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Are You a Planet X / Nibiru Soldier for Truth?

An Open Letter to Youtuber Logan Runnin

Yowusa.com, 22-September-2013
Marshall Masters, Publisher


Are You a Planet X  Soldier for Truth?  An Open Letter to Youtuber Logan RunninFor those of us in awareness we are now in troubling times and there is a growing Zeitgeist that as bad as things are, they are going to become much worse.

We are in a solar maximum, but where are the sunspots and why is it that natural disasters classified as 100 year events, seem to occur every 100 hours these days.

So we ask, what is the meaning of all this the more as we struggle to understand the causality driving all of this. One that eludes even the most logical-sounding dismissals.

This is why I witnessed the abuse of attacks on YouTuber Logan runnin with great concern. On September 15, 2013 he posted a video titled MUST SEE!!! HA HA HA!!! DEBUNK THIS BITCHES!!!! THE NIBIRU__ BABY!!!!.

Granted this title was about as helpful as taking a leisurely stroll through downtown Tehran, wearing a sandwich board sign that says "Kiss me I'm Jewish." But it was not this bravado that triggered a coordinated disinformation attack upon Logan who subsequently remove his videos from public viewing.

Rather, It was Logan's second observation video of the same object of interest, captured the following day and particular aspect of his video that unleashed the dogs of war upon him.

Simply put, what we saw was a pro attack and while the evidence presented in Logan's observation videos is far from being irrefutable, what remains an undeniable fact is that his efforts were met with an aggressive and malicious suppression effort.

For the sake of all of us who search the Internet each day for new observation reports, this represents an alarming development and so I feel compelled to step forward and to speak directly to Logan through this open letter , for the following three reasons.

First, to help him in the same way I was helped when I was targeted in a similar manner back in 2008 as one seeker of truth to another. A pay it forward effort it you will.

The second reason is that I was fortunate enough to download his first video while it was publicly available and I've studied it carefully. Setting the visuals aside, I hear is a seeker of truth who has been chasing a perplexing mystery for years.

That could have been me or anyone on my team and there is no way to fake or hoax such a moment of discovery. The only difference then, is experience.

The third reason is that we're seeing a significant new trend on social pages. People are confronting malicious debunkers on their own sites and several are saying they have seen two suns in the sky with their own eyes.

In a topic that has always had to compete with ghost stories and UFOs for attention, this represents a looming sea change. Yes, the game changer we have been waiting for, because it tells us we crossed a threshold.

In response to this trend, elites are doubling down on their suppression efforts as never before, so as to maintain the status quo for as long as possible. This is why people like Logan runnin find themselves in their cross hairs more often these days.

With this in mind, I am writing this as an open letter to Logan, and to the Logan's to come. To explain the forces that hammered him, what was compelling about his video and what he can do with future videos to be more effective without being brutalized again. That is, if he chooses because what we're talking about taking the effort to a whole new level.

When Logan published his two videos, he stopped being a seeker of truth. Whether he knew it or not, he stepped forward as a soldier for truth and unknowingly put himself in the line of fire. And it was blistering.

Should he choose to just fade away, who amongst us can judge him? Certainly not I, for I personally know the hell he has endured with these attacks and it is my hope that he is an honest man who will receive this open letter as the best wishes of a comrade that he finds the courage to stand up once again and soldier on.


Open Letter to Logan Runnin

Logan, after you posted your first video, I sent you a message by Youtube requesting additional details. It appears you were busy wondering why you were getting hammered so badly and couldn't get back to me. Not that I'm complaining, as while I try to answer all my own e-mail as well, there's never enough time in the day to answer them all.

So I hope this open letter finds you through one mutual friend or another as a friendly gesture of hope and confidence in your ability to pursue the truth wherever it may lead. Likewise, it hope that this effort resonates with all the other Logans out there as well, but for now, I'm talking to you.

I cannot say that I personally know you as an honest man, but after listening to you and seeing these horrific attacks upon you, I had to do something because like all other seekers of truth, I've got a dog in this, because this ongoing suppression by the elites has crossed the line.

What we want is the data and that's all I've ever wanted since I began writing in this genre in 1999. As a former CNN science features field producer, a retired computer systems analyst and the Planet X author, publisher and radio personality this is not about being right.

It's about getting it right and over the years I have seen things and have learned through bitter experience who the real players of consequence are and how they operate.

So what I'm going to do Logan is to share with you some information about who you're really up against, what we saw in your first video and what you can do in subsequent videos to turn this lemon of a situation, into lemonade.

The Power of Suppression

Regardless of what you think about whistle blowers Edward Snowden and Julian Assange, one simple fact remains. Mainstream America would still be oblivious to the vast extent of an electronic underverse reaching up from an invisible depth beneath us, to drain away the transparency of our societies along with our individual rights and sense of self.

In terms of Plant X, this electronic underverse has enabled a level of suppression that is more aggressive and ugly than ever before. So rest assured Logan that you were not hammered by amateurs, though they were the front end shills. Rather, you were slammed by professionals operating covertly from behind these amateurs

Why all this suppression? Two reasons. First, maintaining the status quo is in the financial interests of the elites and second, it's about ensuring the maximum possible die-off of our species during the flyby. That is with the exception of those chosen by the elites to serve them in the post-historic world.

Ever heard of the Georgia Guidestones? Some call it the new Ten Commandments for the post-historic world and the first of these is to keep the population to half a billion, though it does not say how we get there.

Ergo, as repulsive as this may be, this fate is a done deal for the vast majority of humanity. The elites have already won this round and folks like us are just loose threads that needed snipping. But who is doing the snipping?

Sources of Planet X Disinformation

Planet X disinformation being continuously and methodically injected into the subject of Planet X and it principally comes from the three city states of the Western world. The Crown in London, Vatican City in Rome and Washington in the District of Columbia. Or as I simply call them, the Britts, the Romans and the Yanks.

Granted, there are other players, but these three are the 800-lb gorillas in the room. When it comes to disinformation and suppression, all three are malicious, pervasive and effective.

Of the three, the Romans are the most malicious. They have a large global network of zealots well-placed in business, industry and government and when it comes to targets, they are non-denominational. When that happens, a telephone rings and whoever answers, will listen attentively and say, "of course I will do it," and then it gets done.

At that point, your reputation and livelihood come under attack and in ways only a malevolent bureaucrat could invent. The result is that you must suddenly become so busy with untangling these nasty knots, that you no longer have the time and resources to pursue whatever you did to put you in their cross hairs in the first place.

However, the Britts, are by far the most pervasive. Their aim is to maintain a global fog of disinformation and their efforts are responsible for the bulk of all disinformation injected into the genre today. The end result is that what you think is an American teenager with a bad case potty mouth, is actually an unhappy alcoholic in London working from a laptop who smears honest people for a living to pay his child support.

These operatives are not rocket scientists. Rather, they have the personalities of petty retail clerks and whatever original debunking attacks they post, they tend to get dismal results because there is nothing genuine about them other than their own addictions and selfish needs.

Nonetheless, what makes them a force to be respected, is that they have vast resources and a proven play book (old tricks are the best tricks.) With unlimited access to metadata and the ability to hoax their locations they can appear to originate from elsewhere in the world and with any number of fictitious personas.

This is not a fixed Dr. Evil underground bunker complex situation. These operatives are typically mobile and work from laptops. In other words, they are untraceable.

The most effective of the three are the Yanks, thanks to their decades of experience in dealing with ufology. In terms of results, the disinformation methods used against UFO researchers is impressive. Despite mountains of evidence, a public consensus (let alone any hope of disclosure) remains beyond the even most passionate of efforts by the UFO community and these very same tactics are being used against the Planet X topic as well.

In terms of Planet X research, the favored tactic of the Yanks, is the inside man con. What the Yanks do, is to draw from this vast collection of electronic underverse metadata and human intelligence to identify and profile candidates best suited to their aims. A homeboy strategy that serves them well.

Finding the Right Sort of Fellow

What disinformation operatives look for are ambitious up-and-comers with anger issues. The very kind of people who can be easily led to believe they're on some kind of mission from God. One that gives them the right to unfairly judge, mock and slander others with impunity. Once a right sort of fellow is identified, the disinformation operatives covertly inject someone into the debunkers trusted inner circle of confidants, friends and advisers.

It usually starts with, "Dear so-and-so, I've been following your work and you are the most brilliant person in the field. You are the breath of fresh air I've been waiting for and I had very useful information for you." Of course the operatives never reveal their true identifiers and aims, because to do so would spoil the results.

Look at it this way, imagine that you're standing on a hill overlooking a small town and at the very top is a large boulder. The only thing that keeps it from rolling down the hill and crashing into the center of the town is a large stone wedged beneath it. In this case, all the disinformation operative need do is to kick the stone out from underneath the boulder and let it doe what it is already inclined to do.

In other words, secretly clear the path in front of debunker and they will do everything you want them to do on their own, all the while believing that some sort of manifest destiny has been granted to them by an admiring universe. So how does see this boulder coming?

Those who come to understand the consequences of tactics can spot the disinformation tactics as easy as reading a Dick and Jane speller. It's like a time-tested play book, complete with misleading bait-and-switch headlines or titles, ad hominem attacks and a technique I call "salting" and more. With the Yanks, salting is the most subtle yet powerful technique in their arsenal. Readers or viewers are engaged with moderately useful information that is salted with very specific disinformation attacks.

To get the boulder rolling, the operative first gains the trust and confidence of an unwary debunkers and they use salting with them as well. From the start, the debunker is feed marginally useful information along with targeted bits of disinformation. Nothing truly significant, but something interesting enough to generate traffic to a blog or YouTube channel.

Over time the debunker thinks believes this inside man is truly on their side. That is, as long as they do not ask too many questions because if they do, the flow of information stops or slows. But this is an issue for self-appointed debunkers because whatever they do, it's about them and for this reason, site traffic trumps truth every time.

When I watched the debunkings of Logan's videos, they were laced with bait and switch headlines, ad hominem attacks and salting. But challenge the debunkers on this, and they will vociferously deny it. Yet the classic disinformation techniques they employ speak to a completely different reality.

As the old saying goes, "if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it's a duck." Despite their protestations, what they do defines them and what we see is coming straight out of the elite disinformation handbook. In your case Logan, this came with the added emphasis of a wolf pack attack.

Wolf Pack Attacks (Swarming)

Logan, the fact that you presented two videos of the same object of interest taken on different dates put you smack in the middle of the operative threat scope and warranted a wolf pack attack. In a wolf pack attack, (or "swarming" as it is also called) you're attacked by one disinformation operative anonymously running several different debunkers, or a cadre of operatives coordinating their attacks.

The concept is much like an artillery technique called time on target. The American Army is very effective with this and what time on target means, is that multiple artillery batteries can fire on the same location, but timed in such a way that all of the shells arrived at the same time. The result is that the skies are suddenly raining death on a massive scale before anyone has time to make it to the bunkers.

First used in World War II, captured German officers said they were absolutely convinced that they had been attacked with automatic field cannons, which of course we did not have.

In your case what we saw was a clear wolf pack attack pattern. One run against you from the shadows by disinformation operatives and the unwary, self-appointed debunkers they anonymously run. So what can you do about it?

You do nothing. disinformationalists are like cockroaches. They been here forever, can never be eradicated and always do their best work in the dark. All you can do this in know who they are and how they really operate so that you can deny them the one thing they always look for - emotion.

That's why when the disinformation operatives saw you use this phrasing your title "DEBUNK THIS BITCHES!!!!" they knew exactly how to take you down. Emotion, and you were an easy mark.

From our point of view, we saw you lead with your chin and it landed a roundhouse punch on you from out of out of nowhere, and it left your head spinning. That's why you pulled your videos from the public.

My hope, is that you really are the honest man and that maybe something deep inside you is saying "don't lie down for these bastards."

So now that you have an idea of who hit you what are you going to do about it? The answer is simple. Don't fight hard. Fight smart, but only if you're ready for round two.

Further assuming that you're interested but undecided as to what to do next, let's see was in your video that was so threatening enough to put you in the cross hairs.

What We Saw in Your Video

At yowusa.com and on the Planetxtownhall.com message board, we continuously receive images from observers across the country and the trend is for even more. Yet, we're forced to take a pass on most of these reports because they are defective in one or or more of the following three ways:

  • Provenance: Folks need to know who, what, why, where, when and how. Yet, getting this information from observers is like pulling teeth and when we press for provenance, we often get a belated, “it's not my picture, but it's a friend of a friend's picture.”

    In this event, the report is useless to us as the contact person could likewise be a disinformationalist trying to ensnare us with a red herring. Still the same, while your video was woefully lacking in provenance, your personal voice narration held our interest at a lukewarm level.

  • Resolution: You shot your video with the video camera which means the resolution is always 72 DPI. It doesn't matter what kind of video camera you use, it's always 72 DPI. The result is that this level of resolution is next to useless when it comes to independent analysis. Worse yet, your video was not in HD, but in a 480p resolution.

  • Persistence: This is the one thing you did that really caught our attention, as well is that of the disinformation operatives. It took you out of the 'one trick pony' column and put you solidly into the 'this guy could have something' column.

That being said, none of these three issues were attacked by the debunkers with salting techniques. It was the clouds. To help illustrate this point to our readers, I converted your 480p video to HD 720 and extracted frames at approximately ten-second intervals as shown in the composite below.

Study 1 - Logan Observation Reflections 

What we see here is your 2nd sun object of interest in the upper left hand corner at the sun's 10 o'clock position. It remains fixed regardless of your camera movements.

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There are also two reflections to the left and below the sun, that move in a manner consistent with reflections. In terms of your 2nd sun object of interest, this is called persistence because it remained in a fixed relationship to the sun, regardless of your camera movements.

However, it was the cloud movement in front of the object of interest that we focused in on, as did the disinformation operatives who led the wolf pack attack on you.

Once they accused you of editing this part of the video with a salting attack, that revealed their key issue with your videos. To illustrate the point, let's see what troubled them in this close-up composite of the same sequence, but cropped to provide a better study of the cloud movements.

Study 2 - Logan Observation Cloud Movements

What is clear is that the clouds are moving in FRONT of your object of interest and partially masking it in a natural and consistent way. As to the hackneyed “It's Photoshopped” debunking, there is not evidence whatsoever (despite your abysmal 480p resolution) that there was any such tampering. What you presented is what the camera recorded.

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Another debunker tip-off was that they avoid mentioning that gamma (and not contrast and brightness) is the analysis tool used to determine if an object is 'hot' as in real and pushing photons at the camera, or 'cold' in which case it is a reflection, such as a sun dog, lens flare, aberration, refraction, reflections or lens barrel ghost.

Study 3 - Logan Observation Gamma

Regrettably, your 480p resolution does not yield enough image detail to make a solid finding in this regard. But, it does corroborate the fact that the clouds are moving in FRONT of your 2nd sun object of interest. Ergo, given the lack of provenance and resolution in your two videos, the most we can say about them is that they are compelling. Nothing more.

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Therefore the question is, has this experience compelled you to step out before you get hammered again? If so, who could blame you? Not me, because I know how devastating it is to be on the receiving end of a wolf pack broadside.

But maybe, just maybe, you're more than just an honest guy who got clipped his first time in the ring. Maybe you're a fighter and instead of throwing the fight, you've got a Rocky Balboa comeback urge welling up deep inside you.

With this in mind, I'm hoping and going out on the limb on the chance that you could become the Rocky Balboa style, Planet X soldier for truth so many wish to see.

A Battle Plan for a Planet X Soldier for Truth

Logan, if you are going to be a planet X soldier for truth, the first thing you need to do is to develop a professional attitude because these are troubling times and they're becoming more so each day. Consequently, the growing Zeitgeist out there is that we are in bad times and they're only getting worse.

This is new and unlike years past where this topic had to compete with ghost stories, UFO sightings and conspiracy rants for attention, Planet X is no longer an entertainment topic. This is because more people each day are seeing troubling sighs in the world and there seems to be no apparent explanation for all of it.

Granted, some things can be trivialized and others can be rationalized away but on the whole, whatever is causing this eludes folks and this is driving renewed interest in the topic.

This is why we are now seeing people step forward and challenge these malevolent debunkers on their own sites. And what this trend tells us is that even though the elites have dramatically ramped up their suppression and disinformation efforts, the tide of truth has begun to turned against them and they know it.

While this an increasingly dangerous time for the naïve and foolish, for dedicated Planet X soldiers for truth, it is a new advantage. So how do you maximize.

Patience and Fortitude

The first thing any solider for truth must first do, is to acquire the proper mindset. As a personal request Logan, please please click on this link to a YouTube video of the song first released in 1946 by the Andrew sisters titled Patience and Fortitude.

The message of the song is very simple. With patience and fortitude things will come your way and it is so true. Over the years, I've listened to this song more times than I can remember. Especially when I'm searching within for the strength to rise to the challenge of this work.

I hope it gives you the same comfort as well, because it often reminds me of an old Texas saying, “don't get mad and don't get even. Just get your way.”

Does getting your way mean that now you need to stand up and vent your rage at these people for what they have done to you? Only if you want to be pummeled again.

Rather, you do what every young child who walks into a judo class learns on the very first day. It doesn't matter if your opponent is larger than you, it's about turning your opponents energy against them. So how do you do that with regards to your Planet X videos?

The first thing you must understand is that the most powerful weapon the elites can use against you, will be your own emotional expressions. If you come off with a I'm a clever king of the hill guy because I found this kind of attitude, you'll play right into their hands.

This is because they will attack you on an emotional level and when people go to see who's getting a whoopin they'll see your king of the hill emotion. Consequently, one emotion the other and you become another example of yada-yada nonsense to those with a serious interest.

However, when you commit yourself to a patience and fortitude strategy, you'll deny the enemy the very weakness they always seek to attack. Ego-driven emotions.

Stop thinking about you. Stop talking about you. Think about all the people out there, who like yourself are searching for the truth. Love them for what they do and honor their interest with straightforward and useful information. Above all, trust them to decide things in their own way and in the their own time.

This does not that you need to be boring or use text-to-speech programs with artificial voices (which is a favored tactic by disinformationalists.) Nor does it mean pontificating, gloating, bragging and taunting. That is all foolish me-me-me theatrics which feeds directly into the hands of those who seeking to destroy you and your message.

Rather, if you are a soldier for the truth you're going to be a “cool customer” as the old expression goes. What I mean is that when you talk to the viewers, honor and respect their curiosity by speaking in a normal pleasant tone with simple understandable language.

The goal is not to impress. The goal here is to convey the knowledge they need to properly evaluate your efforts and no more.

Do this and even if you're observation video is technically flawed as your first two were, you will be in a much stronger position to deflect malicious debunker attacks.

Likewise, bravado headlines might drive traffic but they do not work for the truth. Sure, a flashy title will get you more traffic than a more mundane title, but it what risk? Your reputation? Your likelihood? Is the added traffic really worth this kind of risk? Hell no! This is because these attacks always boil down to vulgar, schoolyard politics.

Think back to when you were in grade school and a bully is going around bad mouthing another student. So what happens? Well everyone wants to go see who is going to see who is going to get a whoopin'.

If you are acting like an emotional nutter who is convinced that he's the new King of the Hill, they're likely enjoy watching you get your clock cleaned by a bully.

But if they go to see who is going to get a whoopin' (and they almost always do) they'll find someone who is in service to others and doing their best to convey vital information in a useful way. Now the end result is completely different, because like a kid in Judo class who drops someone his or her size you've mastered the concept of turning your opponents energy against them.

What happens is that those with a genuine interest in the knowledge will see your honest intentions. Likewise they will see the dishonest intentions of those who have smeared you. The result is that the ranks of those who appreciate and follow your work will grow.

That's right, you can turn this disinformationalists into publicity shills for your efforts and when they see this happening, they'll start to back away. Not because you're right or a better person.

It's because the last thing they want is for their attacks to strengthen you. This is not to say they will not look for other ways to trouble you, because they will, so don't get cocky.

To make this strategy as effective as can be, you need to do is to formulate a plan, and then work that plan. Remember, plan the work and work the plan. Given what you are doing and observing, what would such a plan look like? For the sake of example, here is what we would absolutely love to see you do.

First off, give us the vital information that we need and keep it simple, comprehensive and straightforward.. Tell us how you came to take the images, where and when, what direction you are facing and at what altitude. This way people can plug that information into any Sky program to see if you are accidentally claiming to observe an object that has already been cataloged.

Next, resolution is absolutely vital to any independent evaluation of your efforts. It doesn't matter whether you are shooting with an old standard definition camera or a new high definition camera both yield the same 72 DPI results, which are one step above 'clear as mud' when it comes to objective analysis.

What's best is to use a mix of video and digital stills. What works best is a digital SLR or digital rangefinder camera with at least 12 MP resolution and a good lens. If possible, 16 MP resolution works best for our methods as was shown in our video Planet X System Observations and Orbital Path Analysis, with the report filed by Jorge Urena.

Also, get an inexpensive tripod for the still camera for best results and document your efforts with the video camera. Ideally, we would love to see you standing in front of next to your still camera with the sun and the 2nd sun object of interest in the background behind you.

For the most powerful kind of report, do it with others. It will make you stand out. For example, imagine that you organize a small observation group of two or three couples. Each couple brings their own still and video cameras and you interview them looking at these two suns in the sky.

Make sure they understand that the instant someone says something flip like, “WTF OMG,” your video's public credibility will immediately begin to circle the drain. Like you, your co-observers need to be in service to others so that others can get a sense of what they are experiencing, without the distractions of counterproductive OMG ego-theatrics.

Or in other words, when the cameras are turned off, feel free to have a collective OMG pooping of the pants moment. But when the cameras are on, be a Planet X soldier for truth.

When editing your video, do it in the highest HD resolution possible which on YouTube is 1080p. Also, provide a link to your high-resolution digital images so that people can download and study them as well.

As to your Youtube channel. Yes, there will always be those who have an emotional knee-jerk attack reaction. Ignore them in favor of those who like yourself, are honest seekers of truth.

My personal preference is to turn comments off, so as to deny debunkers a convenient place to attack you. This forces them to carry out their attacks somewhere else, and this will make them less effective against you.

Do this and you are going to become a much harder target for debunkers and the anonymous operatives who run them. However, this is not to say this strategy will make you invulnerable to attack. It will not and they will come at you. However, as someone who has resolved to be a soldier for the truth, it means you've chosen to put yourself into the field of fire.

On the other hand, it doesn't mean that you have to be an easy target. Or as our war fighters liked to say during WWII, Illegitimi non carborundum "Don't let the bastards grind you down".

Logan, I hope this open letter will encourage you and those like you to produce effective results with your observation reporting efforts.

—Yours in service, Marshall Masters