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Five Things Planet X Youtube Observers Can Do to Mitigate Disinformation Attacks

Yowusa.com, 22-September-2013
J. P. Jones

Five Things Planet X Youtube Observers Can Do to Mitigate Disinformation AttacksPeople around the globe are using YouTube to share their observations regarding PlanetX / Nibiru.

Some are certainly more interesting than others, however one thing is certainly true, the closer they get to the truth the more virulent and forceful the criticism and attacks will become.

This is what happened with the YouTube user Logan Runnin. On September 15th, 2013, he uploaded a two suns video. The content of the video was intriguing and we reviewed it many times in regular speed, slow motion, frame captures were gathered.

Having analyzed the frame captures and the video our initial findings were:

  1. There was no evidence of video editing.

  2. The cloud cover moved properly over the object being referred to as the second sun.

  3. There were lens flares / reflections that moved with the videographer’s movements, but they were not the object he referred to as the second sun.

Then on September 16th, 2013, Logan Runnin posted a second video, a second observation from the same location and approximate timeframe. The same object of interest is seen along with a noticeable change in atmospheric conditions.

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Ergo, two observation dates of the same object of interest, which lends credence to the reports. Because repeat observations of a 2nd sun object of interest are seldom seen, it is hard to discount repetitive consistent data. Then came the attacks.

Disinformation Attacks on Logan Runnin

The first video released on September 15, 2013 started getting the usual negative comments but likewise received more positive comments which means the content was resonating with viewers.

However, when he released his second video came on September 16, 2013, Logan came under attack from two YouTube channels, DarkSkyWatcher74, and Dazzathecameraman.

Shortly thereafter Logan Runnin changed the status of his observation videos to private, so as to block them from public access. Assuming Logan Runnin is an honest individual, why would he do this?

In other words, why not let these compelling videos stand on their own merit? Because something else is happening and it is evil in nature.

For those who follow this topic as closely as we do, we quickly discoveed a repeat of similar attacks on Logan Runnin used to disrupt the 00SkyViewteam channel as well. Attacks that resulted in degrading of their efforts with a name change, videos removed, etc.

Consequently, as researchers we're seeing a disturbing pattern with regards to Youtube comments and hate speech.

Youtube Comments and Hate Speech

YouTube channels discussing Planet X always get dissenting comments if the comment option is enabled. These dissenting comments come from various viewers based on their perspectives and most for the following natural reasons:

  1. Legitimate disagreement and debate.

  2. Knee-jerk Negative Reactions: You’re scaring the pants off me so I don’t agree.

  3. Belief System Challenges: This is so against my faith beliefs I have to disagree

However, there is a fourth and unnatural kind type of comments; disinformation attacks. As in, the closer you get to a truth “they” someone wants to keep hidden, the harder and more vitriolic the attacks become. The goal being to send a message: move off target or face / suffer further humiliation and abuse.

In other words, it's not about challenging an observation report, it's about suppressing it any way possible. Ethics be damned. Nonetheless, Logan Runnin did two things to provoke these attacks.

  1. Come and Get Me Title: With the first video, Logan Runnin used a vulgar and dramatic in your face title, “MUST SEE!!! HA HA HA!!! DEBUNK THIS BITCHES!!!! THE NIBIRU__ BABY!!!!” The second video had an even more in your face title.

  2. The second was that Logan Runnin had comments enabled.

However, while listening to Logan Runnin narrate his first video, it was obvious he had been searching and waiting for this moment to capture an observation and was convinced that he had done exactly that.

The excitement in his voice as he described his observation of something he had searched for two years could be heard in his voice. It was authentic and undeniable.

Nonetheless, on September 18th DarkSkyWatcher74, posted a video titled OMG WOW WTF THERE IT IS - NIBIRU 09-18-2013 which contrary to the title, was a misleading attack because it side steps the use of gamma to evaluate and differentiate lens flares from natural objects. In other words, an inaccurate and misleading cheap shot.

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With this in mind, what can Youtube posters like Logan Runnin do to mitigate the intentional harm caused by these misleading, cheap shot debunkings?

Five Things Planet X Youtube Observers Can Do to Mitigate Attacks

When posting YouTube videos based on the Planet X genre, always expect misleading and slanderous disinformation attacks. It just comes with the territory. However, there are five simple things you can do to mitigate the damage of these suppression attacks:

  1. Avoid Theatrics: Always assume that your viewers will be those just waking up to the strange behavior of our Blue Planet. They are seeking help, answers, and possibly a little sanity check. One does not need to be dramatic in the video title or the video. The consequences of the PlanetX system will truly be dramatic enough so do we really need more drama?

  2. Avoid Specious Claims: For example, Planet X is not going to collide with the earth. This claim is a common disinformation ploy. Anyone who uses it is either a player, or being played.

  3. Turn Comments Off: With social media, freedom of speech as we once knew it has morphed into a darker, freedom of hate. Therefore, the easiest way to deny hate mongers and disinformationalists a ready platform from which to attack you, turn off the comments option

  4. If You Enable Comments, Take the High Road: If you choose to leave the comment option on, always take the high road in your rebuttals. No one can fault a person for taking the high road. Explain the error of the debunkers statements without being contentious or vulgar.

    Remember if you are polite, honest, forthright, and in service to others, it denies hate mongers the very kind of emotional yadda-yadda they feed upon.

  5. Provenance is Essential: We prefer images from still cameras with 12 MP or more, but no matter what you use, be sure to provide the data of when, where, direction taken, altitude and what equipment used. This will help viewers to better study your observations and to also understand why you see it and they do not.

This is a battle of wills between those seeking to suppress this knowledge and those who only seek the truth. Regardless, the final outcome is inevitable. At some point, we'll all see Planet X and these malicious and misleading debunkings will be understood for what they are.

In the meantime, we all need to be awake and aware. Now is the time to prepare your mind, heart, and spirit for the times ahead for whatever my come. It is not what is in your bunker or what you have stored that matters. Your mind and skills are your greatest weapons in survival, those who think with a free and honest mind with goodness in their hearts, live a free life.

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