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Antarctica Planet X Cover-up Exposed

Yowusa.com, 12-September-2012
Justin Braithwaite

Antarctica Planet X Cover-up ExposedOn July 11, 2012, Marshall Masters commissioned a special team with a daunting, yet singular task: Find Planet X using publicly available Internet images.

The goal was to evaluate the veracity of the Planet X images currently being discussed on the Internet. As one might imagine, this is a daunting task.

This is because from the moment astronomers and scientists first postulated the existence of a the existence of a 10th planet in the late 1950s, a vigorous clandestine effort to block this research at every level has ensued.

A History of Suppression

From Dr. Robert Harrington and NASA, to governments all over the globe, to the United States Naval Observatory, to Zachariah Stitchen and Marshall Masters, some of the greatest minds in the world have searched for Planet X at one time or another.

In most every case, their efforts have been attacked or thwarted by anonymous and powerful forces. The Planet X Cover-up in the Mainstream MediaThis is fully documented in my article The Planet X Cover-up in the Mainstream Media.

Many subscribe to the belief that Planet X was found in 1983 by NASA with the IRAS telescope. Nonetheless a public consensus about this and other evidence has been and currently is being suppressed by powerful elites and the institutions they control.

Given that the team had to gleam any truth possible despite this suppression, where does one begin to unravel such a twisted and ugly story? For this, the team turned its attention Southward.

The Neumayer Station in Antarctica

The team started in the direction where all known evidence to date pointed: the southern hemisphere. That is where Harrington found it and was assassinate before his work could be published.

After careful study, the team elected to begin its research effort, using publicly available webcam images from the Neumayer Station in Antarctica.

That decision immediately pushed this search for Planet X into a somewhat surreal experience, when the team began comparing the following two Neumayer webcam images. The first was taken on April 26th and the other on July 5th of this year.

Neumayer: 26-April-2012 Neumayer: 5-Jul-2012
Neumayer: 26-April-2012 Neumayer: 5-Jul-2012
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Both pictures clearly show a heavenly body of some sort. While the team was not exactly sure what they were looking at, they knew that it wasn't the Moon. Nor was it a camera reflection or glare.

After a lengthy period of written correspondence, Marshall organized a Skype conference call with the team to review the findings and to determine if there was sufficient evidence to publish an article.

The Masking Hack

The conference call, organized by Marshall Masters, was conducted on July 24, 2012. The call lasted just under 45 minutes. This was mostly due to the difficulty of analyzing the images, searching for catalogued objects and so forth.

However, what turned out to be the most significant event of that conference call was what happened in the course of that 45 minutes and immediately thereafter.

During the call, Marshall and the team members could hear an odd clicking noise in the background, which was assumed to be a Skype issue.

However, before the close of the conference call, the webcam images displayed on the Neumayer web page were changed in real time to this:

Neumayer: 24-July-2012 1 of 5 Neumayer: 24-July-2012 2 of 5
Neumayer: 24-July-2012 1 of 5 Neumayer: 24-July-2012 2 of 5
Neumayer: 24-July-2012 3 of 5 Neumayer: 24-July-2012 4 of 5
Neumayer: 24-July-2012 3 of 5 Neumayer: 24-July-2012 4 of 5
Neumayer: 24-July-2012 5 of 5
Neumayer: 24-July-2012 5 of 5
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What an incredible coincidence. Only the following conclusions can be drawn from the sudden, unprecedented change in view from the Neumayer camera:

  1. The conference call was illegally monitored.

  2. The Neumayer Station pictures Marshall and the team saw on the webcam page when they started the conference, were replaced with bogus images during the course of the call itself, by means of a masking hack.

  3. This was no accident. Whoever did this clearly had the resources to violate a private conversation and then hack a public web page in real time. This means that whoever did this, was directed to do so.

There can be no more incriminating evidence that the governments have something celestial to hide at the South Pole than than the illegal monitoring of the private communications of citizen researchers.

Something to Hide?

The team was dismayed by this malicious suppression of their efforts, however Marshall immediately charged the team with a new task. In his own words he said, "the masking hack was sloppy and they'll have to clean it up. Stay on target and see what happens."

The team did and to their amazement, Marshall was spot on. In the ensuing hours and days, the webcam images continued to show manipulation with a second method. Image cropping as shown below:

Neumayer Cropped: 1 of 3 Neumayer Cropped: 2 of 3
Neumayer Cropped: 1 of 3 Neumayer Cropped: 2 of 3
Neumayer Cropped: 3 of 3
Neumayer Cropped: 3 of 3
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In addition to masking, images were also being cropped. The effect of cropping is that the field of view of these webcam images, was reduced to that of the Neumayer station itself.

With continuous monitoring of the Neumayer webcam imagery, the team discovered that this ongoing suppression was happening after the fact and this presented the team with a new opportunity.

Given the images were being manipulated after the fact, somewhere along the way, whoever was doing would slip up and they did.

Situation Report:

In spite of the continual resistance and obstacles encountered, the team continues looking... Once in awhile, they find an unadulterated view from the Neumayer Station, as they did on August 10th, and again on August 31st.

Neumayer: 10-August-2012 Neumayer: 31-August-2012
Neumayer: 10-August-2012 Neumayer: 31-August-2012
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Both of these images were displayed on a Friday. Even the bad guys like to get weekends off.

Or maybe, just maybe, the Neumayer scientists standing watch every Friday didn't get the memo... The one that says they're supposed to cover the camera...

Either way, the pattern of violation, obfuscation and manipulation are patently clear. As is the celestial body that appeared in the images in this article, taken on July 5, 2012 and August 31, 2012. The rest, were a ruse designed to confuse and befuddle those who assume that our governments would never lie to us about something this big.

Well, they are. That is, if you have the guts to believe your lying eyes.