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Is Hiding Under the Covers, Your Plan for 2012?

Yowusa.com, 28-January-2012
Marshall Masters

Is Hiding Under the Covers, Your Plan for 2012?So far, the biggest disaster of 2012, is a pandemic of denial. Instead of seriously contemplating what is necessary for planning and preparation and do it.

This includes many who have been following this topic for some time and are jumping into bed and pulling the covers tightly over their heads.

Does it make sense? Only if you ignore recent solar activity, unusual weather patterns, Earth trumpets, mass die offs, a significant increase in the number of major quakes and the list goes on, and on, and on, and on, and...

Yet, the only thing that could wake up some people, is to see a sinkhole swallow their house — then only maybe. Just maybe.

There is even a new level of desperation to this denial.

Tell the Truth

Case in point is a letter sent to us by Lucas Sebastian in Germany, who insists that we need to “tell the truth” about the 9.5 earthquake that struck Siberia on December 27, 2011, in response to my recent Cut to the Chase interview with John DiNardo on January 21, 2012.

Cut to the Chase, 21-January-2012
Harbinger Signs of Edgar Cayce's Pole Shift Predictions — 2012 Researcher, John DiNardo

Harbinger Signs of Edgar Cayce's Pole Shift Predictions  2012 Researcher, John DiNardo Here we are in 2012 and the signs are manifesting. On December 27, 2011, a 9.5 quake hit Siberia with little mention in the news. Even though it tied with the deadly 9.5 quake and tsunami that struck Chile in 1960, the reporting was intentionally deceptive.

This is because the current measurement scale understates the magnitude relatives to to the 1960 measurement scale. Therefore, had the recent 9.5 quake in Siberia been measured with the same scale as was used in Chile in 1960, it would have been more on the scale of a 9.8, making it the largest ever recorded in the last 100 years.

Apparently, this interview induced a knee-jerk, blödmann response by Lucas to wit:


regarding article:  http://yowradio.com/?p=591

Check out following website to get accurate and correct infos about this mentioned earthquake:

would appriciate a statement/new comment on this on that webpage, or, if you prefer doing so,
deletion of that article as it does not tell the truth; magnitude was 6.6 instead of 9.5(!)



Well Lucas, that particular quake happened in Russia (just like Operation Barbarossa.) Therefore, is it not best to use reporting from as close to the event as possible?

Interfax-Ukraine, Dec 28, 2011
Quake reaching 9.5 rocks southeastern Siberia

Siberia  MOSCOW - The intensity of a powerful earthquake that rocked the southeastern part of Siberia on Tuesday reached 9.5, Russian Emergency Situations Minister Sergei Shoigu said at a teleconference in the early hours of Wednesday.

"The earthquake's intensity in the epicenter has been estimated at 9.5. The main threat will come tomorrow morning. As soon as the people wake up, they will see cracks in the walls, stoves, and chimneys," he said.

It was reported earlier that an earthquake reaching 8-9 in the epicenter had been recorded in the Kaa-Khemsky district of Tyva 100 kilometers east of Kyzyl at a depth of 10 kilometers at 7:22 p.m. Moscow time on Tuesday.

Also note, there are numerous, well-documented examples of how the USGS, NASA and other taxpayer supported agencies are doctoring, redacting, downplaying and manipulating data. Just Google "disinformation" and a whole new world opens up.

Perhaps that's why the elites want to close Youtube.com down with an Orwellian Internet law like the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA), which will no doubt resurface, under a new and improved oxymoron, such as military intelligence or the Patriot Act.

By adopting a Chinese-style Intranet policy, elites can finally silence those annoying, dedicated Youtubers and their inexplicable craving for the truth.

That way sheeple like Lucas Sebastian of Germany, can feel snug and safe with the covers tightly drawn over their heads, as they repeat the idiot's mantra, "I trust the government to tell me about something this big."

If You're Still in Denial, Do You Deserve to Die?

2012 MovieThe situation today is frankly just as surreal and insane as a Hollywood movie. Think about the movie 2012.

Streets break up and split apart in Los Angeles and how does the media react?

With arrogant denial buffoonery, which of course signals the audience that all of these arrogant idiots have had their warning and now they're going to die miserable, cinematic deaths. Whoopee! Now that's entertainment!

FYI. Who doesn't die in the film — the 1%. Perhaps the lyrics of Jazmine Sullivan says it best for the 99%. “I'm not scared of lions and tigers and bears [oh my].”

So what is the real world take on this? If you're still in denial, you're stupid and you deserve to die.

And what a pity it would be if this should happen to be your dying thought, after being caught flatfooted and unprepared, by a catastrophe. So yes, if you're still in denial as you read this, then the bottom line is this. You do deserve to die.

In particular, I'm talking to those of you who have been following this for years and have found every possible reason, excuse, or stipulation for crossing this bridge when you come to it. It won't be there when you need it and there will be no Plan B.

However, what boggles the mind is the reasoning of folks, who when things start to pop will stand up and say “see I was right I saw it coming, now will you follow me? Of course, not that I prepared unlike those who have always been ignorant of this. I had a choice and I chose to be informed and completely unprepared. That makes me smart."

Please note. A three-day supply of batteries and water doesn't count, does not qualify for a do-over. Ergo, you more than anyone else, deserve to pay the bitter price, because you've known better for some time and consistently chose to kick the can down the road at every opportunity.

Using The Remaining Time to Best Advantage

A common feature of 2012 denial, is a complete and total brain fart, when it comes to the calendar system.

December 21, 2012All 2012 prophecy deals with the last weeks of December 2012. Yet the minute it turned January 1, 2012, some 350 days vanished underneath the bed covers for many.

Like a Poor Polly in denial and tied to the railroad tracks, they repeat the mantra "If I think a train is coming, I'll only manifest it."

What a pity, because the window of opportunity missed is that access to equipment and supplies that can save your life when everything goes to hell in a handbasket is closing.

It does not take rocket science to see that the cost of food is continually on the rise and this situation is getting worse – not better!

For example, the next time you tank up with Ethanol blend gasoline, keep this little fact in mind.

Financial Times, August 28, 2011
Estimates for US corn harvest cut due to heat exposure

Food price inflation looks set to continue as a threat into 2012 as expectations for the US corn harvest, the world’s largest, are being lowered by the week.

Analysts and trading executives are cutting estimates of how many bushels each acre will grow as the effects of punishing heat last month result in smaller ears of corn. The private sector estimates are well below already disappointing official forecasts published earlier this month.

The odd thing is that we eat Corn to survive and so does the livestock we butcher and pack in cellophane wrapped packages.

However, commercial grade (buzz-free) hemp yields four times as much ethanol per acre as corn. It is also easier to farm than corn and requires less water. But when it comes to special interests, logic be damned. We're eating the same fuel as pigs.

This is especially troubling when you see that shortfalls in the corn harvests and parallels shortfalls in the other principal grain crops we need to feed ourselves.

The New York Times, June 4, 2011
A Warming Planet Struggles to Feed Itself

A Warming Planet Struggles to Feed ItselfThe rapid growth in farm output that defined the late 20th century has slowed to the point that it is failing to keep up with the demand for food, driven by population increases and rising affluence in once-poor countries.

Consumption of the four staples that supply most human calories — wheat, rice, corn and soybeans — has outstripped production for much of the past decade, drawing once-large stockpiles down to worrisome levels. The imbalance between supply and demand has resulted in two huge spikes in international grain prices since 2007, with some grains more than doubling in cost.

Those price jumps, though felt only moderately in the West, have worsened hunger for tens of millions of poor people, destabilizing politics in scores of countries, from Mexico to Uzbekistan to Yemen.

Arab SrpingThe only reason why Westerners are not taking to the streets like they did during the Arab spring, is that while art grocery costs are skyrocketing, all those wonderful gadgets we like to buy from Chinese factories like iPhones and personal computers are falling in price.

Consequently at the end of the year, Westerners are not feeling the pinch that much on balance. At least not enough to make us want to rip the covers off, so as to see the light of day.

But if you're a poor Arab living on a few dollars a day, when the price of flour and rice and other basic commodities increases far beyond what ever small sliver of discretionary income you may have, the result is a meatless diet of overpriced grains and the broken promises of hopelessly corrupt governments.

But as long as were using our wonderful little electronic gadgets to read about what these hungry people are doing and how it is changing their world, we feel snug with our little iPhones because they offer the perfect way to crawl under the covers and to feel even more safe and secure in one's own ignorance.

Now is the Time

Is this article insulting? Of course it is, because the author is angry at seeing how so many people who already possess this knowledge are desperately clinging to irresponsible notions that enable them to kick the can down the road each day.

Why buy winter we and rice and beans and said of stockpile for yourself and for your family when you could use that money to buy new gadgets, or to invest in Botox treatments and tanning salons.

As a character played by Humphrey Bogart in the 1949 film "Knock on Any Door" said, “Live fast, die young, leave a good looking corpse.”

Folks, now is the time to start planning and preparation. If you think the smart thing to do is to order a one year supply of canned food and put it on your credit card, you're in for a surprise. Those transactions will be tracked by Homeland security, and when the worst happens, they'll bust down your door, arrest you and your family for hoarding and confiscate your supplies.

concentration campWhile they're loading you into the back of one truck headed for a FEMA camp, you'll see everything you bought being loaded into another truck which will most likely be sold on the black market by corrupt officials.

“Can't happen” you say! Read the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) recently signed by President Obama. Of course Obama said there were provisions in the bill he would not sign.

Political promises like that translate to "all it needs is a tune-up and "trust me, I won't stick it all the way in." The schmuck signed this filthy bill anyway, but then again...

Can anyone explain why the only thing a deadlocked and acrimonious Congress can agree on from both sides of the aisle and with equal enthusiasm, is to trash the Bill of Rights?

As yes, it's a done deal folks. All it takes to brand you as a terrorist now, is the intention to buy a ham sandwich and if you're a vegan hoarder, tough darts farmer - you're screwed as well.

In other words, buy your supplies in small quantities, from different places, pay cash and then keep your damn mouth shut. And do it while things are still available and somewhat affordable, because once the guacamole hits the fan, you'll be in the breadless lines along with all the other clever folks.

Nonetheless, those who are offended and feel the need to spout a similar blödmann rant as Lucas Sebastian of Germany, that's fine by me. The future could use one less moron.

Otherwise, get off your butts and get to it folks. We have less than a year and that means dying time is near.