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Dreams, Visions, Premonitions and Epiphanies

Or, Now That We've Observed Planet X,
What Do We Do Next?

Yowusa.com, 21-August-2013
Editorial by Marshall Masters, Publisher

Dreams, Visions, Premonitions and EpiphaniesMy recent video, Planet X System Observations and Orbital Analysis was made for our core audience – seekers of truth. Kind souls who've been set upon the path of awareness, by a profound experience such as a dream, vision, premonition or epiphany.

For now, the media-driven event known as December 21, 2012 has come and gone. Along with its disappearance, dabblers, date shoppers and scandal mongers have for the most part, faded away as well - but yet, the seekers of truth remain steadfast. Ever seeking, ever bold.

The Price of Awareness

For over a decade, I've received countless emails and letters from seekers of truth and there are always three things the genuine ones want to share about their awareness. What they've experienced. The abuse they often receive from friends, family and co-workers when they share their experiences. And how alone and isolated all this abuse makes them feel.

For over a decade, I've received countless emails and letters from seekers of truth and there are always three things the genuinue ones have in common: They want to share their experiences but abuse is heaped upon them when they do share those experiences – and they feel isolated as a result.

It is why in 2010, I released a special 2010 video just for them titled, 2012 Precognition and The Five Stages of Catastrophism and it's why I created the Planet X Town Hall. Why all this special interest in seekers of truth? A reasonable question.

It's because I love them for who they are and their courage. In the span of this last decade many have reached out to me and nary a one has evidenced a dark soul. In fact, it's quite the contrary.

They are the meek, the salt of the Earth. Honest folks just trying to understand and nobody is going to stop them. They know what they know and they will not relent they find a truth that resonates within them.

Over the years, all I could say to these folks was you're not alone and your numbers are growing. But now that we've seen the celestial beast coming our way I've learned that it is more than that. That their dreams, visions, premonitions and epiphanies were not just coincidental or pure chance.

Rather, it was a great power reaching out to them in a very personal way to say, “hope you make it.” Call it G-d, Yahweh, Universal Consciousness or whatever you wish, there is a Higher Intention.

A Higher Intention

What brought me to this realization of a Higher Intention was something Robert Reiland, author of Jesus and the Third Temple, said during the production of his podcast series, The Great Tribulation.

Bob and discussed these seekers of truth between recording sessions and when I shared with him all my feelings for these kind souls, he said something that really struck me: He said, “whenever G-d destroys the Earth, He always leaves a few good souls to start over with.”

There is profound wisdom in Bob's words and I see the truth of it. This is because I see people who intuit universal truths that dabblers, date shoppers and scandal mongers are too distracted to consider, let alone experience.

They understand that a new logic must prevail. Instead of preparing against what we fear, we need to prepare for what we love. It is why we now say that “Transition is the Mission,” because surviving the worst of times begins by surviving the best of times. Yes, we need to set things aside for survival, but it is not about holding onto things. Rather, it is about holding on to each other with love, loyalty and commitment.

None of us is perfect and I must profess that I stand at the head of that line, but it is the seekers of truth, a Higher Intention has chosen to nurture and encourage, though the initial experience is much like getting slapped in the side of the head with a dead salmon.

And so what comes next now that we've observed the core of the Planet X system for Yowusa.com? In a word, focus. As is pointed out in our video, now that December 21, 2012 has passed so has Yowusa.com's mission of awareness. By now, you either get it or you don't. If you do, you'll naturally intuit that transition is the mission.

In a nutshell, this new mission is about finding ways to endure the coming slow motion end of life as we presently know it. The goal being, to make as soft a landing as possible in a post-historic world. There to plant the seeds of a new life under a sky, once again blue.

How long this process lasts is not what is important to know. What is important, is your decision as to how you will endure and emerge from this process, regardless of when it begins and eventually ends.

Every long journey (and this one shall be anything but brief) begins with a first step. For seekers of truth, finding the path is the first step because many paths lead to the heart of a great mystery and we each have our own.

The First Step for Seekers of Truth

Beans, bullets and bunkers have always been the easy first step for those living in a consumer society. It is all in the numbers. The numbers used to describe the caliber of your ammunition, the shelf life of your supplies in years and so forth.

But for seekers of truth the real numbers need to be more human, like the number of years you've spent sharing your life with someone you love. These are the numbers that really add up, because what they represent leads us along the path of preparation and planning, with an abiding sense of spiritual strength.

Granted, all will agree that these human numbers must be at the top of any list, but beyond that, their real meanings are all too easily taken for granted.

But consider this. There you are, hunkered in the bunker and whatever you take in there will stay in there and you'll have to deal with it there. Good and bad alike.

In times such as these, what we carry in our hearts is every bit as important, if not more so, than what we carry in our hands. At some point, we'll all run out of bullets. Loving memories on the other hand go a lot further and can do more.

So how does that translate into prepper talk? Sometimes it's more important to feed the soul, than it is the tummy. If your marriage is strained, you can take a romantic holiday vacation to rekindle the magic that first joined you, for about the price of an AR-15 in 6.8 SPC. Why carry regrets into the bunker? Take the vacation and make those memories count for something.

Is This About Regrets?

How many of us lose someone close, a parent, a spouse, a child and live to regret the missed opportunities? The words left unsaid.

No, it is not about regrets. It's about surviving with the most powerful force in the universe: love. That's what many of the ancients all tell us through folklore and predictions.

For example, in my book Crossing the Cusp, I discuss how to survive the Great Winnowing as the ancient Egyptians referred to it. It describes the universal process of selection that will occur during an actual pole shift. It will be a terrifying time for all alive and many will succumb to their fears.

We're told most will not face long agonizing deaths, but rather, they will agonize over their helplessness before flicking out like electric lights being switched off. Where they are, deep underground or above ground makes no difference.

So who makes it? Seekers of truth will have the best odds. The meek. For example, a grandmother who gathers orphans about her and in the midst of the horror, joins hands and leads them in singing nursery rhymes.

That grandmother may be mourning the loss of her own family, but she transcends that loss to be in the moment, for the benefit of the children she has gathered. This is spiritual survival focus. The key to surviving the end of life as we know it, through service to others. And this puts a broader definition on what we call love.

What Do You Love?

Before you buy your first box of dehydrated food, have a longer conversation with yourself about what you love. It is this love that will give you the strength to endure incredible hardships without losing your humanity - as many will.

It is not the love of country. It is heartbreaking to see America as a sunset empire where a three out of four Americans live paycheck-to-paycheck while greed and fascism entwines the nation with a snake-like malice. As King Solomon said, "this too shall pass."

Nor is it the love of religion. As columnist Peggy Noonan aptly put it “we live in a time of failing institutions.” Given that nearly all of our modern ...ologies and ...isms have no history of surviving a post global cataclysm, most will come to believe in G-d, each other and not much else.

The Hopi have been telling us is that our civilization will fail because we are on the wrong path. Given the lackluster response they received, no doubt the Hopi must feel a special kinship with the Biblical figure of Noah. They know that by the time folks are treading water, pounding on the hull and shouting “I'm ready for that conversation now,” it's too late. The ark has sailed.

Therefore, once you know what you love, you must endeavor to live for what you love. This begins with your own physical health by reducing your dependency on industrial foods and medicines.

Reduce Your Dependency on Industrial Medicines

Wellness is a big issue for seekers of truth. As a demographic segment, men and women, 45 years and older represent two thirds of the seeker population. So, if you're over 45, means that you need to address two, equally pressing needs:

Pre-event Health and Prevention: There is an old saying in Eastern Europe. “If you wake up without any aches or complaints, it's because you're either under 40 or you're dead.” In other words, the older you are, the more you'll need to free yourself from prescription drugs.

Not because they are all bad, but rather, once energy supplies grind to halt, we'll return to medicine much as it was practiced during WWI. That is why it is imperative that you do whatever you can to wean yourself off the need for all manufactured medicines with sustainable natural solutions.

Post-event Natural Alternatives: At some point, modern medicine will be reduced to sewing needles and dental floss. When that happens, we'll need any natural solutions we can find. Especially wellness knowledge that does not require any product and which can be practiced by the individual to good effect.

Whatever path you choose to do to prepare yourself with survival wellness, the center line of that path must always be your immune system, because all other wellness needs will flow out of this focus.

In this pre-event time, products and wellness knowledge systems will bolster your immune system so that you will be less susceptible to contagious threats.

During the initial event, or if you become injured or ill, a stronger immune system will help you resist infection and if you do catch something, it will help you recover more quickly, with fewer less side effects and complications.

If you are hiking out with a group to a safe site some ten miles away and you come down with a bad flu, how likely will be that the group will want to stop and stay by your side until your fever breaks and you're ready to walk again?

Or - what if you're in a bunker and you come down with a nasty cold. Coughing and sneezing up a communicable disease in such restricted confines will surely not endear you to your fellow bunker mates.

Seekers of truth, first and foremost, you must always put your immune system at the top of your preparation and planning survival health check-list. Right next to it is the next important item on your survival health check-list. Food.

Reduce Your Dependency on Industrial Foods

Stockpiling low-cost, high-calorie density industrial foods with flour and sugar products and canned meats, soups, etc. is a fast way for a survivor to meet an early end and for three reasons: pH balance, insulin level and essential minerals.

If you maintain a pool or spa, you know that you want the pH level in water need to be neutral, like human tears, 7.0 to 7.2 pH.

However, eating industrial canned, packaged and prepared foods always lowers your pH level. Look, you've got to eat, but remember that this food will fill your belly as it lowers your immune system. This in turn will make you more susceptible to communicable diseases and there will be plenty of them.

You can compensate for this with baking soda, a simple, effective way to increase your pH level. In fact, a physician in New York used baking soda to help all of his patient survive the horrible 1918 Spanish Flu. It killed more people than WW I, yet all of his patient, those who caught the flu and who did not, all survived in good health.

So while a lower pH level is unavoidable with many survival foods, you can compensate with baking soda. However, insulin is a different situation.

Modern research clearly shows is that lowering your insulin level in the best of times will increase your lifespan. Doing that is simple. Cut “industrial white food” with their high levels of sugars and starches out of your diet. These foods increase insulin levels in the body which is why so many of us are overweight these days.

In a survival situation, these sugars and starches will keep your belly full for a while, but each meal will take a slice of life from you. You may get a temporary energy buzz like the kind you get from five hour energy drinks, but there is also that shaky landing afterwards. The kind that saps your energy and dulls your thinking. Ergo, industrials foods with sugars, starches, artificial flavouring and preservatives should only consumed as a last resort.

A better strategy is offered by Natural Health Sherpa, a Youtube Guru. One that is aimed at those wishing to lose weight, but which applies perfectly to survival. What he advises is that we only eat “foods you can hunt, fish, gather or pluck.”

The beauty of this simple insight is that that in a survival situation, we'll need to eat fresh foods as much as possible and wherever possible. If that means killing dog or a cat that was once a loved pet, it's what you'll have to do and you'll do it. Be humane, quick and thankful.

In the meantime, you can transition yourselves to this future reality by eliminating industrial foods whenever possible. Granted, locally grown organic and all natural foods are more expensive than industrial food, but then again, what value do you place on your independence and longevity?

This is why your local organic and all natural farmers and ranchers are people worth knowing and supporting. Find stores, open air markets and direct farm sales for as many of your daily needs as possible, such as grass-fed beef, range free eggs and so forth.

What's as important to supporting these local sources is taking the time to learn about them and how they grow and raise what they sell. Visit their farms and ranches and build a rapport with them. It will be like putting survival knowledge in the bank.

Likewise, start a garden if you are not already tending one and grow your own food. If it is a small patch, focus on herbs and medicinal teas. If you have more space, do that plus more. If you're landlocked in a city, stockpile print books on the topic and start a window box planter.

Still the same, at some point in time, all these present efforts will be reduced to a daily grind of catch-as-catch-can. Here is where supplementation can make a real difference.

Use Supplementation to Replenish Vital Nutrients

As Hippocrates so aptly put it, "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food."

Or as the Hopi say, “you are what you eat.”

It's good advice for the best of times, but for the worst of times, you need more than good intentions. You need vital nutrients. The good stuff your body naturally wants and craves. And getting it getter harder.

Since the advent of petroleum-based, industrial farming, America's corporate farms have become very adept at making sure the essential nutrients their crops need to grow, are in the soil.

However, the vital nutrients we need as humans to grow and maintain wellness has been steadily depleted from the soil over the past decades.

The result is that we buy picture-perfect, oiled cucumbers, dried fruits dipped in sucrose and meats and poultry pumped up with antibiotics and hormones. All of which offer some taste, but lack the vital nutrients we need.

That is why when we eat something that been grown or raised in a wholesome way, it tastes better. These foods contain the vital nutrients we truly need and when eat them, our bodies are saying “oh yah, now this is what I'm talking about.”

Here is where vital nutrient supplementation with all natural products can make a big difference. There are many good choices out there and learning about what you need to maintain your wellness must address your specific needs as well as those of your loved ones.

What you want to look for are all-natural products with high concentrations of vital nutrients grown in naturally rich soil. Packaging is important. Make sure these vital nutrient supplements have a shelf life of at least a year.

Researching this takes time and the willingness to try new products. However, if you find something that works for you and you begin taking it now, your body's vital nutrient reserves will be rejuvenated to peak levels. This will give you more staying power through the initial event.

For those who cannot afford to completely abandon industrial foods, vital nutrient supplements will help offset the negatives of the industrialized foods. The goal being, to improve our overall health by eating what nature created us to eat.

Once you find supplements that work for you, keeping a 6 to 12 month supply on hand, will give you a vital nutrient buffer. Rotate your supplies for daily use and survival stores with a simple, first in, first out strategy. And be sure the supplements are highly concentrated and easy to carry.

Remember, you'll be living on the packaged and canned survival foods in your cache. Keep your pH up, insulin down and use highly-concentrated vital nutrient supplements to make up the difference.

This way you'll have as much strength as possible during the rough times. And here is the good news, it's a great strategy for the best of times as well.

So there it is you seekers of truth. Before you spend any more money on beans, bullets and bunkers, use this closing window of time with what will be a stressful future, by:

Preparing for What You Love: The time for fear-provoking, Chicken Little pronouncements that the sky is falling and we going to die has outstayed its welcome. It is over, because as Frank Herbert said in Dune, "fear is the mind-killer." He's absolutely right.

Do not take what you love for granted. Ponder it, build it, nurture it, feel the depth of it and share it. Therein will be the eternal motivation to take one more weary step, with your humanity intact.

Reducing Industrial Medicines and Foods: Petroleum-based industrialized food and medicines are not survivable sources. These fragile energy grid systems will fail us as the machines that turn out the products, will likewise grind to a halt. This is when our industrial-dependent populations will collapse into anarchy. The sooner you get veer away from this eventual crash and burn path, the better you chances of surviving will be.

Bolstering Your Immune System: The expression “catch your death of cold” was coined in a time when people did exactly that. They caught colds and flus and died, in much bigger numbers than we do.

It is why you need to always think about what you eat, drink and do in terms of how it will impact your immune system. Will it bolster it, or drain it? You'll have to find a way to balance this that works for you. This knowledge will do more to save your life than an arsenal of weapons and ammunition.

Follow these three simple rules will also put you into a frame of mind to address the most important need of all. The very one that every tormented government whistle-blower on this topic tells us. “You must get your spiritual house in order.”

Getting Your Spiritual House in Order

We throw around the word “spiritual” a lot these days, but how much of it is real, and how much of it is just plain old self-pampering, dressed up to look noble? When it comes to survival, spiritual means seeing yourself as a functioning and useful part of a something larger than yourself. Of being in service to others.

By preparing for what you love, you will begin to see that which you need to be in harmony with. That's when you'll know what really matters and what will give you the courage to soldier on with your humanity intact. The fewer regrets you take into the bunker, the better.

Reducing your dependence on industrial foods and medicines, will make you far more adaptable to this coming slow motion train wreck. Where others will fall through malnutrition, you'll survive thanks to a a more vital constitution.

But more importantly, for you city dwellers, this is a great way to reconnect with nature. This is because you'll have to do it in some manner, if you are to do it right. This in turn will make you more observant of the environment and therefore a more capable survivor.

Interestingly enough, the search for ways to bolster your immune system will connect you with the environment in a personal, if not intimate way.

Instead of seeing how you fit into a larger natural system, you'll see how it fits into you and what that means to your own survival odds. Through this experience, you will connect with new, life-changing natural forces that will help nurture and sustain you.

As for us at Yowusa.com and the PlanetxTownHall.com, our mission has changed as well. Now, it is to be in service to those whom a Greater Consciousness has sent a message of love. “Hope you make make it.”