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Marshall's New Book Being In It for the Species: The Universe Speaks

Yowusa.com, August 16, 2014
Marshall Masters

About Being In It for the Species:
The Universe Speaks

Being In It for the Species: The Universe SpeaksAre you seeing what is happening in the world today and yet the people around you are seemingly oblivious or numb? Does it anger you that they do not seem to care, or that they choose to avoid awareness because the burden of that knowledge is something they would rather avoid?

Now Available on Amazon.com

A tribulation lasting a decade and perhaps longer looms before them and though they may seem not to care, they do. They choose not to know and yet, they know enough to make that choice.

Consequently, numbness and apathy rule the day and what they do not know, and perhaps you are beginning to sense, is that this is just not a human failing.

This is what Being In It for the Species: The Universe Speaks is all about. It is for those of you who have not only awoken, but in most cases, first did so in childhood. You've seen what is about to come from a long distance and this knowledge has tormented your life. Do you want to know why?

Being In It for the Species: The Universe Speaks explains why any and in dimensions that will empower you with a sense of mission. One that transcends all potential worries of suffering and pain. Look deep within yourself, do you not see of flicker of intention, a flame of awareness and a light shaped in purpose? Of course you do.

Now imagine yourself in a bunker as the light of that flame seeks to enshrine words of wisdom given to you in love, by those who serve the Creator. Let your light fall upon the pages of this book and it's words will give you comfort and purpose.

Will there be a tribulation? You know this. Will it last for several years? You know this too. What you do not know is why you have incarnated to endure this.

This is why Being In It for the Species: The Universe Speaks is less about surviving the cataclysms of a lengthy tribulation and more about seizing an opportunity that all too seldom comes to a noble and promising species. It is in the chaos of a tribulation, that this opportunity is found.

This is when during a brief span of years, the shackles which enslave your species to a malevolent few are released. Then you can express your free will for the betterment of your species.

In the midst of your misery all will be free for the first time in the collective memory of your species and yet, most will not recognize this event─though you will! And you will know the real meaning of the coming tribulation. That being, not merely to survive it, but to survive it and to remain forever free and unshackled.

This book is a manifesto of hope for the future and the promise of enduring freedom for your species. Now Available on Amazon.com