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Is the Nibiru System Now Observable From Above the Chemtrail Layer?

Yowusa.com, 29-May-2012
Marshall Masters

http://beforeitsnews.com articleThis morning I received a message from Barbara Townsend, Admin of the Planet X Town Hall about a news report published on May 28, 2012 by the beforeitsnews.com web site, titled, Nibiru System In Full Color As Seen By A Passenger On-Board A Commercial Aircraft over Melbourne, Australia May 28.2012 Exclusive

The photo in this report is stunning at first glance, but having over a decade of experience with such reports, I've learned to look beyond the photo, to what is being said about it.

That means, going first to the comments. There I found the usual cranks and disinformationalists at work, save for one anonymous comment that one could say is more revealing than the photo itself.

To their credit, beforeitsnews.com released this story on Memorial Day, thereby catching the disinformation wolf packs off guard. A damn smart move, because the attacks were not as polished as usual. This turned out to be a a real windfall for a full time researcher like me.

Consequently, another startling aspect of this image is that it was taken from above the chemtrail layer. This is vital because chemtrails are very real and do diminish visibility.

However, before delving further, we must see if the actual image itself valid, and if so, to what extent.

Validity of the Photo

The beforeitsnews.com Nibiru system photo shows an allegedly observed group of objects, that bear a striking resemblance to those in Avebury 2008 formation documented in my book Crossing the Cusp (Jan 2011) and in my video, December 21, 2012 - Two Suns in the Sky (Apr 2012) at Youtube.com/Yowbooks.


Note: The illustrations for the Avebury formation begin at 11:01 in the video.

The following analysis composite shows an image analysis of the allegedly observed objects, their grouping and how this compares with the Avebury 2008 formation



My analysis shows no apparent evidence of Photoshop manipulation. Under close examination, the three objects appear natural and are not artificial.

However, this does not dismiss the possibility of this being part of a highly sophisticated hoax, though that is less likely given the manner in which this image was attacked by paid disinformationalists.

Therefore, without corroboration, this is a very interesting photo with three bright objects shown in the upper left. That being said, the way it was attacked, is whole different thing.

The Attack

A key point to remember about the disinformation is how it is planted, and the smoking gun clue on the beforeitsnews.com page is as follows:

beforeitsnews.com, May 28, 2012 6:52
Posted by Anonymous on Monday

I don't see where the photo is an EXACT match to the crop circle at all.

Note: The above link is to a page capture just in case this particular anonymous disinformation post vanishes.

What immediately caught my eye with this tightly focused anonymous post, was "EXACT" is in all uppercase. Bingo! For me, this is as smoking, as a disinformation gun can get!

For anyone looking for a reason to balk, a post like this offers the perfect, "move along folks, nothing to see here" dismissal. This is because it invokes the 'smoking gun' threshold.

This 'smoking gun' threshold is one of the most brilliant and effective tools of elitist social programming of the masses. It is part of a larger strategy that not only alters the message, but likewise alters the perception it, or any other message for that matter.

The 'smoking gun' threshold plays on something known as the Sagan Standard. "Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence." While this was a great line for his book Cosmos, Carl Sagan, was a bit naive as he presumed fair play.

In reality, we live in a disinformation world and it is played in an arena of smoking gun Easter egg hunts, plausible deniability, covert intimidation and so forth. Overall, it is subtle, pervasive and largely misunderstood or simply ignored. But powerful nonetheless.

Ergo, the applicable logic is not a somewhat naive Sagan Standard. It is the old proverb, "ignorance is bliss," because disinformation simply could not work without it.

Lies are Bold, Truth is Subtle

Are Governments Suppressing the 23-July-08 Planet X / Nibiru Crop Circle in Avebury? Please keep in mind, I've been continuously studying the Avebury 2008 formation since it first appeared.

My first article Are Governments Suppressing the 23-July-08 Planet X / Nibiru Crop Circle in Avebury?, exposed an initial effort to suppress knowledge of the formation.

Since then, I've interviewed several crop circle researchers who personally walked the formation, published a book on this formation and I've produced a popular video as well.

As a devoted analyst and author of this formation, I must state for the record, that it would be impossible for this photo to be an "EXACT" match because there are no available aerial images of the Avebury 2008 formation, taken from directly above the formation.

All available aerial imagery was shot from an angle, as ultralight pilots chartered by crop circle researchers tend to avoid direct overflights. This is because the radiation from authentic crop circle formations can cause aircraft instrumentation to fail.

So what's the bottom line? The disinformation attack on this photo is the first corroboration of it one could say. This is because it invokes an automatic 'smoking gun' rejection. Classic social programming. However, this is not only about discrediting this particular photo.

More importantly, it is to maintain cover for the manner in which chemtrail spraying has dramatically reduced our ability to make ground-based observations from BELOW THE CHEMTRAIL LAYER.

Ergo, this photo could be part of a disinformation hoax planted in anticipation of future, similar observation reports.

But will this kind of strategy work? You betcha.

For years I've watched as paid disinformationalists did it all with cell phones and throw away e-mail accounts. The result is that when most see a cell phone picture of Planet X, the first thing that comes to mind is "sun dog," and they blow it off.

This sun dog strategy is a pretty big win for elites, because well over 70% or more of all cell phone sun dog photos are actually being planted by their disinformationalists. And that figure is conservative.

Consequently, the same logic will be applied here and with largely the same successful results, for most of the population.

So for those who believe this is going to blow the lid off of anything, wakey wakey. Time to smell the power of bliss. On the other hand, look at the bright side. You got this far without succumbing to your social programming, so why not go the rest of the way?

And for those of you who have understand all this since darn near forever, then you're like me. You're addicted to finding the truth, and here is what you need to know.

Above the Chemtrail Layer

ChemtrailsWhen I first started Yowusa.com back in 1999, I was told by a former intelligence operative that if I began posting articles about chemtrail spraying, I'd get slammed. Hard. Real hard.

Frankly, it wasn't an issue for me. Planet X was and is, my thing.

At the time, I never saw a connection between the two, chemtrails remained a low key aspect of my research. That was until now. Here's why.

I've personally interviewed a senior pilot for a major commercial airline about this. An unimpeachable source, he told me that he has observed numerous aircraft spraying chemtrails in the course of flying commercial routes over America and that these aircraft are usually painted to look like charter aircraft.

My answer to him was "Yes, this is well documented elsewhere on the web. So tell me something I don't know." He did.

What is different with this pilot's report is that he has observed actual spraying from aircraft operating in civilian flight lanes.

Furthermore, he used his own instrumentation while observing these aircraft from the cockpit of his own commercial jet, as they were spraying.

transponderWhat he discovered, is that chemtrail aircraft do not identify themselves using known military and civilian transponder frequencies.

This stunned him because all commercial airliners and private aircraft use assigned transponder frequencies.

A transponder (short-for transmitter-responder) uses assigned frequencies to help FAA air traffic controllers to identify aircraft.

Consequently, these chemtrail aircraft are flying and spraying in controlled airspace with complete electronic anonymity. Keep that in mind the next time you take to the friendly skies.

Therefore this raises the question as to who is handling chemtrail air traffic control, and what will they do about this?

Reaction to the Photo

AU Observation - 28dec2012The alleged Nibiru photo in the beforeitsnews.com is fascinating and I hope soon to be corroborated.

However, the reason why it is so valuable to me, is that provoked a hasty, paid disinformant social programming response.

Disinformationalists work for a living. It's how they pay their child support and alimony and they like to get weekends and holidays off as well.

Published on Memorial Day, this photo either caught them on a holiday and the response was hasty and therefore easy to spot. The result was an obvious social programming response tip off.

The obvious goal of this anonymous post was to immediately severe any connection between this Nibiru system photo and a very specific glyph in the Avebury 2008 formation, by evoking a subliminal social programming response.

For someone like me, gaffs like this are as easy to read as report card and trust me, they're not going to let that happen again.

But what made them rush in so quickly? And why is this glyph so important?

Here's the answer. This glyph is the key to unlocking the full message encoded by the crop circle makers into the video and it was discovered by Yowusa.com researcher and Canadian Engineer, Richard St-Laurent in late 2009. I explain it in detail in my video, in which I identify it as the legend to the "Star Map of Doom."

More importantly, for those of us with beady eyes on the road ahead, this spells the opening of a brief window of opportunity. One in which we may see more such images.

Not enough to prove anything to a distracted world, but more than enough to reveal the lies for what they are, so that future generations may know the truth.

And they'll need it, because in those days, the elites will have it all conveniently pegged.

"Oh my gosh, we didn't do this," they'll exclaim. "It's that object that did it and we're here to help - for a price."

Ergo, in time, we'll might just see more such photos, until the elites can conjure up a reason to confiscate cameras, or whatever it takes to suppress further authentic ABOVE THE CHEMTRAIL LAYER photos.

But in the meantime, we may net a few truly useful images, taken from ABOVE THE CHEMTRAIL LAYER. Given that window of opportunity will eventually close, let's stay frosty folks and keep our eyes open.