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Planet X Counterpoint: NASA Would Have Told Us By Now

Yowusa.com, 12-January-2010
Marshall Masters

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Planet X Counterpoint: NASA Would Have Told Us By NowIn this first article in this series, we'll examine the common Planet X counterpoint used by skeptics; that NASA would've told us by now.  This counterpoint is often used by wives to silence their husband's interest in the topics of Planet X and 2012, and vice versa to a lesser degree. 

Those who use this counterpoint are not aware of NASA's decade old Near Earth Object (NEO) disclosure suppression policy and how it has politically throttled a long established scientific practice. Consequently, it was dubbed the "doomsday news protocol" by the Associated Press in 2001.

In this article NASA's doomsday news protocol" suppression efforts will be discussed in depth, along with the negative ramifications of this politically motivated policy.  The goal here is not to challenge NASA as this agency is no more humanly flawed than any other governmental agency. 

At one level, it would also appear that angry spouses and NASA have something in common.   They're not gods and they're not omnipotent.  Like angry spouses, they use mockery and humiliation to keep others from talking about something they do not wish to hear.   

Nonetheless, this is 2010 and we've lost the luxury of time for hubris and pointless distraction.  The time has come to quietly and calmly prepare for the worst case scenario, while hoping for the best. 

If you get it and want to get through it, avoiding arguments with arrogant governments and angry spouses is the necessary step in survival planning and the whole point of this article.

Counterpoint Pros and Cons

The counterpoint that NASA would have told us by now is a silencing response based on a common assumption.  One typically triggered by a human virtue, that being, to warn loved ones of a potential catastrophic threat. As noble as this impulse may be, there is a better way to handle it.     

Therefore, we'll begin here, to  set the stage for a more meaningful response to the counterpoint that NASA would have told us by now is often bandied by cynical friends and family members.  It is a cheap attack, designed to dissuade personal studies through mockery and humiliation.  That's the downside. On the upside, counterpoints serve a very useful and necessary purpose. 

These same counterpoints will be voiced by the newly aware in the course of their own rational process of discovery.   In this way, counterpoints are helpful and always deserve fair and open-minded answers.  Likewise, the humility to say "I simply do not know."

The unchecked impulse to warn loved ones of a potential catastrophic threat will invariably trigger a negative and dehumanizing counterpoint response.  Herein is where most of those who write us fall prey to circumstances largely of their own making.   Why?  Because they try to evangelize a topic to those who prefer to be ignorant of it. 

Conversely, the proper use of counterpoints it is to help those coming into awareness to shape their own unique pathways to knowledge. Ergo, inviting the humiliation and mockery of topical illiterates will only contravene your ability to effectively survive the coming hardships. 

Therefore, only engage in counterpoints when you can help those seeking knowledge through awareness.  Do this to make a real and constructive difference in their lives, as well as your own.  Do this by serving others without expectation, as they take their own unsettled steps into the future. 

The Future is Not Cheery

Assuming you are already in awareness, you know without question, that life as we know it, is already slipping away. Absent the threats posed by a Planet X flyby, our planet is already in peril.

We're running out of essentials for modern life, such as fisheries, fresh water, sweet petroleum and revitalizing forests.  Tragically, we're replacing them with even greater population demands and pushing our biosphere ever closer to the threshold of a global cataclysm.

Eventually, industrialized nations will lose their immunity to these changes, but by then  we will have already crossed an immutable threshold. The point here is that Planet X and 2012 as topics are not absolutes. 

As a survivor, there is only one absolute.  You do or do not survive.  Therefore, survivors are better served with relative thresholds. Those we define in our own unique ways.

Once you cross over a threshold, your life changes and the first threshold we all cross at some point, is the beginning of awareness. Even when that awareness comes with a last breath.

This Awareness Begins with
An Unsettling Discovery 

Coming into awareness about a potential, long range catastrophic threats such as Planet X, typically begins with a lonely and unsettling discovery.  Once you approach this threshold, the first counterpoint you pose to yourself is, "am I crazy?"  This is because you sense that once you cross this threshold into awareness, there is no going back. 

This is why most people quickly run away from this first counterpoint by differing, rejecting or ignoring it.  The only awareness they're interested in, is the emotional and material comfort of life as we presently know it.

Even those who see merit in the topic will often dismiss it with a clever answer such as "I'll cross that bridge when I come to it."  Because their thinking is focused on their immediate comfort, what they fail to grasp is that there will be no bridges to cross when the time does come.  No differently than those who boarded the RMS Titanic for its maiden voyage in 1912.

I make this same point in my Spread the Word audio CD, because it is a superb example of awareness.  In this analogy, awareness is defined as the act of standing on the pier as you count the number of lifeboats and then doing the math.  Meanwhile, all about you are craving the comfort of the "unsinkable" Titanic.  To them, the prospect of doing the math is a passing annoyance. 

We can only wonder how many actually did the math and decided to sail on another ship. 

Likewise, we can only wonder as to how many actually did the math and ignored the results after being chastised by a spouse, eager to board and throw confetti off the side.   

For those who perished, the process of crossing the threshold of awareness lasted a few hours and with disproportionate results.  While over 60% of the first class passengers survived, less than a fourth of the more numerous third class passengers survived. Ergo, the less wealth you possess, the more important the math becomes.

In the same vein, when a spouse or cynic uses the counterpoint, NASA would have told us by now to mock and humiliate you into silence, what do you tell them?

Nothing, because you allowed yourself to be compromised because you failed you control your own impulse to share the awareness.  So then, what do you tell your spouse?  

What Do You Tell Your Spouse?   

All government agencies operate on a "need to know" basis.  In Sony's blockbuster film 2012, the "need to know" premise of world governments was that only elites have a legitimate need to know.  Everyone else is everyone else.  As inhuman and immoral as this may be, it does offer a practical guideline for choosing when to confide your awareness to your spouse.

Think of it this way.  You and your spouse eave  have a radar scope on life and you each look for different things.  There is nothing that says that the faint blips of a future catastrophic threat needs to appear on both radar scopes at the same. Just one will do.  

In time, both scopes will light up and then your spouse will have to enter awareness in his or her own way.  In the meantime, your spouse will certainly know or sense what you're seeing on your radar scope. 

At this point, a range of negative consequences can unfold if your spouse is antagonistic to doing the math.  Therefore, pressing the topic will only cause grief in your marriage.  Worse than that, spousal disputes can sharply diminish your ability to conduct your own personal research and planning efforts.

Therefore, go quietly about the business of conducting your own research.  Likewise, quietly make emergency preparation for you and loved ones.  Should events propel them into awareness, they will come to realize how you've shown admirable foresight and love.

Eventually, even an antagonistic spouse will cross the threshold into awareness. Some will do it well in advance, though most  will wait for the ground to begin crumbling beneath their feet.

That being said, you must never force them across the threshold before their time.  If your spouse is a late bloomer, that's the way it is and you need to accept this and prepare accordingly.  In your own quiet way, love them with patience.  

If you lack this patience, marital discord may just be the start of your problems.  There is a greater consequence.  When your spouse is angry with you for pressing awareness, the more you press, the more likely it is that your spouse will go outside the marriage for comfort and support.  If that happens, expect uninvited guests to show up, and at the worst possible time.

Unexpected Guests

Most who prepare survival provisions for their families should anticipate a few extra mouths to feed.  That's prudent.  However, if your wife or husband is bitterly commiserating with others about your "foolish fascination" with catastrophic topics such as Planet X, 2012 and Earth changes, you've got a dark pot of trouble brewing.

Annoyed spouses will commiserate with sympathetic co-workers, friends and religious leaders.  They talk their ears off about your "foolish fascination,"  as they describe your "doom and gloom" planning and preparation efforts.  This will not fall on deaf ears or be quickly forgotten.  Rather, it will weed its way through the grapevine, via water cooler chatter, telephone gossip and so forth.

Then one day, the guacamole really does hit the fan.  Prepared for this day, you put your family survival plan into action.  That's when your spouse's grapevine cadre will begin to show up at your door. 

They'll come pleading (and threatening if need be) to compel you to "equally" share whatever supplies you may have with them.   Of course they will have ample cause for you have to fritter away your family's odds of survival with perfect strangers.  

What do you do then, given the crisis is partly of your own making? Turn to your spouse and say "send them away?"  Why bother?  As the old saying goes, "the horse is already out of the barn."

Allow confrontation to prevail and the last thing you may hear before death comes knocking, is both you and your spouse saying, "I'm so sorry."

The key point here is to avoid confrontation: not just now — but always!

When the Guacamole Does Hit the Fan

The later your loved ones come into awareness, the easier it be for sudden panic to stampede them into misfortune.  This is when you must be calm, prepared and ready to take action. 

Not only must you set aside the supplies your family will need to hopefully survive a catastrophic event, you must also gather unto yourself the strength to let their panic wash over you when the worst happens. 

In such circumstances, you must possess the inner strength be stoic, in a service to others sense.  This does not mean that such stoicism entitles you to say "I told you so."  Nor to spout self-righteous proclamations such as "you should have listened to me" or "I've always been right."  

These proclamations represent the counterproductive language of ego validation and they  will foster bitter resentments, thereby diminishing your odds of survival.  Always remember.  In a survival situation, the safety nets we now take for granted will be overtaxed, failing, or will have already failed.  You're on your own.

In these worst case circumstances, an infected cut or scrape can become a death sentence.  Likewise, the distraction of an argument will not only broadcast your position to those who covet what you have, but it also distracts you from noticing their approach until it is too late. 

For those of you blessed with an understanding and supportive spouse today, count your blessings as your advantage is immense. 

Work together and when an opportunity presents itself, try to help others who must shoulder this responsibility alone. It will be an important first step in creating a small but vibrant and durable survival community.

For those of you who are in awareness, but waiting for your spouse to do the same.  At some point, he or she will cross the threshold of awareness. That is when you'll need to address his or her counterpoint questions to the best of your ability. 

At the top of that counterpoint list will be the specious assumption that NASA would have told us already.   Here is one way to answer it. (Continue to next page...)

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