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Is Comet Elenin a Brown Dwarf Star? – An Exclusive Interview with Dr. Mensur Omerbashich

Yowusa.com, 01-June-2011
Marshall Masters
Contributors: Ed Douglas, Richard Goodwin and Terral Croft of the Planet X Town Hall, Comet Elenin Research Team

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Is Comet Elenin a Brown Dwarf Star? – An Exclusive Interview with Dr. Mensur OmerbashichQuestion 8 Continued: You are a direct descendant of Viceroy Boril Boric (1153-1165), a Black Knight Templar and Bosnia’s first ruler. Have your ancient family connections to secret societies been an influence in your work?

...As for the second part of your question, I am not aware of any connection of my family with secret societies, as we practice staying in open. Wasn’t it Freemasonry and Illuminati who stole the plot of them being the reincarnation of the ancient Knights Templar? The English do steel lots of things, as recent history shows, territory and natural resources being just a sample.

So imagine what they do to something as unprotected as storylines! For instance, recall that Freemasons count all great minds into their former members, alas only after those fine people die – conveniently so that they cannot deny it… Indeed, we see Anglos and their little helpers (London bankers, Zionists, etc.) for what they truly are. We put stress on truth.

9. Many on the Web believe that Elenin is a brown dwarf star, an unborn sister sun to our own Sol and your paper is often cited to bolster their theories. Simply put, do your findings indicate that Elenin is or possibly could be a brown dwarf sun?

I am not an expert on solar physics, so I cannot answer your question.

10. In the 1970's, astronomers such as Carl Sagan openly pondered the possibility that we live in a binary star system and that Nemesis the Sun's dark twin was to be found in the Oort Cloud. With this in mind, do your findings indicate the possibility that we actually are living in a binary star system and that Sun's smaller sister is a brown dwarf?

Again, I cannot answer that question as I am not an expert on solar physics. But I always admired Sagan’s imagination, especially when I was a kid.

11. When compared with the Comet Halley, the coma of Elenin is half the size. Likewise, when compared with Comet Hale-Bopp, which was a bright magnitude 0 comet, Elenin will at best, be a magnitude 4 or 6 - just visible to the unaided eye. Lacking the size and brightness of any number of great comets and by a substantial factor, how is it that Elenin qualifies as georesonator causality.

The trajectories of other significant (relatively sizable and relatively slow) celestial objects, including those you mention, all have forbidding inclinations. Obviously, not being coplanar to our solar system, it is thus impossible for such objects to ever align with any of the bodies that compose our solar system.

And those that occasionally do align are mostly short-periodic, meaning they usually travel on an elliptic-parabolic trajectory, making their approach less relatively slow than that along the legs of a hyperbola (virtually straight lines for the most part of the Elenin’s travel through our solar system). Furthermore, most other objects make no significant gravitational shadow, i.e., they do not drag a sizeable amount of gravitationally locked particles, etc.

12. Given the present ephemeris for Comet Elenin, it will be 0.2 AU from Earth when the next planetary alignment happens on September 27, 2011. Assuming we fix September 27, 2011 as the peak of a bell curve, what do you see as seismic event possibilities, preceding and following this high point on the curve?

As I already mentioned, mass plays no role in my concepts, so the same goes for distance as related to mass in the Newtonian-Einsteinian magical view. As mentioned in my alignments paper, the Elenin will speed up significantly from August-October on its sling-shot pass about the Sun. During that time, the Elenin will not have enough time to partake in long alignments, and all that it will be able to produce in terms of setting off the resonance magnification (earthquakes) is some mild seismicity as predicted by my concepts, mostly due to the size of the Sun when the Sun is involved in the alignment.

Worth noting is that I do neither modeling nor prediction of specific earthquakes. Based on the pattern of resonance magnification for strong seismicity during long alignments, I provide only the status of our planet's overall oscillatory excitation from the mantle's magnified resonance as set off by celestial alignments. You can find this status at: http://sites.google.com/site/omerbashich/. (Note there will be no status updates when there are no significant alignments, as only the quiescent times in terms of strong seismicity are expected under my concept in the absence of significant alignments.)

Without auxiliary information on precursors, locations of strong earthquakes can be approximated only once the planet goes well into an alignment. This practically means that most accurate prediction would require additional knowledge on atmospheric, solar-activity and other types of non-terrestrial precursors.

Such precursors have been studied for decades. They do fit the georesonator concept, as a consequence of the proposed forcing from the Space towards the Earth, and not some magical "outgoing radiation" as proposed by some to be originating inside the Earth and propagating outwards.

HRH Mensur Omerbashich PhD, The Sovereign Duke of Bosnia and Head of the Royal House of Bosnia, Croatia and Serbia, is a scientist who has made fundamental discoveries in theoretical geophysics and theory of spectral analysis. Over the course of his career he worked as lead geodesist at Berkeley National Laboratory in California, at Geophysics Institute of Hungary in Budapest, etc. He published dozens of research and technical papers, and served as reviewer for scientific journals.

He was EC Marie Curie Fellow, invited speaker at scientific conferences in EU and US, and member of various scientific associations and bodies. Prior to obtaining PhD in theoretical geophysics from University of New Brunswick in Canada, he obtained Diploma in Advanced CADD from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Under provisions of dynastic and other international laws, Dr. Omerbashich announced in 2010 the Act of Claim resuming right to sovereignty of Bosnia, which has been usurped since the Ottoman occupation of 1527.

The usurpation continued under the Habsburgs and Karajorjevichs on to the non-lustrated communist cadre of today, as the de facto government in behalf of the joint self-declared usurpers – sovereigns of UK and other nations who appoint their colonial governors as rulers of Bosnia with viceroyalty powers.

### End of Omerbashich Interview ###



Is Comet Elenin a Brown Dwarf Star?Commentary by Marshall Masters

The goal of this research is not to find who is right. It is to find the right thing to do. With this in mind, I will present feedback from Ed Douglas and Terral Croft of the PlanetxTownHall.com, Comet Elenin Research Team regarding Omerbashich and his theories.

Findings of Ed Douglas

In addition to being an Elenin team member, Ed Douglas is also a Planet X Town Hall Administrator and has always brought a critical eye to technical and scientific discussions. His findings are as follows:

Sometimes, to research a person, you must look at their circumstances, and associates. Dr. Mensur Omerbashich has a web site, that is on the 'fringe'. Not what I'd expect from someone with a doctorate in a science field. The survival groups seem real enough, with realistic demands.

The scientific theories are sound, but where is the smoking gun? Where are the pictures? When will infrared pics of Elenin be displayed by someone on this planet? This all gives me pause to totally jump on the bandwagon.

I believe what Omerbashich and Terral say is scientifically possible, and even probable. But I don't have these theories in my cache, and must follow the science.

The scientific paper does make sense, and I've researched many of the events noted, and in some cases, there are more alignments than mentioned. Using Elenin alignments as a seismic indicator speaks for Elenin having much more mass than a "comet". I believe this to be true, but still am holding out for the proof.

While Ed's findings do not throw the baby out with the bath water as the old expression goes, he remains highly dubious, as do I.

The Shockley Disconnect

While Omerbashich's scientific arguments are difficult to follow, his persistent inclusion of unrelated and off-topic hate issues in his answers, certainly blurs the line between his professional objectivity and his issues.

The result is a hate-tainted theory. Consequently, impartial thinkers attempting to follow the work, must first separate it from the man. A messy process. I call it the Shockley disconnect.

Left to Right: Brattain, Shockley and Bardeen Dr. William Bradford Shockley Jr. He co-invented the transistor, and was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1956, along with fellow invertors, John Bardeen and Walter Houser Brattain.

A staunch advocate of eugenics (as was Nazi Germany), Shockley deemed blacks genetically inferior to whites and unable to achieve their intellectual level.

The result was the Shockley became a pariah for his peers and the media. In the process, his views trashed the many accolades and honors that surely would have been his as well as that of co-inventors, Brattain and Bardeen.

Instead of becoming heroic men of science, all three were consigned to the dust bin of history, as a direct consequence of Shockley's widely unpopular personal views on unrelated matters.

Some believe his discovery and Nobel prize was actually a freebie thanks to the craft recovered at Roswell, and that he simply blew it, in a very stupid way. When you stop to think about it, it makes sense really.

If you're really not the genius who invents something this significant, the honors and recognition mean less to you. Rather, a convenient opportunity to blow smoke at the public about something you do think you've got a genius bead on.

Consequently, with Omerbashich, I cannot appreciate any aspect of his theories on Comet Elenin, without a Shockley disconnect – separating the man from his hateful stupidity.

That being done, there is a correlation between certain celestial alignments and recent major earthquakes. However, with regards to any correlation between his theories and the possibility that Comet Elenin is a brown dwarf star, Omerbashich coyly evaded both questions.

However, Omerbashich's frequent anti-Semitic quips bring a focus dichotomy into play. It is as though he wants us to focus on something else other than the existence of an unborn, binary twin to our Sun. Perhaps there is a hidden agenda here, so the question remains: is Comet Elenin a brown dwarf star?

Findings of Terral Croft

Terral Croft is a very strong advocate of the Comet Elenin brown dwarf theory, even though Omerbashich would not grant his independent request for an interview. Here are his findings:

Hi Marshall:

I tried to correspond with Dr. Omerbashich about his paper and he did not have the time. The raw data supports my ELEnin/dwarf star thesis to a tee without asking any questions or gathering more input from Dr. Omerbashich. I rather like the fact that he was writing a georesonation/hyperresonator thesis paper and made our case without realizing we are tracking a dwarf star using the ELE orbit/flight path. 


Between Terral's optimism on one side and Ed Douglas's critical concerns on the other, the PlanetxTownHall.com, Comet Elenin Research Team has a good balance. This really helped Richard Goodwin and I, to formulate a list of interview questions for Omerbashich.

Nonetheless, Omerbashich refuses to engage Terral's interest in the theory that Comet Elenin is a brown dwarf star. Bottom line. There is no clear cut answer or attempt to provide one. Then again, the dichotomy between gratuitous avoidance and rabid hate mongering does signal the possibility of an undisclosed agenda. This brings us to the question ̶ who is right?

Marshall's Findings — Who Is Right?

Here I can only speak on what I see as the real story. As such, my views on this topic have always been more aligned with Richard Goodwin who is a centrist in all this. For me, the truth in this business is like bread crumbs and you'll find them on the table and on the floor.

However, no matter where you find them, you must fetch them up, dust them off, and savor every morsel, as thanks to a media controlled by a handful of elites, crumbs are pretty much all we've got.

Therefore, based on the evidence available, who is right. Omerbashich for his proposition that Elenin is a georesonator; Terral for believing Omerbashich's paper supports his brown dwarf theory, or Ed Douglas and his contention that the flaws outweigh any basis for a credible prima facie case either way.

7x35 BinocularsMarshall's vote is none of the above until Comet Elenin crosses the 7x35 threshold. 7x35 is the most popular size for binoculars. We use them for bird watching, sporting events, hunting and so forth. Many people have a pair around the house because they are very affordable and widely available.

Ergo, when Comet Elenin is visible with a 7x35 pair of binoculars, enough people will be seeing the same thing. More than enough people will be observing the same object at the same time, so as to settle any residual debates about this object.

Short of the 7x35 threshold, the only right answer about Comet Elenin is offered by the Hopi Indians of the American Southwest. They got it right a long time ago and unlike other warnings. Dating back to 500 B.C., Hopi folklore remains a vibrant, living tradition to this day.

Hopi Blue Kachina ProphecyTheir predictions for this time are known as the Hopi Blue Star or Blue Kachina Prophecy. Simply stated, the Blue Star Kachina (a.k.a. Nan ga sohu) will be harbinger sign and regional catastrophes on Earth. The appearance of the Blue Kachina signals our one remaining chance to change our ways. They believe their Blue Star prophecy, as strongly as Christians who believe in the Rapture.

What they envision is that after the Blue Star Kachina passes, the Purifier, The Red Kachina comes next. Those who who have return to the old ways will not be harmed. Those who do not, will face death in an unimaginable tribulation.

In fighting terms, you could say it is a lethal one-two punch. Elenin is the Blue Star left jab that rattles our focus. After that, the Planet X Red Star comes at us like a bone-crushing, right uppercut.

Despite Omerbashich grandstanding of hate, his georesonator theory does presents a prima facie case for Elenin's role in recent seismicity, vis-a-vis simple statistics.

However, while this is a statistical cause-and-effect relationship with regards to alignments, is Omerbashich with Elenin as the sole cause? A tough question since Elenin is by no means as big or as bright as a great comet (such as Halley or Hale Bopp), so how does this relatively young comet generate this seismic perturbation power he suggests?

Here is where Omerbashich's cagey but polite, avoidance of a brown dwarf sister star to our own Sun gives me pause. Either he wants to keep things simple so that his theory works as-is, without having to revisit his data or there is an hidden agenda. If so, what could be the aim of this agenda?

The Hidden Agenda

One thing is for sure, a significant amount of disinformation is being injected into this topic. Since the days when I began writing articles for The Millennium Group back in 1999, I've been following the rise and fall of various topics of interest in this genre

What I'm seeing here is strange chatter so to speak. Think of it this way. The government raises security levels after it detects a substantial change in the frequency and character of terrorist chatter. While they cannot decipher it, they can find pattern norms and thereby detect deviations. Consequently, when the chatter ratchets up, something bad is afoot.

This is what is at play here, with Comet Elenin. I've followed the public discourse on Comet Elenin since its discovery in December 2010 and what I found was what you could call an unusual chatter pattern.

There are two types of public discussions in this genre: Organic and synthetic. Organic discussions follow a stair-step pattern to a point of critical mass, then peak and fall off with occasional rises. An organic public discussion, is not the case here.

Hidden AgendaWith Comet Elenin, I'm seeing a synthetic pattern where fear, uncertainty and doubt (FUD) are being injected into the public discussion on Elenin.

Here there is an unnatural growth pattern in the topic. Instead of a gentle stair-step, the dialog almost immediately rises to a peak level and then struggles there, before it collapses upon itself, in a useless heap.

Furthermore, unlike previous synthetic manipulations, this new approach is more artful, in comparison to previously used disinformation ploys. Assuming this is so, what is they do not want us to see - or do?

Again back to the Hopi prophecy where the Blue Star Kachina precedes the Red Star Kachina, The Purifier as they call it. If we remove the folklore story and focus on the celestial events, we see a strong connection between Comet Elenin, Planet X (as a brown dwarf) and coming tribulations.

What we then see is Comet Elenin as the Blue Star Kachina. Currently, beyond the orbit of Mars, it approaches the core of our system from the Northern skies, and it will cause grief for our planet.

Crossing the CuspThe Red Star Kachina is the brown dwarf Terrals advocates, but it is approaching from the Southern skies and is likely still beyond the orbit of Pluto as of this publication date, as described by the Avebury 2008 formation I document in my book Crossing the Cusp: Surviving the Edgar Cayce Pole Shift.

Assuming that the Avebury 2008 formation is accurate, how does the Omerbashich georesonation/hyperresonator thesis apply here? It could point to the possibility that both objects are perhaps approaching from the same general area of space.

Ergo, Planet X or the brown dwarf star in loose alignment with Elenin is the missing link in Omerbashich's, Elenin/seismicity statistics, as suggested by Ed Douglas. Perhaps yes. Perhaps no.

Nonetheless, the hidden agenda suggested by Omerbashich's behavior, plus the unusual disinformation chatter propelling this discussion clearly points to one conclusion. While Comet Elenin may be a partial causality of recent seismicity on our planet, it simply does not tell the whole story. This is the transcendent point, in all of this.

If people are stampeded by disinformationalists into believing that Elenin is a brown dwarf, all the natural disasters that occur before and after it comes to its closest point to Earth, will be solely attributed to Comet Elenin.

As a decoy, Elenin is useful to this purpose as its largely uneventful passage will disarm people and dissuade them from looking for the influences of an approaching brown dwarf star. What is arguably a factor in the recent rise in major earthquakes, given the massive amount of reporting on surface perturbations of every body in our solar system with an atmosphere — of any kind.

The resulting paralysis of an Elenin non-event with regards to the public discourse, will generate reticence within the mainstream towards any kind of constructive and active preparation.

In other words, all the disinformationalists need do, is to create a smoke and mirrors public dialog about Comet Elenin. The result is that more people will die, when the Hopi Red Kachina (Purifier) finally does appear.

In a world governed by elites who believe that survival belongs to the fittest (namely themselves), perhaps the hidden agenda Omerbashich is so keen to sidestep, is deeply rooted in eugenics. In other words, if you're a stupid eater, you deserve to die.

The bottom line is this. If you're easy to spook into reticence, you'll waste whatever remains of this ever-shrinking window for preparation, on a pointless fool's search for a smoking gun.

Luxury Survival BunkerThen when the Red Kachina does arrive, you finally cross that bridge to an early grave.

As you do, elites will hunker in their bunkers and give thanks that to their disinformation operatives for what they've done for them. That they'll have fewer stupid eaters to contend with, when the dust finally settles.

That's the real Elenin agenda folks. You're with it, or you're not. You choose.


[1] [2]



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Like UFOlogy, the hope is that if you create a pile of pictures high enough, perhaps at some point the truth will reach critical mass and voila-disclosure. Unfortunaetly, just like Marxism, it's one of those inspiring fantasy goals that can never be achieved.

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