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Monsanto,  Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas and Planet X

Yowusa.com, 28-April-2012
Justin Braithwaite

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Monsanto, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas and Planet XThe corn being grown today is not even edible without processing.  This chemical-laden, genetically modified terminator corn has found its way into virtually every product we consume. 

High fructose corn syrup has all but replaced ordinary table sugar in everyday products like bread, spaghetti sauce, beer, soft drinks, anything with sweetener in it.  Ditto for corn starch and oils. 

One can't leave the grocery store without a product that contains this corn.  Not only are people and animals being slowly poisoned by this product, the link to diabetes and obesity is undeniable. 

The farmers don't even make money from the corn itself; they get paid for producing it in the highest volume possible and would go broke without the money from the government. 

Ask any corn farmer today if he would consume his own product and he will probably laugh.  The farmer who allowed the two college graduates to grow their acre of corn on his land did.

Ultimately, government subsidies pay to grow this corn, in these massive amounts, which is poisoning both man and beast, and leading to diabetes and obesity for many.

Prevent Farmer SuicidesAnd what is happening outside the United States where farmers don't receive governmental funding? 

In a short documentary by Frontline, a US TV series, it was reported that farmers using genetically modified seeds promoted by Cargill and Monsanto have led to rising debts and forced some into the equivalent of indentured servitude to the moneylenders. 

Every thirty minutes an Indian farmer commits suicide and in the last sixteen years, more than a quarter of a million farmers have died.

The farmers point to poor yields leading to mounting debt, an increased need for pesticides, and the higher cost of the Bt cotton seed sold by Monsanto. 

Farmers can't afford to buy new seed every year because of the terminator.  Nor can they earn a living using more expensive Monsanto seeds that, despite claims, still require specific pesticides and fertilizers.

The End Game

So, where is all of this leading and what does it have to do with Planet X?  Unfortunately, this all leads to the Svalbard seed bank in Norway and the elites plan for a post Planet X world.

The Svalbard Global Seed Vault is an underground, secure seed bank located on the Norwegian island of Spitsbergen that, at least on the surface, is intended to provide insurance against the loss of seeds in gene banks located around the globe, as well as serve as a refuge for seeds in the case of a large-scale regional or global crisis. 

Svalbard Seed bank.The seed vault was established under terms spelled out in a tripartite agreement between the Norwegian government, the Global Crop Diversity Trust (GCDT) and the Nordic Genetic Resource Center. 

Incidentally, GCDT was established through a partnership between the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and the Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research (CGIAR) acting through Bioversity International.

What all of that means is that this seed vault is a cooperative effort between the United Nations and Norway to preserve the world’s seed supply, "in the event of a global crisis." 

The Nordic Gene Bank began storing frozen seeds in an abandoned coal mine at Svalbard in 1984 and has deposited more than 10,000 seed samples of more than 2,000 cultivars of 300 different species over the years. 

Strange coincidence; NASA discovered Planet X in 1983, just one year prior. 

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The Global Crop Diversity Trust, i.e. United Nations, has played a key role in the planning of the seed vault and is coordinating shipments of seed samples to the vault from all over the world. 

Approximately 1.5 million distinct seed samples of agricultural crops are "thought" to exist in the vault, but the facility has a capacity to conserve 4.5 million. Think those are Terminator seeds they're storing in there?

It would be different if the 1st World governments had come clean with their people back in 1983, when Planet X was first discovered, and they were openly working with their people to prepare for it, but they didn't, and they’re not. 

The cover-up of Planet X has been well documented.  Instead, our leaders have used all of their power to conceal its existence from the world while working feverishly behind the scenes to save themselves. 

Doomsday Seed VaultThey have built elaborate bunkers and ghost cites around the world and they have stocked them well. 

When the time comes they will simply disappear and leave the rest of the world to fend for themselves. 

Therefore, how could the Svalbard seed bank possibly have anything to do with helping mankind?

While Planet X isn't going to leave much standing in its wake, it won't be a total extinction level event. There will be survivors that crawl from the ashes.  People are going to try to start over, survive, and build a new life for themselves and their families, if they can.

Tragically, as if leaving the common man in the dark to fend for himself from Planet X were not incomprehensible enough, the Svalbard seed bank is a testament to the elite’s determination to rule the post Planet X world. 

Gold and silver will not be the currency in that world, seeds will be.  Who will the survivors have to go to if they want to plant crops?  The elites; they will control the new world's supply of seed, and therefore, the world. 

The ultimate goal of the elites has always been to rule the world and they are going to use Planet X and their seed vault to accomplish it.

Is Virginia Due an Apology?

We now come full circle to the question, that Virginia Thomas is due a full and sincere apology from Anita Hill for something that happened 19 years ago. 

Consider this.  In today’s political climate of sex, lies, power and corruption, combined with the elite’s control of the mainstream media, what is shown on the evening news is rarely the truth. 

In light of the inconsistencies with both testimonies given, would it really be that far of a stretch to consider an alternate theory?  Perhaps the Hill and Thomas actually were lovers, or perhaps, even had an affair.

Thomas testified that he frequented her house on "a number of instances"and that alcohol was consumed, did he not? 

Therefore, is really too much of a stretch to wonder if that on one or more occasions they were intimate, and at some point, perhaps under the influence of alcohol, Thomas confided what he knew about Monsanto and their plans for the future to Hill?

Anita HillAnd put yourself in the place of Anita Hill, what do you do to stop it?  There is nothing you can do, until Thomas is being confirmed for the Supreme Court. 

Is it not possible that Anita Hill did the only thing she thought she could to prevent a Monsanto attorney from getting confirmed to the Nation’s Highest Court? 

A worthy question as in the process she put the whole world ahead of herself, her reputation, her life and the lives of her family. 

For this reason, should any part of this account be remotely true, then Anita Hill shall be remembered by future generations as one of the greatest heroines in the history of mankind.  

As to the apology Virginia Thomas demanded if Anita Hill.  No such nobility is warranted, when one marries an enabler of slavery.

But that is merely the opinion of this author, because this explanation is, a sort of fiction based on fact.  Therefore, with so much at stake, you the reader must draw your own conclusion.


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