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The Next Chapter Will Be Ours

Yowusa.com, 25-April-2010
Marshall Masters
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The Next Chapter Will Be Ours For those who are just starting out in their personal Planet X and 2012 research, the first question they typically asked themselves is, “am I nuts, or is there really something here?” The second question they ask themselves once they have determined they have rational interest is, “who can I trust?”

Then, further on comes the most difficult of the three questions. “Is their real hope for us as a species? Is this a dead-end catastrophic future or the beginning of an evolutionary event that will lift humanity one big step further, towards a more noble and enlightened destiny?”

In all frankness, a certain answer to this third has long been as elusive for me, as it has been for many.

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Yet only now, after a decade of continuous research am I'm beginning to see a rock solid promise of a future reality that transcends the opacity of belief, with tangible substance and form. That we are approaching an evolutionary point of critical mass.

Something New On the Horizon

Keep in mind, that there is still no guarantee, but now, after a decade of steady pursuit I can see it as clear as the sun rising above a distant mountain range. To share this with you view with you, I offer two recent radio interviews I gave to Red Ice in Sweden, and Kevin Smith in Phoenix, Arizona.

What excites me about these two interviews is how they demonstrated a clear and recent shift in the public perception of this topic by a robust and growing minority. I will detail what happened in these interviews which are also freely available to you from this page by permission of the hosts.

For the first time I can see clear evidence that the numbers of these enlightened individuals are swelling. If successful, these growing numbers will become the critical mass, or tipping point that moves us decisively across the Rubicon of evolution, to the next step.

To begin explaining why, I need to share why I have dramatically limited the number of media interviews claimed I now give to outlets other than our own.

Prerecorded Interviews Only

About eighteen months ago, I have posted a notice on my media web site, MarshallMasters.com stating: “Marshall is currently working on a major book project. Due to the demanding nature of this project, he is only available for prerecorded interviews at this time.”

For a guy often accused selling books, why on Earth would I turn down a valuable source of free promotion for our books? The reason is that live appearances are extremely draining.

Jumping in front of a microphone or video camera is the easy part. The hard part is to be on the receiving end of a tremendous amount of negative energy, generated by some audiences.

While other media guests in the genre may be tone down or mitigate their message to give audiences room to escape reality, I pull no punches. For me, this has never been an entertainment topic and the result is that first time listeners can often feel a good deal of fear and anger. That's the way it is with this topic and no amount of sugar coating can change that.

Consequently, there are times when this negative reaction is quite palatable because audiences cannot walk away from it despite their emotional responses. Consequently they project very genuine and human feelings. Were I simply an entertainer, that would be a factor to be managed as with any other. Like they say, it's just business ̶ or is it?

As a researcher and author, these kinds of responses comes with a heavy trade-off. On one hand, there is the necessary mission of public education, but on the other, the time need to re-energize yourself after a few hours of dealing with newbie angst. This is pretty much where things were for me over the last 18 months. Then something new happened.

Hosts Going Beyond Audience Comfort with 2012

Red Ice RadioIn early March of this year I received an invitation to do a radio show with Red Ice Radio. An Internet show based in Sweden. Like my own show Cut to the Chase show, Red Ice is recorded off-line.

I've always done it this way since starting Cut to the Chase in 2004, because this style of production gives me the ability to first listen to my guests as a host, then again as an editor/audience member.

It is a laborious process that takes roughly my wife and me three full days to produce a single show. A small price to pay, because as a researcher, it helps me catch invaluable insights that would otherwise be missed. So naturally I was a bit curious to see how they do the same thing.

I accepted their offer and we initially planned for one-hour interview, which of course went two hours. (With the permission of Red Ice radio, you can listen to both hours from this site.)

Looking back over the years, I must admit that this was probably one of the best Planet X / 2012 shows I've ever done. The Red Ice producers and host thoroughly researched my sites and their questioning was incredibly intelligent. It wasn't the usual, “so what's the latest and greatest disaster new Marshall?”

The result was that we were able to cover a lot of ground, and the show was extremely popular. However, what made this show different in my mind, was the degree of preparation that the hosts brought to the interview and how they conducted it. They were principally exploring the topic for themselves and bringing the audience along for the ride.

Conversely with most shows, the hosts need to be mindful of what their audiences can accept. Even though most hosts are way ahead of the curve, relative to their audience, they've must be ever-mindful of what is acceptable to their audience. The result is that many interviews tend to rehash the same fear-based, newbie angst issues.

However, the folks at Red Ice clearly had the confidence to push beyond the envelope. For them, the topic was not just the latest entertainment gig. It was something of personal importance to them.

As you listen to this interview and hear this commitment to knowledge, compare it with similar interviews you've heard on the topic over the last few years and you'll hear the difference.

Granted, this alone does not paint the critical mass I mentioned earlier, but when you listen to it and the interview I gave the follow month to Kevin Smith of Kevin Smith Radio, it will all click into place.

To help put this in perspective, let's next compare two popular paranormal radio shows. Coast to Coast AM and Kevin Smith.

The Global King of the Paranormal Radio Hill

Just because you appear on a show with a large audience doesn't mean the interview will be beneficial. For example, I appeared on the 'X” Zone show with Rob McConnell several times and his love of flippant, sophomoric humor about the end of life as we know it failed to resonate with anyone. His audience or mind, so never again ('nuff said.)

On the other hand, there are radio hosts to whom you never say never no, like Kevin Smith, who airs his show from Phoenix, Arizona. What I like about the guy is that he really does believe in “truth, justice and the American way.” So when he asked me to come back, how could I refuse? Besides, he can kick some serious butt and I like that! So does his audience. (Continue to next page...)

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