting at growing activity beneath the surface.

With volcanoes of this size, the ash can have an influence on the global climate, and we all saw what happened to airspace with the much smaller Icelandic volcano in 2010," says Hammond. "It's in all of our interests to understand this one."

It is estimated that it will take Hammond and Oppenheimer approximately three years to study this volcano given that so little is known about it.

So has the volcano settled down as in “nothing to see here folks, move along?” Not according to this latest report from CBS News.

cbsnews.com, September 16, 2014
Rumbling volcano sees N. Korea warm to the West

A volcano responsible for one of the most violent eruptions in history is showing signs of life.

Scientists know little about Mount Paektu because most of the mountain lies in North Korea, one of the world's most secretive countries.

But for the first time, Western scientists have been allowed to study this sleeping giant, given extraordinary access to determine if -- or when -- it could wake up, reports CBS News correspondent Seth Doane.

Keep in mind, Mount Paektu erupts two or three times a century and the last eruption happened in 1925. However, over a thousand years ago, it was the site of one of the biggest eruptions in human history and the resulting ash fall blanketed eastern Asia.

Consequently, while Mount Paektu bulging is worrisome for North Korea, it is more so for China, South Korea and Japan. If North Korea conducts another underground nuclear test while Mount Paektu is bulging, it could inadvertently trigger another major eruption such as the one that happened over a thousand years ago.

That being said, a Winter of Ash harbinger event should not be played down as a regional concern. Rather, it is global in nature and with real consequences for the USA.

Winter of Ash Concerns for the USA

A few years ago, my Guide Rowena, gave me an excellent guideline for using predictions and prophecies. “Always be mindful of them,” I was told, “but never live in expectation of them.” In other words, the Guides are giving us these harbinger signs for a specific reason. Not to make us fearful, but to make us mindful.

This means, we need to be observant to consider the implications of Winter of Ash event for those of us living in the USA. Three such concerns which quickly come to mind are:

  1. US Military Power in East Asia: Aviation is America's principal means of projecting power in the region. With the skies full of volcanic ash, our greatest political strength will be grounded. The result is that the balance of power which now exists in East Asia could swing away from the USA, with significant long-term, security, trade and political consequences.

  2. Just-in-Time Manufacturing Impacts: After the Fukushima 3/11 earthquake struck Japan, just-in-time manufacturing in the USA and Europe was heavily impacted due to plant shut downs in Japan.

    This resulted in delayed product deliveries for many companies with a substantial number financial losses and failures. A Winter of Ash event, will ground commercial air cargo jets throughout the region, with consequences greater than those of 3/11.

  3. Grocery Prices in the USA Will Skyrocket: Companies like Monsanto have decimated family farms across the country, replacing them with corporate farms. With vast amounts of East Asian farmland covered with ash, these corporations will reap windfall profits by shipping foodstuffs destined for American grocery stores overseas.

    The result for Americans will be spotty grocery store shelves and profit-gouging prices. Worse hit will be those on food stamps. Widespread food riots can be expected.

As bad as the Winter of Ash will be, what happens a few months afterwards will be a natural disaster of epic proportions. It will not the be the end of us or of the tribulation to come, but it will herald the end of life as we know it. And there will be worse to come. Much worse.

Likewise, there will be better to come as well. This is what the Guides tell us in Being In It for the Species: The Universe Speaks. Their extraordinary message in this book is one of empowerment, because for them, it's all about “The Backside” as I call it. That future time when the dust settles and we see blue skies once more.

For the Guides, this coming tribulation is more than just a suffering, because in chaos is opportunity. In the coming tribulation they tell us there will be a unique opportunity for humanity to survive as a free species and to achieve it's full potential as a noble and peaceful spacefaring race. As a Trekker , that really appeals to me. Roddenberry got it right.

In closing, let me tell you what it is like to read this book, because the truth of it is, I was the first to read it.

The first section of the book will break your heart in a Soylent Green kind of way, with a few sleepless nights thrown in for good measure. But after you know the worst of it, you will gain confidence in your ability to cope with whatever comes out way. Then comes the empowerment in sections two and three and it is transformative.

Here is where the Guides begin helping you to transform your world view of these coming times from one of fear to one of love. When you finally finish the book and put it down, you're going to be a different person and you'll be glad for that. Then you'll want to read it again.