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Countdown to Planet X

Yowusa.com, 17-November-2012
Updated, 24-December-2012

Marshall Masters

Countdown to Planet XAfter a decades of waiting for Planet X / Nibiru to arrive, we're in a final countdown.

Is Planet X real? Yes. The history is undeniable. Is it coming? Yes. The history is undeniable.

Is it running a race with human expectations? No, but just about everyone else is.

And is this a recent Internet hoax phenomena. Likewise no.

Planet Neptune was discovered in 1846, and in the early 20th century, the hunt for Neptune's perturber was on.

Have You Oberved Two Suns in the Sky?

We are now tracking observation reports from mid-Dec 2012 forward with our Two Suns Observation Videos playlist (embeded below.)

You can also track this directly from our Youtube channel page. Please note, Yowbooks makes no claims or representations as to the content in these videos.

The only goal here is to document these videos as they become available, to establish a trend analysis for these types of reports.

If you have made a two suns observations from mid-December 2012 or know of someone who has, please let us know at: info@yowusa.com.

Please no earlier observation reports.

This lead to the discovery of Pluto in 1930 by Clyde W. Tombaugh of the Lowell Observatory in Flagstaff, Arizona. It was founded by Percival Lowell, specifically to search for Planet X.

However at roughly 60% of the size of our own moon, Pluto lacked the mass to be Neptune's perturber, so Planet X is still out there.

There is a report that Neptune's mass has been recalculated recently and that because Neptune has .05% less mass than what was previously held, that this changed completely debunks the perturber theory.

However, Yowusa.com has been unable to source this debunking to its origins. What we see is the same exact quote scattered across the web without attribution or any other way to vet it. In other words, it is disinformation.

For those of us who observe and judge for ourselves, finding good information we can trust is really difficult. But we keep looking.

So the purpose of this article is introduce a new technique for those who observe. One they can use from any computer in the world to follow this topic and to possibly confirm their suspicions, days, if not weeks ahead of everyone else.

What am I looking for? A meaningful pattern that can be observed first hand. All it takes is access to the Internet and this article will show you what to look for and how to make sense of it.

What I'm talking about here is a way for diligent observers to get a possible edge. To know when to bust a move, buy that last bag of beans, box of bullets, or whatever.

Observation Goal

What we need to be vigilant for in the coming weeks is a possible new crop of two suns in the sky, smartphone observation reports from genuine eyewitnesses. Especially those reported by airline passengers, flying above the chemtrail layer.

It's not about finding “smoking gun” evidence with smartphones. That's a fantasy.

Rather, it's about a statistically relevant pattern that shapes a clear message with trends that are measurable and significant.

When one looks at the history of these two sun in the sky videos dating back to 2003, it's not hard to see why.

Cellphone / Smartphone Two Suns Videos

I've been monitoring two suns cell phone videos since 2003 and I've profiled the patterns of these reports over the years. Both in terms of posting methods and frequency.

Until late 2011, it was all useless junk. Some from jokesters and trolls as expected, but over 80% of it was planted by disinformation operatives utilizing a consistent pattern of throwaway e-mail accounts, slap-up YouTube channels and untraceable provenance. In other words, stupid with a diabolical purpose.

Yowusa.com, 24-Mar-2009
Observing Planet X / Nibiru

Observing Planet X / NibiruSince we published Planet X Forecast and 2012 Survival Guide in July 2007, we've received numerous Planet X sighting reports. What was once a sporadic trickle has become a daily stream.

We know that folks are trying to be helpful, and while many of these reports are remarkable, they invariably show something other than the Sun's dark companion.

So even when people do see Planet X for the first time, most will not believe what they are seeing. Likewise, they will be equally slow to connect the dots between the appearance of a mysterious object and bouts of catastrophic storms, quakes and eruptions.

The point of this disinformation is to prevent public consensus around the truth. Why?

TitanicIt's “Titanic Rules” as I like to call it.

First class gets the boats and steerage goes down with the ship.

We're steerage and the first to fall are usually the last to know.

Live with it, or live through it.

In the meantime, smartphone observation reports will never prove anything themselves.

But, their nature, occurrence and frequency could present a unique pattern. A harbinger of something that disinformationalists have railed against for years.

Disinformation and Planet X

The goal of this disinformation was always simple. To inoculate people against seeing anything credible in this kind of imagery by dropping the whole Planet X conversation into a UFOlogy conundrum bucket. One where 90% of the observations are handily debunked but 10% fall into the “I can't believe my eyes” category.

Consequently, the quest for disclosure will never kiss the warm barrel of a smoking gun. Perhaps, the world will never reach a consensus until Reptilian President Obama peels away his meat mask and begins eating House Speaker Boehner's Pleadian face. Aye yo fugeddaboutit.

Nazi PropagandaSo is disinformation the same as propaganda? No.

  • Propaganda: Creates a public consensus around a lie, or series of lies.

  • Disinformation: Prevents a a public consensus around a truth, or series of truths.

The two methods are equally powerful and equally effective. Both misdirect people away from truth, but what would truth look like to an observer?

Ask the average TV view one simple question. “Where is Farallon de Pajaros and why is it important to monitor this obscure island?” Expect a “cut to station break” stare.

However, when we look at the U.S. Territory of Farallon de Pajaros, what we find is a stratovolcano, like Krakatoa and Vesuvius. “It's just another island with just another volcano,” doubters and cranks will answer with “if we do not see it, it doesn't exist” logic.

In this case, such a leap of assumption conveniently eliminates 70% of the world's surface which happens to be under water. That makes debunking the remaining 30% of the planet much easier. Think of it as intellectual gerrymandering.

So what does this leap of assumption overlook?

The submarine volcanoes Northwest Uracas, Makhahnas and Ahyi, that surround the Farallon de Pajaros stratovolcano. And if you're interested, Farallon de Pajaros is in the Pacific Ocean, North of the U.S. Territory of Guam.

Farallon de Pajaros

If you live on the East Coast, the 30% of the Earth analysis works. But if you live in Hawaii or along the U.S. West Coast as I do, isn't a more inclusive view of the Pacific region a better idea?

This is why I follow the frequency and nature of smartphone observation reports as well and here is what I've seen.

Smartphone Reports 2003 to 2012

By definition, a genuine report is an eyewitness report filed by an honest experiencer. In terms of frequency, 2012 genuine smartphone observation reports have dropped steeply in the last few weeks.

2012 solar eclipsePresumably, because planet X has moved behind the Sun. If so, this would explain why smartphone reports are down and why nothing natural was observed near the sun during the 2012 solar eclipse.

Assuming Planet X is rising from behind the sun and this technique of observing cell phone observation on Youtube and blogs works, we should see see a strong up-tick in genuine smartphone observation reports in the next few weeks.

Reports like two very impressive observation reports filed with Yowusa.com earlier this year by airline passengers in Australia and Japan. These two observations did not yield smoking gun evidence, but did show us a way to answering a long standing question.

Why are two suns in the sky observations are being captured by smartphones and not by professional cameras?

We first asked that question in 2003, when disinformationalists first began to disseminate bogus cell phone videos on Youtube and elsewhere, in vast numbers from 2003 to mid-2007.

Three key events have driven the frequency and nature of disinformation videos:

  • Youtube Logo i2005

    Video casting Sites: YouTube began in 2005.

  • First iPhone: On June 29, 2007, Apple introduced the first iPhone.

  • iPhone 4s: On October 4, 2011, the 4s features a sophisticated, multi-element HD camera.

Obviously, all of this technology would have been foreseen, well in advance of when we first started seeing disinformation videos in 2003.

However, what maintained my attention to these videos was the very fact that someone was going to a lot of time and expense to inoculate the public against sharing two suns in the sky observation with this technology in the future.

For years, I always looking for just one thing.

Eyewitness reports filed by an honest experiencers with supporting smartphone imagery. Then and only then could this inquiry really become useful.

For that reason, it is important to review these two observations reports from Australia and Japan for clues.

Airline Passenger Eyewitness Reports

This year, we finally received two genuine suns in the sky eyewitness reports, from two different observers. Both were from airline passengers. One using a high-resolution BlackBerry 9000 and the other, an Apple iPhone4s.

While neither observation report offers “smoking gun” proof, both were naked eye, eyewitness observations, supported by smartphone imagery captured by the same observers.

Both reported naked eye observations of what appeared to them as two suns in the sky. Each also made a visual recording what they personally observed, with their smartphones. With that, we begin with our first observation report from Australia.

Report No. 1 - Nick Downunder from Australia

Nick-AU 3Jul2012Yowusa.com was initially contacted by a Nick, a computer engineer from Australia on July 3, 2012.

Nick submitted images of his two suns sighting while flying from Sydney to Melbourne, Australia on business for his company that same day.

He asked that we not use his last name, so we gave him the handle, Nick Downunder.

To verify his story, we asked Nick to provide us with a copy of his airline eticket receipt and he sent it to us straight away along with detailed answers to our laundry list of questions.

At that point we knew this was a legitimate observation report. So the question now was, what exactly did Nick see?

BlackBerry 9000 Nick reported that the airliner had reached cruising altitude when he made a naked eye observation of two suns in the sky at sunset. Following which, he made a series of video recordings with his BlackBerry 9000 smartphone. [2-megapixel camera, 1600x1200]

To help us analyse the video, we enlisted the help of Richard Shaw. He is the executive producer of the popular Watchers series and the CEO of Pinlight Productions in Hollywood, CA.

We arranged a three-way video conference with Richard, Nick and myself. The debriefing took over 90 minutes as there was a good deal of video to review.

Findings for Report No. 1

We determined that Nick's naked eye observation of the second, sun like object, was a reflection created by the airliner's layered windows panes.

When you shoot through a gas-filled, multi-pane window, reflections will happen. Consequently, the kind of reflections created this way, can be every bit as real to naked eye as it is to a smartphone camera.

This is because both are seeing the same reflection, but with one key difference. Higher quality smartphone cameras can see much more detail. And here we got a big surprise. We found something that none us, even Nick ever expected and it proved to be a game changer.

"the pimple" discovered by Richard ShawDuring the course of our analysis, Richard Shaw clued in on a natural, steady state object, we later determined to be uncatalogued. Richard found it at the Sun's immediate 9 o'clock position and we dubbed it “the pimple.”

What is proved to us is that even if the observer and the camera are seeing a multi-pane, second sun reflection, the added resolution of the smartphone camera will pick up details that the eye misses. And this realization put a new twist in the analysis.

The given assumption for all smartphone debunkings is that the reflections or “sun dogs” as we call them are generated by the sun. But what if these smaller reflections are being created a second object as well?

The question then became, what is different about smartphones, given that they all use a lens that is about 3-5 mm in size and with varying levels of image resolution.

Apple built a smartphone camera for the iPhone 4S, with a five element lens capable of recording 1080p HD video. Was that the key we were looking for?

Not likely as Nick Downunder used a 2-megapixel BlackBerry.

However, the next genuine eyewitness report from a Japanese airline passenger with an Apple iPhone4s gave a superb opportunity to revisit the issue.

Report No. 2 - Ms. Mayuko Akiba from Japan

This report was filed with us on September 8, 2012 by Koichi Okada, the webmaster for the jp-spiritual.com web site in Japan. http://www.jp-spiritual.com/nibiru1.htm

Mr. Okada translated a two suns report from jp-spiritual.com reader, Mr. Tochigi. A resident of Sapporo, Japan, regarding an eyewitness account reported to him by his house guest. Ms. Mayuko Akiba.

What prompted the initial report was they were watching a network broadcast of Japanese program titled, `Planet X & Nibiru on 23rd of August. Mr. Tochigi watched the program with and his guests, a mother and daughter from Sendai.

According to Mr. Tochigi, the sighting account and imagery were given to him by the daughter, Ms. Mayuko Akiba. A 25-year old Tokyo postal worker. The following is what Mr. Tochigi says Mayuko told him about the sighting.

August, 2012, Ms. Mayuko AkibaOn 14th August, 2012, Ms. Mayuko Akiba (25) departed at Sendai, Japan at 7:10 on AirDo Flight 075 to Chitose. While en route, Mayuko personally saw what appeared to be two suns in the sky while crossing the Iwate Prefecture at an altitude of 27,000 feet.

Mayuko then used her iPhone4S to capture three images. When Mayuko showed the images to her girlfriends they told her it was a UFO and that she needed to delete the pictures.

Mayuko initially deleted two of the images, keeping the best one for herself. She subsequently was able to recover one of the deleted image files. Both of which, corroborate what Mayuko claims as a naked eye witnessed to have personally observed.

As with Nick Downunder's eyewitness report, the second object, Mayuko's sighting was a reflection created by the airliner's layered windows panes.

But luck had brought us two remarkable reports, because we had two airline passengers, seeing two suns at altitude. One in the Northern hemisphere and one in the Southern hemisphere.

In both cases they used their smartphones to document their naked eye observations.

One, a 2-megapixel BlackBerry and the other, and HD iPhone 4s. Yet both yielded the same result.

So at that point, we knew that resolution and the number of lens elements in the cameras were not factors.

Given that resolution and complexity of the lens are not factors, that leaves us two other possibilities. Aperture and shutter speed

  • Aperture is how much light you allow to pass through the lens and onto a camera sensor or film.


  • Shutter speed is how long you expose the sensor or film.

Shutter speed

Here is where the 2-megapixel BlackBerry and the HD iPhone 4s become kissing cousins.

Smartphone Cameras

Remember, the nagging question? Why are we seeing these two suns in the sky images from smartphones and not from professional cameras?

SPOT - Single Point of TruthTackling that question required a SPOT (single point of truth.) Like the corner piece of a jigsaw puzzle, all the other pieces of the puzzle will somehow connect to it.

Once we'd narrowed the smartphone camera issue down to a simple matter of aperture and shutter speed we one step away from our SPOT.

This is because in professional cameras as well as smartphones, exposures are automatically controlled.

In less expensive cameras, manual settings are not available as they are in more expensive cameras. So now the matter is one of exposure mode. These differ with various models so let's look at the basic three:

  • Auto-exposure Mode: The camera can find an optimal balance between aperture and shutter speed.

  • Shutter Priority Mode: The aperture is set according to a fixed shutter speed. This is handy when shooting action scenes and sporting events as it gives you freeze frame results.

  • Aperture Priority Mode: The shutter speed is set according to a fixed aperture setting. Putting your camera on a tripod to shoot a landscape, lets you use this mode to get the best image with the smallest possible aperture setting.

These are the basic three for consumer and professional cameras and they are rooted in an experience with film dating back to the 19th century. Ergo, those who look at these smartphone pictures professionally are rooted in that artistic view as well.

Smartphone Overexposure ModeNow here is the kicker. All smartphones use an exposure mode only an overcaffeinated Silicon Valley geek could dream up. We're talking real cold pizza and warm cola stuff.

Yet, it's the kind of nutso thing that just seems works, so it earns its own basic category mode: Smartphone Overexposure Mode.

Smartphone Overexposure Mode

iPhone 4s back viewAll smartphones use the smartphone overexposure mode. This mode does not seek a balance between aperture and shutter speed with an auto-exposure mode. Nor does it offer a shutter priority mode. Rather, it flips the aperture priority mode around.

Remember, aperture is how much light you allow to pass through the lens and onto a camera sensor or film. Shutter speed is how long you expose the sensor or film.

Different lenses have different aperture ranges. An average range is F 2.4 to F 16, where F 2.4 is the maximum amount of light allowed through the lens and where F16 is the least.

For professional photographers, the rule for general shooting is the smaller the aperture the better. This is logical when you're shooting with a professional lens the size of your fist.

Sharp CameraSmartphone cameras on the other hand, use cameras that are tiny. Just 3 to 5 mm. A real David v. Goliath comparison.

But like David, smartphones have had a way to level the playing field. The aperture is fixed at the factory, at the maximum setting. Usually somewhere between F 2.4 to F 2.6.

So with all that light blasting through, into that tiny lens, who do these webcams in a pocket work so well?

Amazingly fast shutter speeds, because smartphones have a serious need for some mighty serious speed.

Today's modern smartphone cameras offer shutter speeds of up to 1/10,000 sec.

NikormatTo put this in perspective, if you look at an old 35mm film cameras, you'll typically see maximum shutter speeds in the range of 1/500 sec to 1/1000 sec.

This is why smartphones are as good for daytime snapshots on the beach as they are pictures of friends sitting around a bonfire at nite.

This is because the Smartphone Overexposure Mode uses a simple strategy.

Hose the sensor with maximum light and then let shutter speed and software processing, handle the rest. Sounds crazy, but it works.

So in terms of imaging Planet X, where is the bottom line?

Smartphones and Planet X

Is it impossible to use a smartphone to take a picture of two suns in the sky that could ever be deemed “smoking gun” proof? With objects close to the sun. No way. No how.

However, because smartphones use an exposure mode that is virtually alien to those of professional cameras, it can inadvertently pick up something a professional camera is designed to prevent.

Essentially, what we have is a technology fluke and could work to our advantage. Why?

One simple reason is, people with money and resources saw this possibility 9 years ago and moved against it in a very organized way. From my point of view it's worth investigating.

What are we looking for? Genuine people reporting genuine experiences.

Eyewitness acountsEyewitness accounts with smartphone backup imagery of what they're seeing. If they are airline passengers and they see two suns in the sky through their window, then they are seeing reflections between the window panes. Or, reflections between the lens elements in their smartphones camera lens for that matter.

Either way, to automatically assume the source of a second sun reflection is from the sun itself, is to ignore the hose the sensor effect of the smartphone overexposure mode.

So in the days and weeks to come, let's put this hypothesis to the test and keep our eyes open for genuine two suns in the sky eyewitness accounts from genuine witnesses.

As to the image vetting process, because it will never yield a consensus. Likewise, so is hunting missing star panels, missing SOHO images and so forth. It's all a waste of time until this object crosses the 7x35 threshold. That's when anyone can see it, using the common type of binoculars sold today.

Until then, watch for something that is far more difficult for the elites to control. Honest people, honestly sharing their experiences.

Focus on the frequency and likewise, track the geographic areas these reports are coming from. In time, a pattern may form or not.

Dr. Brian MarsdenIn the meantime, I have never forgetten an valuable insight shared with me by the late Dr. Brian Marsden, of the Smithsonian Astrophysics Observatories.

“The failure to observe an object only proves one thing. You have failed to observe the object.”-Dr. Brian Marsden

Join the experiment and if you come across a genuine smartphone eyewitness report in the coming days, please let us know at info@yowusa.com.

Please, no reports from before this article. We're only looking for new observations occurring on after November 17, 2012 and reported by verifiable eyewitnesses with supporting camera imagery.