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Is Comet Elenin a Decoy?

Yowusa.com, 15-May-2011
Marshall Masters

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Is Comet Elenin a Decoy?Without question, Comet C/2010 X1 (Elenin) is a very important object and one that deserves close attention. However, it long from being visible to the naked eye and in the interim, we are presently seeing is a lot of speculations, misinformation and carefully crafted disinformation.

Consequently, most are in a quandary as to what this object actually is, and what that means to us. Is Comet Elenin a clear and present danger as many believe? Alternatively, is it as astronomers now tell us, a relatively young and interesting comet but one that falls short of the criteria, needed to be dubbed a Great Comet.

Environmental News Network, May 5, 2011
Comet Elinin

C/2010 X1), was first detected on Dec. 10, 2010 by Leonid Elenin, an observer in Lyubertsy, Russia, who made the discovery using the ISON-NM observatory near Mayhill, New Mexico.

Comet Elenin should be at its brightest shortly before the time of its closest approach to Earth on Oct. 16, 2011. At its closest point, it will be 22 million miles from the Earth.

.3 Light Years is well inside the Oort Cloud, the source of long period comets such as Comet Elenin and other objects as well.

Alternative theories abound, including those who believe it is:

a) Planet X
b) The Nemesis dark star astronomers debated in the 70's
c) The Star of Bethlehem to herald the second coming
d) An alien mother ship under intelligent control.
e) All of the above.

Nonetheless, what do we see right now? Images on the Internet and sources that are often difficult, if not impossible to verify with any sense of certainty. A process that leaves many feeling as though they're piecing together an immense tabletop picture puzzle, and the corner pieces are nowhere to be found.

Consequently, there is only one credible reality.

That ALL of us will not know the answers to questions such as these, when this object finally crosses what this author calls 7x35 threshold later this year.

How will we know we've crossed the 7x35 threshold?

When people over the world are standing out in their backyards and observing this object with a common pair of binoculars such as we use for sporting events, birdwatching and the such. At that point, we'll all be admiring the view with copious outpourings of oohs and aahs, or nervously crapping our collective pants. Until then, this debate will continue to spin like a Whirling Dervish.

But in the midst of all of this speculation and theorizing, one theory has yet to be proposed. That being that this object is not a clear and present danger, but rather, a genuine object that by convenient coincidence, has become a useful decoy.

Why a Decoy?

Assuming that Comet Elenin is in fact, a convenient decoy for disinformationalists, then what could be goal of this manipulation? Assuming such an effort is presently underway, it would obviously serve the following three goals:

  1. The natural disasters now being attributed by he approach of Comet Elenin could in fact be the result of another, unseen or unforeseen causality. Another object approaching the core of our system, that will achieve its closest distance to our sun, long after Comet Elenin is well along the way, back out to the hinterlands of our solar system.

  1. Assuming the goal of the disinformationalists is to quell public interest with a Comet Elenin non-event flyby when it passes closest to the Earth, makes it a perfect decoy. One that will have led countless people down unproductive rabbit holes , thereby exhausting their interest in the topic. The result is that most will simply walk away in disgust, and not only from the Comet Elenin discussion, but Planet X, as well.

  1. Therefore what is the point of this theoretical decoy exercise? To ensure the greatest number of casualties when the true causality wreaks havoc on our planet.

Simply stated, Comet Elenin could be used as a decoy to further the aims of elites to reduce global population in the most expeditious manner possible.

The fewer the survivors the better as feeding the current global population during a global cataclysm, and then on in a post-historic world, is simply impossible. Natural disasters worldwide are already impacting food production, reserves and prices.

Oil RefineryAdd to this the lost of the oil infrastructure (such as refineries, terminals, pipelines, etc.) that oil-dependent agribusiness interest depend upon and the result will be starvation, anarchy and violence on a global scale.

Assuming this decoy theory holds true, that more who perish the better for these elitist goals, what is the principal mechanism used by their disinformation minions? In a word, it is "oneism" as this authors prefers to call it.


Since the days when mankind finally figured out how to string guttural sounds together to form languages, our ancestors have sought simple answers to fundamental questions, such as how we came to be and why the world is as it is. Lacking a scientific method and favoring simplicity, the answers always draw upon single concept to connects all the dots so to speak.

Whether you believe God created all that we know in six days or the Great Flabazz shook a cosmic bush for fun, makes no difference. It is all still rooted in oneism, which works rather well when explaining issues, while huddled around a campfire with meat on the spit.

Even in this modern age with all our fabulous technology, we still cling to the ingrained oneism of our ancestors, as it is a very hard habit to break. Although we know better on one hand, on the other we are all to easily lured in the direction of of simplistic answers. A quest that all too often, turns out to be a fool's errand.

The only real changes the Internet has brought to this ancient predisposition are immediacy, reach and ease of manipulation. Therefore, our insatiable quest for oneism via the Internet, is working in favor of disinformationalists with great success. Likewise, a small effort is all that is needed. Just the right push at the right place and at that right time.

Like a small rock holding up a boulder the size of a house, all they need do is to kick a oneism stone out from beneath the boulder, and gravity and mass will do the rest.

Interestingly enough, the tactics used by disinformationalists in the Comet Elenin controversy are more subtle and far less heavy handed than before. This is to a large extent the result of an awakening of many on the Web who now pinpoint and challenge more overt forms of disinformation and propaganda.

An example of these newer, more subtle techniques happens when a genuine, independent researcher posts an article. Once it gets traction with readers, disinformationalists post a critical debunking that uses loosely applied science to cast doubts about the article.

While there are genuine cynics who do contribute to the dialog, a classic tactic used by disinformationalist cynics is to spike the debunking. After skewering the article with loosely applied science, the debunker closes with a throw-down, credibility-killer, such as professing a belief that the truth can only be found in one religion or another.

The result is that for all those who are trying to make sense of the original author and the debunker, are tarred by the same brush of incredulity. The result is a zero-sum result that exhausts people's attention, which is exactly what the disinformationalists want to achieve.

Ergo, instead of being aware of the true threats and needs facing them, far too many people invest great amounts of time in speculating and arguing about agendas, theories, and notions before deciding to jump upon the bandwagon of this approaching object. Herein is the greatest, if not saddest, reality. Indecision and reticence.

This then brings us to the logical question. Assuming Comet Elenin is being used as a decoy, is there any science that can give give at least a modicum of credence to this assertion? Such can be found, if one goes back to 2009.

The Two Mysteries of 2009

If one uses the JPL orbital simulator for Comet Elenin and backs it up to the first half of 2009, Comet Elenin is shown as being just beyond the orbit of Saturn. Then by August 2010, it shows this object flew inside the orbit of Jupiter where comets do light up and are discovered. This was the case when C/2010 X1 was subsequently discovered by Leonid Elenin in December 2010.

Yet, all of the planetary alignment, earthquake theories for Comet Elenin fail to address the 2009 time frame, and two rather disturbing mysteries reported for that year, by mainstream science. Oddly enough, these new disclosures combine to give credence (at least on a Hollywood level) for Roland Emmerich's blockbuster film, 2012, starring John Cusack.

2012 MovieReleased in late 2009, Emmerich's 2012 featured a star-studded ensemble cast weaving their way through a catastrophic pole shift. The film opens with a presentation of the scientific premise for the scenario, that postulates that a new form of neutrinos from the Sun is causing the Earth's core to heat up. This in turn, triggers the catastrophic Earth changes and subsequent geophysical pole shift portrayed in the film. So was it all just Hollywood science or is there a deeper story, or perhaps, a coincidence?

In the many months leading up to the release, several theories were bantered about by Sony's marketing spinmeisters, including a Planet X flyby and consequently, NASA's planned Planet X debunking of the film was pointless. Not that it stopped them from attacking a ghost premise for the film, which in fact never materialized.

When the film was released, the premise that a new form of neutrinos were heating Earth's core, was laughable for some and just good entertainment for others. Originally scheduled for release on July 10, 2009, the film's actual release date was to November 2009. Then in the following month a very interesting news story was published by National Geographic.

National Geographic, December 24, 2009
North Magnetic Pole Moving Due to Core Flux

Earth's north magnetic poleEarth's north magnetic pole is racing toward Russia at almost 40 miles (64 kilometers) a year due to magnetic changes in the planet's core, new research says.

The core is too deep for scientists to directly detect its magnetic field. But researchers can infer the field's movements by tracking how Earth's magnetic field has been changing at the surface and in space.

Now, newly analyzed data suggest that there's a region of rapidly changing magnetism on the core's surface, possibly being created by a mysterious "plume" of magnetism arising from deeper in the core.

If this is interesting, then as the old saying goes, "wait until the other shoe drops," for 2012, which it finally did, but not until this month.

The Daily Galaxy, May 05, 2011
Mystery Cosmic Rays Zapping South Pole -- "From
the Neutron Star of the Vela Supernova?

Cosmic Ray MuonsBetween May 2009 and May 2010, IceCube has detected 32 billion cosmic-ray muons, with a median energy of about 20 teraelectronvolts (TeV). These muons revealed, with extremely high statistical significance, a southern sky with some regions of excess cosmic rays ("hotspots") and others with a deficit of cosmic rays ("cold" spots).

Over the past two years, a similar pattern has been seen over the northern skies by the Milagro observatory in Los Alamos, New Mexico, and the Tibet Air Shower array in Yangbajain.

The mystery remains perplexing because the hotspots must be produced within about 0.03 light years of Earth. Further out, galactic magnetic fields should deflect the particles so much that the hotspots would be smeared out across the sky. But no such sources are known to exist.

There are three types of neutrinos: electron neutrinos, muon neutrinos and tau neutrinos. In this case, this muon "hotspot" is was some .3 light years away, which is well inside the Oort Cloud, which is nearly a light year away from our Sun. It also happens to be the source of many long period comets such as Comet Elenin, as well as other objects of interest. (Continue to next page...)

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