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Is Comet Elenin a Brown Dwarf Star? – An Exclusive Interview with Dr. Mensur Omerbashich

Yowusa.com, 01-June-2011
Marshall Masters
Contributors: Ed Douglas, Richard Goodwin and Terral Croft of the Planet X Town Hall, Comet Elenin Research Team

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Is Comet Elenin a Brown Dwarf Star?  An Exclusive Interview with Dr. Mensur OmerbashichA vocal minority view holds that Comet C/2010 X1 (Elenin), is a brown dwarf star in a long elliptical orbit around our Sun.

Whatever this object may be, it is now inbound from beyond the orbit of Mars. Astronomers are following its course into the core of our system. They maintain that it is a relatively young comet, which then begs the question ̶̶ when is a comet not a comet?

In contrast to that question, Elenin brown dwarf proponents often cite a paper written by Dr. Mensur Omerbashich that is available through the Cornell University Library. What makes this paper so useful is that it connects seismic events like the recent earthquake in Japan, to celestial alignments involving Comet Ellen.

Cornell University Library, 11-Apr-2011
arXiv:1104.2036v1 [physics.gen-ph]

Astronomical alignments as the cause of ~M6+ seismicity

I here demonstrate empirically my georesonator concept in which tidally induced magnification of Earth masses' resonance causes seismicity. ...I used the comet C/2010 X1 (Elenin), as it has been adding to robustness in terms of very strong seismicity since 2007 (in terms of strongest seismicity: since 1965). The Elenin will continue intensifying the Earth's very strong seismicity until August-October, 2011. Approximate forecast of earthquakes based on my discoveries is feasible.

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Dr. Omerbashich's paper presents what he sees as a cause-and-effect relationship between recent seismicity on earth and the approach of Comet Elenin, that goes back decades. However, His paper does not suggest, nor present the possibility that it is a smaller, unborn binary twin to our own Sun, so we contacted him to request a written interview, and he accepted.

All three members of the Goodwin of the Comet Elenin Research Team, Ed Douglas, Richard Goodwin and Terral Croft discussed Dr. Omerbashich's interview and the actual list of questions presented to him were penned by Marshall Masters and Richard Goodwin. The goal of the question set was threefold:

  1. Clarify the cause-and-effect relationship between Comet Elenin and recent major earthquakes.

  2. Vet the author's background in response to issues raised by Ed Douglas of the team.
  3. Test for support of the Comet Elenin brown dwarf star theory advocated by Terral Croft.

As per our agreement with Dr. Omerbashich, our questions, along with his answers, are presented as-is and without editing or modification. Following this interview segment, Marshall will present his findings on the question: is Comet Elenin a brown dwarf star, and if not, then what is it?

Yowusa.com Exclusive Interview
with Dr. Mensur Omerbashich

Questions submitted by Marshall Masters and Richard Goodwin on May 25, 2011, Answered by Dr. Omerbashich on May 28, 2011

1. In your paper, ASTRONOMICAL ALIGNMENTS AS THE CAUSE OF ~M6+ SEISMICITY, you present Comet C/2010 X1 (Elenin) as a georesonator causality for an increased pattern of major earthquakes, all across the planet. What is a georesonator and how does this apply to Elenin?

A forced mechanical oscillator is akin to soldiers step-marching across a bridge. The bridge eventually collapses when the critical resonance magnification is reached matching the grave period of oscillation of the bridge. Georesonator is one such concept in which the whole Earth is thought of as a closed mechanical oscillator forced externally by celestial bodies.

As I showed back in 2003, Earth gravity responds strongly to alignments with the Moon and the Sun. Such alignments disturb Earth masses systematically and measurably so much so that magnification of mechanical resonance gets set off. I now tested the concept empirically, by using all celestial bodies in our solar system’s "plane". I was thus able to demonstrate that most bodies (when aligned in a specific fashion; for longer than around three days; etc.) are also capable of setting off the resonance magnification, thus causing earthquakes.

Basically, the impact of resonance magnification on the mantle, which makes most of the Earth’s mass, gives rise to tectonics and, separately, to strong (~M6+) earthquakes as well. The inclusion of the Elenin to improve the robustness of the empirical test was justified by the fact that geophysics community is still clueless as to the source of most of the energy supplied to the Earth and required for tectonogenesis i.e. moving of the mantle/plates, as well as for causing strong earthquakes.

The georesonator and its generalization, called the hyperresonator, account for that universally, i.e., regardless of what heavenly object one is talking about. For example, if we know that volcanoes on Earth erupt with burning-hot lava, but on Titan they spew ice-cold ammonia, the cause of volcanic or, generally, mantle dynamics on Earth cannot lie in thermo-nuclear reactions and processes, but is essentially mechanical.

An important facet of the georesonator is that it explains why the Pacific Rim and Mediterranean regions are such tremendous shakers: naturally on the georesonator, largest bodies of water (actually: the absences of land mass needed to conduct vibration) act as virtual attenuators of excess vibration. Thus the largest bodies of water on Earth, namely the Pacific-Indian Oceans system and the Atlantic Ocean-Mediterranean Sea system, are likeliest places for strongest seismicity to occur on the georesonator.

This means that most of the mechanically induced seismicity gets shaken off the georesonator by exactly those regions, respectively, as the vibration basically arriving from all directions ends up locked up within the largest landless rims first. For very strong seismicity (M8+), which occurs during multiple very long alignments, this division gets blurred, so that even inland regions become prone too.

2. What was it that first drew your attention to Elenin and has incorporated this object into your research? Has it compelled you to revisit any of your previous theories?

The Elenin was suitable for testing of my concept because its trajectory, with inclination of around 1º, is virtually coplanar to our solar system. It also approaches the Sun relatively slowly, traveling along the legs of a hyperbola. These characteristics are enabling long alignments amongst the Elenin, the Earth and a third body.

The Elenin also drags gravitationally locked particles spanning 30k+ km, but neither its relatively small mass nor relatively low density constitute forbidding factors for causing strong earthquakes in the georesonator. No other object with similar properties has been noticed in our solar system in the past few decades, to the best of my knowledge.

In fact, I estimate that objects with as coincidental such characteristics as the Elenin’s can appear at most twice per century. This made the passage of the Elenin a unique opportunity for testing my concepts empirically as robustly as possible, given that instrumental records of earthquakes span barely one century too. So there is no reason why the Elenin would make me revisit my concepts as its behavior has been in excellent agreement with them.

3. Your georesonator concept, as applied to the Elenin, is based on your hyperresonator equations. What inspired you to first conceive your hyperresonator equations?

Clearly, the georesonator was just a special case, as it applied to a specific set of closed mechanical oscillators. I wanted to see if generalizing the concept to the absolute realm would have a physical meaning too. So I developed absolute generalization in 2006 and 2008, and called it the hyperresonator.

In it, every object regardless of its location or time is perfectly tuned with every other object. Thus no time or location must have a role in the hyperresonator equations, especially if we know that space, time, and space-time are all just imaginary concepts without any physical meaning whatsoever, unless such meanings are declared by convention (postulated within theories).

Indeed, as I have found, there exists an exact physical-mathematical relationship, thereby a unique physical meaning as well, linking object’s grave period and its orbiter’s orbital period, with c, G and e, at a given scale. This means that the grave period of oscillation (that each object naturally possesses) is not a random number, as previously believed.

The hyperresonator equations are the first analytical expressions for actually computing the value of a physical constant, the values of which are normally determined experimentally. This also proves that G is not a constant but simply a coefficient, as others have long suspected. Finally, what the orbital-oscillatory equations of the hyperresonator are basically saying is that a gravity field is simply a state of aether’s vibration.

4. Your hyperresonator equations also challenge the validity of Einstein's General Relativity theory and Planck's Quantum Physics. As a former geologist for the Berkeley National Laboratory in California and the Geophysics Institute of Hungary in Budapest, how have your peers responded to your hyperresonator equations?

Hyperresonator equations do not simply challenge, but immediately invalidate both Einstein's General Relativity and Planck's Quantum Physics theory as fundamentally flawed. Newton’s assumption on constancy of G, and the faked "physical units" he attached thereupon to G only in order to close his theory physically as well as mathematically, have made his theory obviously flawed to begin with.

By accepting this fundamental flaw, Einstein made his own theory of general relativity a mere alternative (Riemannian-geometry) description of the Newton’s theory. Adding a new member into the Newton’s equation in order to account for higher order terms has not changed the elementary flaw, as Einstein never altered G. There are no physical units in the hyperresonator equations – just proportions and scales, that is, all quantities are either unitless, or they carry derived units only. And, as I already mentioned, there is no explicit dependency on time or space or time-space, meaning the equations describe a fundamental principle.

As for quantum physics being disproved by the hyperresonator, take for example the entanglement, the non-locality, and other "strange phenomena". They now all turn out to be simply consequences of the fact that georesonator-determined rules for orbiting and oscillating of everything on Earth do naturally provide the settings for all quantum experiments to trivially "work" – even at a distance, but which still is only a terrestrial distance completely defined by the georesonator.

Here a distance is a geodesic on the georesonator and not just on a "body of that-and-that mass and density" any more, which was a simplistic view. Thus quantum physics will most certainly exhibit same phenomena differently from a solar system to a solar system; or, from a celestial body to a celestial body. Worth noticing here is the failure of all experiments aimed at accurately determining the value of G, which continues to this day so that G is the most poorly resolved of all official constants.

Upset by this, Einstein once remarked that, if any field of research had a potential to invalidate his theory, then it will surely be geophysics. Evidently now, such a low accuracy of G-experiments is due to previously uncounted-for georesonator, a circumstance which, while providing settings for fake "quantum physics" to apparently work, at the same time thwarts real mechanist physics from producing best possible results.

Curiously, Einstein never believed quantum physics was real either, distrusting its immense reliance on something as vague as statistics. As for the second part of your question, I never discussed the hyperresonator as there is no point in discussing a theoretically demonstrated concept other than noting that the derived equations are correct.

Besides notifying the NIST of my discovery, I also submitted it to Annalen der Physik journal, which published Einstein’s relativity papers, as it should be normal for a journal that published a theory to also publish that theory’s disproof.

But after the initial review by Editor, Professor Hehl, who exclaimed "So it was that simple!", he came back saying he was facing opposition to publish it. Some years later, I found out that it was probably a Stanford physicist and an active Zionist who keenly objected my equations. Just how smart it is to object an equation (where two sides must be equal, hence the name), I leave it to your readers to judge for themselves.

To illustrate the rigidity of the game they played though, his official reasoning was that a mechanist was not allowed to use a thought experiment (of marching soldiers) unlike relativists (Einstein’s elevator) or quantum physicists (Schrödinger’s cat).

Reviewers need not be witty or honest these days; some are willing to go as far as ridiculing equations while hiding behind anonymity, meaning they will even resort to argumentum ad verecundiam just to achieve some behind-the-scenes agenda. I still consider that paper submitted and I am waiting for Annalen der Physik to publish it with due apology.

I tried hard to understand the psyche of people in the particle physics community who want to explain one magical concept of gravity by looking for the "God’s particle". I can imagine how powerful it must feel when thousands of minds get high on trillions in taxpayers’ funds, and then all of the sudden a fellow comes in who instead finds a "God’s tune" – immediately linking the Kepler’s laws to all of gravity theories ever contemplated, while by the very nature of his discovery, making also all those trillions essentially misspent.

5. The Electric Universe theory is very popular on the Web and puts forward the concept that there is electricity throughout the Universe and that bodies in space have electrical interactions as well. How does your georesonator compare with the Electric Universe theory in terms of Comet Elenin and could there be any correlations?

I am not familiar with the details of that theory. Bear in mind though, that electromagnetism can also be a byproduct and a feature of a closed mechanical oscillator.

6. Many are concerned with the ongoing changes in the Comet Elenin's orbit and some have speculated that it is "under intelligent control." Have you found any evidence whatsoever to corroborate this intelligent control theory and if not, what do you believe accounts for these orbital changes?

I was not concerned with such changes, be them real or not. I used the Elenin’s latest trajectory solutions. All I can say is that the Elenin has been behaving as postulated by my concepts, just as all planets in our solar system do.

There is one exception which confirms the rule, as they say. It is the Mars, which I showed is unable of causing strong seismicity. Its influence via alignments is in terms of weaker seismicity only. This can be seen from the latest long alignment Earth-Venus-Mars of 22-25 May, which resulted only in a significant increase of M5-M6 but not ~M6+ earthquakes.

7. You mention 'Gravitational Shadowing' throughout your research paper. Could you explain what is meant by that term and how it applies to the discussion of Comet Elenin?

Gravitational shadowing is explained and illustrated in my 2008 paper titled ‘Scale Invariability’ (http://arxiv.org/abs/0801.0876). Recall that Newton saw gravity as an unexplainable "attraction between mass objects acting upon each other at distance". Scientists nowadays would call it a paranormal phenomenon and most certainly would stay away from it.

Somehow though, here we are centuries later, still stuck with it as the pillar of all science. Newton’s biographers have noted though that he has built such a view based on his obsession with the occult and the alchemy, pure and simple. Namely, in such a view, there is nothing in between the bodies, and the entire action of supposed attraction occurs supposedly through the void.

So in the end, as math never lies, his attraction equation ended up having a minus sign he could not explain. No one else could either, and the sign is by now normally omitted from all uses. But what the minus sign really indicates is that gravity is not attractive, as Newton would surmise and Einstein subsequently adopted, but repulsive instead.

So, I asked myself: what if gravity is actually a mechanical vibration along the masterfully tuned aether (also known as fabric of Space, vacuum energy, etc.), coming from all directions simultaneously to the observed body? Such a generalization turned out fruitful indeed, as I was able to derive my hyperresonator equations demonstrating that an oscillating-orbiting system is not structured in an arbitrary fashion but is instead tuned, from scale to scale.

It’s like a God’s symphony if you like; heavenly waves enveloped in harmony, from octave to octave. The fabric of Space is thus tuned in a most masterful way of all: the coefficient of proportionality, G, is what we all remember from elementary school geometry and biology as the most essential base of all, e, at a prescribed scale.

Recall also that there are many natural or mathematical relationships which line up with e. so G turns out to be no exception either. Thus the gravitational shadow can be viewed as that obstruction to gravity vibration, which is caused by one body to another, thus masking the aether’s forward-propagation of mechanical vibration from everywhere to the body of interest. In other words, I abandoned what was probably the last geocentric view in history of science, and took a more logical view – that of omnipresence rather than local appearance favored traditionally.

Therefore the gravitational shadow is a new measure of gravity, which complements or replaces the concept of mass, depending how you look at it. Thus a gravitational shadow is the factor which is at least as relevant in the alignments-triggered resonance magnification as any of the Newtonian parameters: mass, density, or distance (the latter in so far as it concerns the object’s relative size i.e. its gravitational shadow only – without considering the object’s mass).

8. You are a direct descendant of Viceroy Boril Boric (1153-1165), a Black Knight Templar and Bosnia’s first ruler. Have your ancient family connections to secret societies been an influence in your work?

Black Knight Templar Viceroy Boritch was the common direct ancestor to all Bosnian kings and bans, or the founding father if you like. His recently uncovered coat of arms along with other information indicate that he could be the deposed rightful King of Britain, Count Eustace IV, who went on missing in 1153. A year later, we have a founder of a new State at the Drina River (border between Roman Empires; today Bosnia-Serbia), surfacing out of the blue and bearing only a viceroyalty title yet wearing royal insignia…

Interestingly, an eminent British archeologist has recently claimed that King Arthur was actually a Croatian Knight whom he somehow linked to our own lineage. To complete the story: the Omerbashichs are matrilineally-directly the lineage of former Nemanichs too, who come from Knight Templar (and Boric’s brother-in-arms, and son-in-law) Stefan Nemanja, the founder of Serbia.

Note the etymology of our surname: Omer+Basha, which is Semitic for Firstborn King, in the meaning of dynasty founder. Namely, the Ottomans conquered Bosnia in early 16th century, while committing horrific crimes including regicides of kings and even child-heirs. My ancestor Duke Stjepan Berislavic, who was also a cousin of a Croatia’s ruler, after valiantly leading the resistance for decades in the north and to the west, got slaughtered for refusing to convert to Islam.

His execution was ordered by the Sultan’s grandson Husref, who administered Bosnia. After it became obvious that the Ottoman power was overwhelming, Duke’s heirs converted in order to preserve the bloodline. Since military leadership was the tradition in our lineage, they were in return granted the highest military posts in the Ottoman army. (To this day, we have never occupied a civilian authority post though.)

Instead, the Sultan’s grandson placed civilian government in the hands of Sephardic Jews who were brought in from Spain and Portugal thanks to Pope Borgia (a bloodline of Spanish Jews who posed as Catholics). The Sultan’s grandson then founded Sarajevo for his new Jewish elite that took Islam in return for their new status of usurping nobility, along with the usurped land of our most noble ancestors.

The few thousand families of this elite rules Bosnia to this day, and are easily recognized by their surnames’ suffixes of “begovic” and similar. Their treacherous character is best seen in occasional service that they provide to the English geostrategic interests, while maintaining Bosnia a coo-coo place where "logic does not apply and justice does not rule". (As recently as last month, they committed a real silent putsch, by which they maintain the ludicrous state of affairs in Bosnia; perhaps making it again a catalyst of a World War, just like in 1914).

Namely, being virtually in the Pope’s backyard, Bosnia is of London’s utmost interest but only in a state of permanent instability. England’s atrocities towards Catholics are horrendous and always sneaky, beginning with the Richard the Lion Heart’s sabotaging of the Crusades, then with the Order of the Dragon sponsoring the Ottomans’ conquest of Rome, and finally with Elisabeth I and her mental army of quislings a.k.a. the Freemasonry that continues fighting her unholy war to this day ever since she vowed the old continent would never again supply able men to the Papal armies (used normally to try civilizing the Anglo-Saxons)… (Continue to next page...)

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