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The Next Chapter Will Be Ours

Yowusa.com, 25-April-2010
Marshall Masters
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The Next Chapter Will Be Ours Unlike Coast to Coast AM, which dominates the USA paranormal radio market, Kevin Smith is that man to beat on an international scale. His show has global affiliates, spread across the globe and when you compare his global audience against that of Coast to Coast AM, he's the global king of the paranormal radio hill. Given the global growth we're now seeing with Planet X and 2012 interest, that makes his show a superb venue.

What I also find interesting about Kevin is that he does not suffer fools lightly. When he goes to open mic and someone calls in for a brain dead 15 minutes of fame, or to spout something completely irrelevant to the dialogue, he confronts them and then dumps them with about as much ceremony as a hot cow pie. Consequently he has groomed a very savvy, global audience.

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For me as a researcher it's simple. You make money or you make a difference. This is why you do a show like Coast to Coast AM to sell books, and trust me, nobody does it better. On the other hand, you do shows like Red Ice and Kevin Smith if you're looking to get the word out to more savvy, survival-oriented audiences.

Callers with Intelligent Questions

In my interview this April with Kevin Smith, we started out with the usual one-hour show. As with Red Ice, it extended not just to the second hour. He then let his affiliates go so we could go on for another 30 minutes via his Internet site only.

This is quite remarkable for radio and the reason why we went overtime, was partly because we had over half a dozen call-ins and they were all awesome. Each caller asked questions that were spot on, with the material being presented. In terms of open mic call-ins, this was the blue moon event I'd been waiting for all these years, and there were the lean years to be sure.

Back in 2003 I appeared several times on Coast to Coast AM, I always dreaded the open mic segments, as intelligent questions were the rare exceptions. Most callers were so busy redialing the access line, they never took the time to seriously think about a constructive question.

To be frank, many of their questions were as dumb as a sack of hammers so I did the same thing other Coast to Coast AM guest do. You sidestep born-dead questions and use them launch unrelated answers, or to pitch your book.

Yet Kevin's callers really impressed me. For the first time since I started doing radio and TV interviews on the topics of Planet X and 2012, each call-in brought something truly constructive and useful to the dialogue. It was a genuinely exciting time for me!

Not only was this show with Kevin remarkable in that regard, but something else happened that zaps us from straight out of the blue.

Disinformation Faux Pas

About halfway into the show, Kevin's Internet access and telephone PBX access suddenly died. It was not a problem that originated in his studio, but rather, by someone outside who anonymously pulled out all the plugs.


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Kevin is a very astute host and while his producer was scrambling to fully restore their PBX and Internet connections, he noticed an abnormal sound in what is usually called the white noise (you usually hear between breaths.)

However, this was not a machine noise. It was man-made and Kevin called it out while he was on the air. After that, Kevin and his producer were able to restore their Internet and PBX connections and we resumed the interview.

Those of you who've followed my site over the years know that this is the kind of anomaly I like to jump on. So the next day, I downloaded the show and decided to study the attack. Here is what I found.

Just before the attack, I was explaining my view of the recent health-care reform bill saga, which is covered in detail in my article titled, Health Care Reform and 2012 — Where's the Beef?

What I told Kevin's audience is that I believe the purpose of this legislation was to create a new Federally mandated 2012 revenue siphon that will further bleed the middle class between now and 2012.

This is because when you actually look at how the bill is structured between now and 2012, the focus is on the revenue side with a few benefits for children and those who are already insured. However, it is only after 2012 that we begin seeing the “reforms” promised.

After I made this point is when anonymous disinformationalists pulled the plug on Kevin's show. In retrospect, it turned out to be a windfall given that I've been producing radio and video shows and programs for many years and I have a few tricks of my own.

When I analyzed the anomaly that Kevin instinctively homed in on, it was clear that whoever was disrupting his show was using a laptop computer.

I'd provided an analysis to Kevin in an audio file which you can play from this site, and he played at the following night on his show. In that you will hear someone typing and there is a voice that seems punctuated in sharp as though someone's arguing or stunned about something; though it's indecipherable because of the other white noise.

However, the interesting thing is that the sounds immediately stop after Kevin called them out. Likewise, you'll notice that there is no absolutely sound of Kevin doing any keyboarding while he is speaking. The conclusion is simple.

Kevin's show was being monitored and when I expressed my opinion about the 2012 implications of health-care as a way to subsidize globalist agendas, the show was knocked off the air all across the globe.

All things being equal, catching a disinformationalist red-handed with a hasty stunt is life as usual for guys like Kevin and me. It just comes with the turf.

So then, what is the greater meaning of all this, or more specifically why should you care. If you really are not serious about the topic than there's nothing for you to care about. However, if you do care and you've struggled through the three questions I mentioned at the outset of this article, there is a gem of reality in this bizarre event.

NibiruShock2012 Disinformation Attacks

This incident on Kevin's show confirms something I learned from an ascended guide in 2008 via a reliable sensitive we enlisted for channeling research on Planet X. Unlike most sessions, it was one of the few where I posed a specific question about disinformation strategy and tactics.

What brought this one, was the consequences of a series of articles and videos we had produced on NibiruShock2012. In these videos a whistle blower presented Planet X images, leaked from the South Pole Telescope

After we posted the article, First Two Planet X SPT Leaked Image Videos by NibiruShock2012 Now Seen as Highly Credible in 2008, the ungawa hit the fan and we were broadsided with disinformation attacks like nothing we've ever seen.

Keep in mind, this website dates back to December 1999 and we published our first Planet X article in 2002. From 2002 to 2008, we watched how things progressed, including the 2003 nonevent predictions that had unnecessarily panicked so many people. However, even with all of that, we had never seen anything but misguided efforts. Though erroneous, the intent was genuine.

With all that we received a mix of email. Most of it positive, but there are always the poison pen cranks. However none were as organized or delivered in a consistent and orchestrated manner as these NibiruShock2012 disinformation attacks.

The onslaught was brutal, but rather than back down I pulled back just enough to study this new twist in Planet X research. This is when I met people who understood exactly what was going on and they were extremely helpful in showing me how to deal with it.

While organized and well-funded disinformation is a persistent problem, following their attacks makes more sense than just fighting them. These folks have resources we can only dream of and when they are attacking someone, it because they have something important to say. Something their employers task them to silence.

Likewise, when they are stampeding the public down rabbit holes, that's useful too. You quickly see where you do not need to expend precious time and energy. These tactics work!

The Next Chapter is Ours

However it was a dialogue with a guide called Serapis Bey, during an unforgettable channeling sessions that I was able to move beyond this tactical level ― to a much broader strategic level. One far beyond the aims of those spreading disinformation with vicious personal attacks and it led me to the real essence of what is happening and what is at stake for humanity.

As Serapis Bey explained it to me through our channel, human evolution is like a very large book with many chapters. At present we are coming to the close of the current chapter which Serapis Bey told us is the exclusive domain of the elites seeking to manipulate events to their own advantage with fear, lies and deceit. He emphasized that there was no way to change close of this present chapter, but that the next would not be theirs.

Rather, Serapis Bey tells us that the next chapter will be ours and when I say “ours” I mean the meek of the Earth. Not as they are defined by the current definition in the dictionaries, but meek as it was originally used.

What Serapis Bey also explained is that people like those who disrupted Kevin's show and who have been attacking us and many others, are very much aware of this fact. However, despite their grand schemes and machinations, they do not have a guaranteed lock on the next chapter of this book and they know that! This is a real burr under their saddle.

This is when Serapis Bey made the most important point. The more we come into awareness and demand our right of free will, the more likely the next chapter will be ours ― not theirs. Therefore at this moment in time what I can say to you, my readers and those of you who have followed all of our work for the last decade is this.

If we are resolute the next chapter of this book will indeed be ours and it will inscribe the promise of a much more beautiful, compassionate and loving world. Not some much because we believe it, but because now we can finally see the harbinger signs. The meek truly will inherit the Earth.


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