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Now Seen in the Western Sky

Yowusa.com, 2-February-2014
J. P. Jones
Marshall Masters

Now Seen in the Western SkyOn October 21, 2013 the biggest question in the whole planet X topic, is "tell me where to look for it so I can see it myself?" An answer to that question came in October of last year in the video published by The00Skyview team, titled NOW SEEN IN THE WESTERN SKY.

Their message was simple enough for the common man to understand. that if you wanted to see planet X for yourself and have a good pair of binoculars, there is a window of opportunity to see it and here is what you need to do. Regrettably, that answer was squashed before people could hear it.

This is the story of how that was done with a response video posted the following day titled Now Seen in the Western Sky 2.

Original Video Response Video
October 21, 2013

Now Seen in the Western Sky 2
Nutcraker / dazzathecameraman
October 22, 2013

The00SkyviewThe original video, NOW SEEN IN THE WESTER SKY was first posted on October 21, 2013 by The00Skyview. It was later removed which is consistent with the ups and downs we first observed in early 2013. Nonetheless, it went viral.

The leading strength of this video is that it has clear provenance. The producer and the channel are the same people. This is not so with the response video on the Dazzathecameraman channel.

Nutcracker Cosmophobia Dazzathecameraman
Nutcraker Cosmophobia Dazzathecameraman
Anonymous Creator
Not a YT Channel

First Appearnce
Later Removed
Reposted from

The response video, Now Seen in the Western Sky 2 , was produced by Nutcracker. It was initially posted on the Cosmophobia channel, and then reposted on Dazzathecameraman. As of January 31, 2014, the Cosmophobia channel shows no uploaded videos.

The00Skyview Challenge

The whole point of the The00Skyview video was to challenge the public and they make this quite clear at02:28 with a simple call to action. "Time to ante up."

This is a bona fide challenge because The00Skyview also gives the viewer simple instructions on where to look and for what.

There is no evidence to show that Nutcracker, Cosmophobia nor Dazzathecameraman ever looked. Rather, their answer came in two parts and the first part is a presumptous dismissal.

Now Seen in the Western Sky

What Nutcracker is saying here, is that astronomers were focused on a deep space event. in other words, they were looking beyond our solar system.

With regard to Planet X, we look within our own solar system. furthermore, what most do not understand is that only 10% of the money spent on astronomy today is focused on our own solar system. The rest is elsewhere, principally in the search for viable extrasolar Earths.

Then Nutcracker explains why he presumably never tried to look for himself.

Now Seen in the Western Sky

Now Seen in the Western Sky

The operative word in this two-screen message is "confused." It is preceded by warnings of complexity. A subliminal trigger to the give the viewer an excuse to be distracted. Superb use of tradecraft!

Typographical Error

Nutcracker calls out a legimitmate typo in the The00Skyview video.

Now Seen in the Western Sky

This typo suggests the possibility of English as a second language for the creator. Furthermore, there is also a suggestion of technical expertise well above the 'amateur' level becasue the term "Boot" is a NASA abbreviation for Boötes, and Arcturus is the brightest star in that constallation.

Now Seen in the Western Sky

Nutcracker no doubt saw the same things, but this was not a simple explanation of a typo. Putting the word "means' in italics is taints through visual emphasis, any perceived confidence in the competancy of The00Skyview, the viewers may have. Again, superb use of tradecraft, though Nutcraker does tend to overreach.

A good example is how Nutcracker responded to the simple skymap The00Skyview presents in their video. He responds by placing it in the center of a picure-in-picture layout to allow room for his comment.

Now Seen in the Western Sky

Here is where Nutcracker divides the viewers into one of two camps. Those who understand the term "not to scale" and those who do not. Regardless of how the percentages play out, the tactic will alienate a significant percentage of the viewership. So why?

This means there can only be two possible reaons for Nutcracker doing this. He either lost his head and went a bridge too far on this one, or it was a necessary sacrifice.

The00Skyview SkyMap

Perhaps, Nutcracker sacrificed a part of his audience because his top priority is to taint the most crucial graphic in the The00Skyview video. Their skymap. 

The00Skyview SkyMap

Here, The00Skyview video telling the viewer to use Neptune and Acrturus, to frame their field of view, while searching the sky. What Nutcracker does is focus attention on Acrturus.

Now Seen in the Western Sky

What Nutcracker does here is again, a superb example of tradecraft. This is a two-part message that first sets the expectation. That being, you are attempting to view this object from somewhere in Northern Mexico. then building on that, Nutcracker makes a clever statement of fact. That at that time Arcturus will have already set for those attempting to view the object from northern Mexico. However, that is not the viewing position shown in the The00Skyview video. 


We used the The00Skyview video to determine the observation site for the skymap, which happens to be in the vicinity of Nova Scotia. as you can see in the illustration above, at that latitude, Arcturus is still above the horizon.it was clear that Nutcracker set the expectation for northern Mexico as the observation site to trick the viewer into thinking that the The00Skyview is in error.


The clear message of this saga, is that truth is fragile. The00Skyview team posted an honest video with an honest challenge. One that directly addresses the question that has been raised thousands and thousands of times. "Tell me where to look for it so I can see it myself?"

The00Skyview answered that question in a forthright and noble manner. Their answer was Nutcracker, via Cosmophobia and Dazzathecameraman. A clear win for disinformation.